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Krass McWriter

And thou camith down Krass who holdth the commandments, he pointed out thou sinners who had broketh thy rule and he broughth down his ban hammer to bare. and all was good. -ArchangelDoom


Its a bunch of micro stories.


(Tags may very, but I usually write stuff like this.)

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Comments ( 18 )

Ooh, that, I gotta read...

Later :3

I like this HLF. So fiendishly evil.

Poor bastard didn't even last to the part where humans bleed acid and keep the skulls and spines of their defeated foes as trophies.

I enjoy these all very much.
There's a possibilty that I love them all TOO much.

I eagerly await more.


GNC is General Nutrition Centers, you get health mixes and protein powders there.

HLF is Human liberation front, read up on The Conversion Bureau for more information. I have some on my user page.


Yeah, thats about the appropriate reaction.

2086945 Why do I have the ungodly childish urge to say "Your face is an appropriate reaction!

But I won't because I'm more professional than that

2086962. Your avatar says otherwise.

Human Liberation Front. Basically, the radical organised opposition to the Bureaus.
Sadly, they tend to come in two varieties:
1: Mankind is an evil race of murderous monkeys, and the HLF is the worst of them all.
2: Ponykind is the root of all evil, and only the HLF oppose them in any way or form.

Personally, I'd love to see a little more of a middle ground.

This sounds like something that would happen in the Wacky Revolving Door. Roaming bands of shin-kicking street gangs take over Los Angeles. Or something. Perhaps even that universe is too serious for this.



Hence, The Shin kicking division.

2086907 I don't know but it's like a real life chain of pharmacy type stores.

2086962 You sound like my sister. She always answers back with "Your face is a ...." :flutterrage:

2091916 It typically isn't my normal response, but for some reason at that moment I had this uncontrollable urge to say it. Professionalism won through. :raritywink:

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