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For many people, the conflict was the end. For many people, when Celestia attacked, the entire world ground to a terrible halt, and their lives were completely upended. It was the end of everything

For Dr Jacob McArthur, it was just another long road to travel. The same as many roads he had traveled in his life.

For the last three months, he has been on the run, making his way across the country in an attempt to fix his mistakes. Many things have happened in this time, new friends made, old friends found, yet in the end he traveled alone towards his final destination. Yet as it has always been for him, the end of one road may well lead down another longer road.

Second chances are precious things, and often come at some great cost, to ourselves or to others. For Jacob, his second chance, his desperate attempt to fix things, may just cost him everything.

Note: This is a sequel to Requiem, if you have not read it, it likely won't make as much sense. Though it should stand fairly well on its own.

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After Celestia's announcement of war on humanity, things have changed for everyone. Humanity has been set on the run, fighting has ravaged both sides of the conflict, and the bitter fighting shows no end in sight. Human civilization has been brought to a grinding halt, and it is anyone's guess if it will even continue to exist. It is in this bleak future that one man finds himself in, alone, and driven solely by one goal in his mind, even as everyone around him falls to fighting and war. One man, a pacifist in a violent conflict, would do all he could to change things, to make amends.

He would fix his mistake. Or die trying.

This fic is set in the Ten Rounds universe of The Conversion Bureau setting.

Chapters (1)