• Published 28th Sep 2019
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Grownups Don't Know Everything - Melody Song

The CMCs get a very stern talking to after the events of "Growing Up is Hard to Do"

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Back Together

Apple Bloom was waiting in the clubhouse when Sweetie Belle raced in

"It's been forever!" she cried, hugging Apple Bloom as Scootaloo came in

"Scootaloo!" They said together, and she hugged them

"Hey guys!" Scootaloo exclaimed

"I missed ya'll so much, I wanted the weeks to be over!" Apple Bloom said

"Me too! But I did learn a thing or two about Rarity. Apparently she tried to sneak off once too!" Sweetie Belle said, and Apple Bloom stared at her

"Applejack too!" she cried

"Rainbow Dash told me she did the same thing once." Scootaloo added

"I wonder if they set all this up to teach us a lesson." Sweetie Belle said

"Ah don't think so. But it is a mighty big coincidence." Apple Bloom said

"Spitfire was hanging out with Rainbow when I was cleaning the first day. Rainbow told her what we did and Spitfire said that all foals are like that when they're our age." Scootaloo said

"Rarity said they should have phrased it better when they said we'd learn when we got older." Sweetie said

"I think I was pretty lucky, Applejack didn't make me do too many things. She actually confessed that when she did something like that, she did all the chores on the farm, to prove she was a hard worker. Dad then said she could help out on tha farm. Applejack thought it was a good idea ta have me do somethin' similar. she told me all I had to do were my and Big Mac's chores, since he was sick." Apple Bloom said

"How is he? Is he better?" Sweetie Belle asked

"Yep, he's just a little weak. Sugar Belle took great care o' him. An' Applejack too, I guess." Apple Bloom answered, and they all giggled

"I think they were right, we really need more experience before we go off on our own." Sweetie Belle said

"Yeah. We have a lot more to learn before we grow up." Scootaloo said

"Yep, unless we wanna end up gettin' in trouble again." Apple Bloom agreed

"We really messed up, huh?" Scootaloo sighed

"We know what we did wrong, at least. And we know what to do next time." Sweetie Belle consoled

"Yeah, wait and be patient." Apple Bloom said

"And maybe make sure one of us asked for one of them to chaperone instead of asking last minute?" Scootaloo added

"I'm not making that mistake again." Sweetie Belle agreed

"Yeah, next time, we'll ask Applejack. We know Rarity and Rainbow pride themselves on keepin' promises to their fans and customers." Apple Bloom said

"Hey! Rainbow Dash is an honorable, noble Wonderbolt who's loyalty is to her team before anything. She knew they needed help." Scootaloo cried

"And Rarity has made a promise to her customers to value their orders with the upmost importance." Sweetie Belle added

"I was just kiddin'. And by the way, I know why we were punished separately." Apple Bloom said

"Why? I wondered about that." Sweetie Belle said

"Applejack said that everyone has to have her own experience, everyone has to learn their own lessons. They punished us separately to make sure we understood that." Apple Bloom explained

"That makes sense." Sweetie Belle commented

"Uh-huh. By the way, I think I might have to skip a few of our meetings." Scootaloo said

"Really? Why?" Sweetie asked

"Well, Rainbow's been coughing lately. Either busting the storm clouds made them rain on her, or she caught some germs off of Applejack. I keep telling her to take it easy but you know Rainbow, she's being stubborn. I would probably be stubborn too if I was trying to pretend I wasn't sick. But either way, I won't be able to come down if Rainbow's too sick to take me." Scootaloo explained

"Can't Spitfire take care of her? If she was hanging out with her..." Sweetie said slowly

"Where did you get that from? Spitfire's just her friend. Everypony in their Headquarters knows Rainbow's got a crush on Soarin. But don't tell anyone, Rainbow doesn't want her friends to know." Scootaloo replied

"How do you know what the Wonderbolts know?" Apple Bloom asked

"Because Rainbow didn't want to leave me by myself while she went to practice, and since I couldn't hang out with you guys, she took me to Wonderbolt Headquarters. It was awesome, the Wonderbolts are so cool. Surprise taught me how to do a bunch of different pranks, and I met another filly our age." Scootaloo said

"Who was she?" Sweetie asked

"Apparently she's Spitfire's little sister, she's really fun, her name's Sparkfire. Surprise taught her and I how to sneak Thunderlane's cupcakes from the kitchen." Scootaloo said

"But you were bein' punished." Apple Bloom said

"Rainbow only wanted me to do chores when we were at her place, otherwise she let me hang out with the other 'bolts." Scootaloo explained, then snickered "But if Rainbow does get sick Soarin will probably take care of her, I caught them kissing." she said

"So if Spitfire don't like Rainbow, who does she like?" Apple Bloom asked as they helped Sweetie Belle set up their place for their next client

"Fleetfoot, I think, she was going on a date with her a little while after we came back." Scootaloo responded

"Alright, we're all set up, and you'll have to invite Sparkfire to come down here, does she have a cutie mark?" Sweetie Belle asked, always interested in potential clients

"Yeah, she does, but I'd ask her anyway, she really seemed to like playing with me. I don't think she has many friends her age. Spitfire was talking with Rainbow about taking her down to Ponyville, and from what she said it sounded like Sparkfire's only friends were the Wonderbolts." Scootaloo replied

"Aw, that's sad. I bet she'd really like some friends her age." Apple Bloom said eagerly

"Yeah. Now, are we all ready to re-open our business from our two-week hiatus?" Sweetie asked

"You mean being grounded?" Scootaloo asked

"As far as our clients are concerned, it was a planned hiatus to take a break." Sweetie Belle stated, and the other two laughed

Author's Note:

So, Sparkfire is a character I made up, she is Spitfire's little sister, and I bring her up in the fanfiction I wrote called Fleetfire. Also, I am not going to make a sequel of Rainbow getting sick and Soarin taking care of her because it wouldn't really go anywhere and technically can't be called a sequel of a story based on the CMCs. But this is not a light decision, because I never pass up the chance to write Soarindash fanfictions involving cuddles and ponies with colds.

~Melody Song

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I wonder why the rest of the Mane Gang didn't show up at Big Mac and Sugar Belle's wedding?

No Spoilers!! I haven't gotten the chance to watch the episode yet!!!!

Fast forward to The Last Problem, where they've grown up for real and decide that a little reflection is in order.

Spur is 11-13 according to Jim Miller, not sure how old the CMC are with or without the transformation...

yeah but I think one of the two mentioned the CMCs were younger

Yes they did, from what I've heard the CMC are about 9 but I'm not sure this was confirmed...

This was a good story. Well done.

I felt like the characters were well with in character. And, each story that was told sounded like something I would believe them saying.

So, well done.

Thanks! It means a lot!

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