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Success! · 11:21am Oct 7th, 2012

I come bearing good news! Indeed, I might be premature announcing this, as they technically have yet to be able to be posted, but, as of this moment of writing, I have at least one story to update. I promised you that I'd have something by the end of September, and that didn't quite pan out, but after spending 4 hours writing out about 8,000 words, I can promise you this. I will have at least one thing to give to all my readers soon, and with any luck, it'll be two things.

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Stories and their ilk · 1:22am Sep 13th, 2012

So, since there are actually people who are watching me and stuff now, I figure I should at least post some sort of update on where things stand now, and what might be going on in the future. At the moment I have several ideas and plans on where I might end up going with this whole writing business, and so there's a few things you can expect in the upcoming weeks.

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This whole blog thing · 7:42am Mar 14th, 2012

Yeah. For the all of no people who care about this, I've decided the best way to get myself motivated to write, is to be awfully public about everything relating to my writing!

Thus, once every two weeks, I'll be giving status updates about my person, as well as any vaguely humorous quips, jokes, or ramblings that I have to inflict upon the nobody following me! We'll see what's going with my muse awfully soon.

Current Status: Editing Requiem, my event fict that's only a month late now?

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