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This is the story of Alex, A kid in the world of the conversion bureaus from a child's perspective. What does it mean to say no? What does it mean to Cave into pressure?

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An excellent start, couple minor grammar issues here and there, and maybe add a little more enviroment description, but characterization is nicely done.

You may want to check your spacing, though don't know if that's FiMFic's doing or not. Otherwise another good chapter, and improved over the first in having more descriptions. Looking forward to Chapter 3.

Nice hapter, I look forward to chapter 3 :).

Agreeing with Cloudhammer. may want to fix the paragraph format. Justifying text works better in news articles than in actual story format.

Otherwise, you're doing alright.

And as for Gammon... where have I heard that name before? Hmm... Is he often victorious in Backgammon? Is he as spontanius as the brand of grenade? Are you a fan of the Welsh footballer, Steve Gammon? Or is it a clever homage to a certain cow that's often found dead in a bar in a city full of orcs, zombies, pretty boys, and other weird-lookin' folk?:rainbowwild:

Good. I like the concept! Get this thing off of perm hiatus!

Darn it Erac. Take this thing off of hiatus.

I agree with WastelandGunner, this needs MOAR!


He told me he will continue when he is done with BBB.

I would like some more.

Waiting for writer to deliver.

Where is my story also just make him an HLF hero at the end

Is this fanfic dead? :applecry:

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