• Published 20th Nov 2019
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Unpleasant Correspondence 2 - StormLuna

Everything has come full circle and now it is Twilight who sends her protege to Ponyville. Needless to say, Luster isn't one bit happy about it.

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Getting the Students In

Dear Goddess-Queen Twilight Sparkle,

We are writing to let you know that we have a daughter who is great with magic, her name is Luster Dawn. She has accomplished some rather great feats such as teleportation and transfiguration spells. We know your standards are likely very high but we know that our daughter will exceed them and likely be more than good enough to become your protege. If you would let her apply let us know, she is really excited to not only get into your school but become your protege.


Money Bags and Purse Strings

Dear Money Bags and Purse Strings,

Well I do want to let you know that I don't just let anypony into my school. You will have to bring Luster by the palace and we can get an exam scheduled for her. Now you must realize that the judges will judge her performance very professionally and if they think that she would be nothing but a disappointment, she won't even get in, much less become my protege. Get her up here in the next 24 hours and her chances of being accepted will be much higher.


Goddess-Queen Twilight Sparkle

Dear Goddess-Queen Starlight Glimmer,

From what we understand you have opened up your own magic school and we would like to see if our daughter, Bright Beam, could apply. She has accomplished some pretty amazing feats. She can levitate very heavy objects, she can teleport outside of our house, she can do transfiguration spells and she can even fly with just her magic. Let us know if you're taking applications for new students. Our daughter is hoping that she can be given this wonderful opportunity.


Stone Mason and Marigold Dreams

Dear Stone Mason and Marigold Dreams,

You bet I'm accepting new applicants for my school. Bring Bright Beam over to the palace within the next 72 hours and I will be able to oversee the entrance exam myself. It sounds like she has amazing magic and I do look forward to meeting the three of you. See you soon.


Goddess-Queen Starlight Glimmer

P.S. If your daughter passes her test and gets into my school, feel free to just call me Starlight.


Dear Stone Mason and Marigold Dreams,

Thank you for having your daughter apply to my school and after seeing everything she can do, not only have I decided to let her into my school but I have decided that she shall be my protege. She has a ton of power and I think studying close to me that she will be able to do even better. I know that when my mother would take students in, they normally had a lot of raw power and required focused study but Bright Beam already seems to have focus. I think that with her going to be studying under me, that she could very easily reach mage power levels.

I am also very impressed with how respectful she was. The few students I have taken in so far have been respectful but Bright Beam seemed even more so. I will say this, it is obvious that you two have done a good job raising her and I do ask you of one favor. I think that once she moves into the palace, that it would be good if you were to drop by and visit her every now and then. A filly should always have her folks visiting her every so often, always!

Anyway, it would be great if you could get her moved into the students' quarters in one week. She will be staying there until she gets a bit older and then will have her own special place where she can study without interruption. See you three soon! Oh and you can just call me Starlight now.



Dear Money Bags and Purse Strings

Well I received the results from your daughter's entrance exam and she did pass. Right now I am also in need of a protege and she did well enough that I am willing to take her in. Bring her over by the school in two weeks time and she can not only get to know me but also get acquainted with the layout of the castle. Now I do have one issue that will have to be addressed, her attitude.

During the exam, the judges told me that she seemed to have this "the world owes me everything" attitude. Now I will let you know something. My mother had proteges that were like that and in the end she eventually dropped them because she did not put up with disrespectful proteges, ever. I am in the same mindset, if a student or protege does not show me respect or be happy that I am giving them a huge opportunity, their time here will be limited.


Goddess-Queen Twilight Sparkle

P.S. Oh and tell your daughter that she will need to be formal with me. I just have this feeling that she will not address me using my whole title. Students are only allowed to call me Twilight once they have shown that they appreciate the opportunity that I give them.

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