Grownups Don't Know Everything

by Melody Song

First published

The CMCs get a very stern talking to after the events of "Growing Up is Hard to Do"

The CMCs are on the train home with Twilight and Fluttershy after saying goodbye to Spur and Biscuit. They are very sorry about using up the flower's magic, and are even more sorry for themselves when they see their older sisters waiting for them at the train station. Rainbow, Rarity, and Applejack are livid, but they understand, in their own ways. The CMC's older sisters take the CMCs off on their own after chewing them out as one. Then they have the biggest talks of their lives.

Older Ponies Lecture

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Twilight was staring down at the glass container which had held the strange mystical flower. She let out a sigh and turned to face the three little fillies slumped down in the seat opposite. One was a little orange Pegasus filly with a messy purple mane and purple eyes. Her small wings hung limply at her sides as she hung her head in embarrassment. The second was a cute little white unicorn filly with a swirly purple and pink mane and green eyes, who was flopped back on the seat with sorrow. The third and final filly was yellow with a red mane and orange-red eyes. The pink bow fastened to her mane drooped, showing her emotions as she gazed blankly out the train window.

"I hope you all realize what you did was wrong." Twilight began, and they looked over at her, nodding

"Promise us that you'll never do it again." Fluttershy said sternly, she was seated beside Twilight

"We promise." Scootaloo was the first to reply

"Yeah, we ain't ever gonna do that again." Apple Bloom agreed

"Uh-huh, we know it was wrong." Sweetie added

"Good." Twilight said, as the train pulled into the Ponyville station. Apple Bloom looked out the window again and gasped, making the others turn to see as well. They gazed in horror at the sight before them.

Applejack was pacing on the station platform, a worried look on her face. Rainbow Dash, still in her Wonderbolt uniform, was standing nearby, looking very annoyed. Rarity was next to her, muttering under her breath.

"Wh-what're they doin' here?" Apple Bloom asked

"I'm sorry girls, but Applejack is your legal guardian Apple Bloom, Rarity is watching you while your parents are away Sweetie, and your Aunts put Rainbow in charge of you while they're showing their house to potential buyers Scootaloo. They need to punish you the way they feel fit, it's not up to me. Go on, they're waiting." Twilight said, shepherding them off the train

The Cutie Mark Crusaders stepped off the train and onto the platform. Their sisters spotted them almost immediately, running over. Applejack held Apple Bloom in her forelegs.

"We were so worried 'bout ya when Granny couldn't find ya." she exclaimed

"Oh Sweetie, I'm so happy you're okay!" Rarity cried, then glared at her "Run off like that again and I'll kill you." she snarled, and Sweetie gulped

"Rainbow Dash?" Scootaloo asked timidly, for Rainbow was looking away

"I had to leave the other 'bolts to come get you." Rainbow said sharply. "They're busting storm clouds by themselves right now." she muttered

"I'm sorry Rainbow, I didn't mean for you to have to leave. Spitfire's probably really mad at you, isn't she? I am so sorry." Scootaloo sobbed, and Rainbow turned

"You should be sis, you really scared me. But you're okay, and that's what matters." She said, pulling Scootaloo in for a hug. Twilight and Fluttershy left the three to lecture their sisters.

"Now, we just want to make sure ya'll understand that when we tell ya not to do something, not to do the opposite of what we say." Applejack began

"Actually, we kind of ran off because there was a magic flower, and we didn't know it was going to grant wishes, and we kinda wished we were adults so that we'd know everything and you wouldn't boss us around." Sweetie blurted out

"Girls, you don't just automatically know everything when you grow older." Rarity said, shocked

"Rarity's right, ya learn things through experience, not o'er night." Applejack agreed

"Yeah. Ponies need time to grow up and learn things as they get older. Do you think I got this awesome once I turned eighteen?" Rainbow asked, expanding her wings.

"Besides, even adults don't always get things right." Rarity added

"Guess we were pretty silly, huh?" Scootaloo asked sheepishly

"We really didn't mean to cause any trouble, we just wanted to go to the festival so badly." Sweetie added

"Will ya ever forgive us?" Apple Bloom asked

"Of course we will, you didn't know any better, we should have explained better when we told you you would understand when you got older." Rarity soothed

"And you're our sisters, we don't hate you. Just don't run off like that without telling us where you're going. You may have looked like adults but you were still kids." Rainbow said

"Thank you!" all three cried out

"I guess all's well that ends well." Applejack sighed, then turned stern "But that don't mean yer gettin' away with this. Whoo-ee, the barn's gonna be the cleanest it's ever been when you get finished Apple Bloom." she laughed

"I guess I deserve it." Apple Bloom sighed

"And since you want to be grown up so bad Sweetie, you're going to be doing the laundry, cleaning the floor, and taking out the trash. Since you love planning things out so much; like unchaperoned trips to Appleloosa; you'll also be helping me with my business plans." Rarity said

"Do I get to cook?" Sweetie Belle asked

"Absolutely not, I want to be able to eat without tasting sulfur." Rarity snapped, taking her by the hoof

"You're going to polish and dust all of my trophies, clean my flight goggles and uniform, then you'll clean my room and the guest room you're staying in." Rainbow said

"And ya can only hang out together if it's a emergency with one o' yer clients. Otherwise ya can't hang out fer two weeks." Applejack added

"Alright, we deserve that." Sweetie said. Rainbow picked Scootaloo up and prepared to take off. Applejack led Apple Bloom home

"An yer goin ter muck out the pigsty, feed the chickens, and water the plants..." Applejack was saying

"The first thing you're doing is washing my latest designs before I ship them to Coco and Sassy." Rarity told Sweetie Belle

"Bye guys." Sweetie sighed

"Bye then" Apple Bloom called in disappointment .As Rainbow rose into the air Scootaloo waved to her friends

"See you in two weeks." Scootaloo murmured.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle

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Sweetie Belle trotted along beside Rarity, who had begun to lecture her once they got nearer to Rarity's house, which was also a boutique

"...and besides that, you know better than to go rushing off without telling ponies where you're going. Just because you think you're grown, it doesn't mean you know what to do in any circumstance..." Rarity's voice faded into the background as Sweetie thought about something she had only just remembered.

"This is so unfair! I know she wouldn't have said this after the Sapphire Shores incident." Sweetie thought angrily

"You've let me before!" she blurted out, and Rarity stared at her

"What in Equestria are you talking about?" Rarity asked in confusion

"When I was trying to warn you I sabotaged your outfit for Sapphire Shores. We went on the train by ourselves to stop you from revealing the headdress, remember? You didn't say anything then." Sweetie reminded her

"What?! I thought you had permission from mother and father!" Rarity cried

"Oh. Oops." Sweetie said, covering her mouth

"Honestly Sweetie, I expected better of you." Rarity said. She pulled Sweetie Belle the rest of the way home. The two sisters went inside the house and Rarity levitated some dresses to her

"Start working." Rarity instructed, dropping them by Sweetie and heading for her room "I have to finish that suit for Fancy Pants." she added before leaving.

Sweetie sighed

"I forced her to leave her work to come get me. Okay, now I do feel a little guilty." Sweetie thought

Sweetie began dragging them into the washroom, having to carry most of them with her hooves because she couldn't levitate them all. Though she regretted asking to be an adult, she did miss how much better she had been at magic. She had been able to lift up a full-grown Scootaloo and snap vines off of Apple Bloom!

A while later Rarity trotted in with the golden suit she had crafted for Fancy Pants, complete with top hat and golden rimmed monocle, which was obviously Fancy's trademark style. Rarity began to hoof wash it, carefully rubbing soap into the gold fabric, then folded it neatly, placing it in a box.

"How's it going Sweetie?" Rarity asked conversationally, and Sweetie put the brush she was using to scrub the fabrics to the side.

"Great. I just don't get why you guys are punishing us, if you learned from experience didn't you learn not to do this to, in which case shouldn't you remember being punished too? And know better than to punish us like you were?" Sweetie responded

"Well, actually yes, I was punished for something similar once. But what's important is that you three understand what the consequences will be if you try the same thing." Rarity replied

"Wait, really? When were you punished for something? I thought you were a perfect daughter." Sweetie asked

"It was before you were old enough to remember." Rarity explained, getting up and heading over to the door, where she put the package out on her doorstep for Gabby to find and take to the Post Office, which would deliver it to Fancy Pants. Sweetie followed her sister, curious about what exactly her sister had done.

"What did you do?" Sweetie pressed

"I wanted to go to Canterlot with Applejack's family, they were going on an apple delivery and leaving Apple Bloom with Scootaloo's parents. I was so excited when Applejack asked if I'd like to come, how could I refuse! I would finally get to see Canterlot, the place of royalty! But when I asked mother and father they said I couldn't because I was too young. They thought Granny Smith might not be capable of watching three young ones, even though Big Mac didn't need much supervision. I was so upset, I wanted to spend time with my best friend. So, I snuck out the night before. I left a note saying where I'd gone and told Granny Smith my parents changed their mind and also agreed to let me sleep over." Rarity said

"You lied to Granny Smith?" Sweetie Belle asked

"Yes. But I didn't even get to go. I was hoping that you would be up half the night and they would sleep in because they were taking care of you. But they found the note and came after me. We were packing the wagon. They dragged me back home and lectured me. I was so embarrassed, but they explained it to me. They said I was in big trouble because I could have gotten hurt if Granny Smith had lost track of me, or I could have caused trouble, or something worse. I understood, but they still punished me. I had to clean up after you, wash the clothes, and do all the chores." Rarity explained

"So then...if you learned your lesson, and you know I learned my lesson, then why are you punishing me? Especially if you know how embarrassing and upsetting it is to be punished?" Sweetie asked

"Because it's the only way to make it sink in. I know how it feels, yes, but if I never punished you because I didn't want you to feel that embarrassment, then you wouldn't listen to me. It's the punishment that builds the experience that builds your knowledge, so you never do that again." Rarity said

"Oh. I guess that makes sense." Sweetie sighed, then looked up, a sly smile spreading on her face

"What's going on in your head little sister?" Rarity asked, standing

"How long did you have to do all those chores?" Sweetie Belle asked, and Rarity snickered

"A month, and I still hate taking out the trash." Rarity answered, and Sweetie laughed

"Is that why you hate getting dirty?!" she asked

"Well, yes." Rarity confessed, then glared at her "But you're not supposed to be having fun, you're being punished!" she exclaimed

"Oh yeah." Sweetie sighed "I hope Scootaloo and Apple Bloom are doing better than I am."

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo

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Rainbow landed at her house with Scootaloo on her back

"Do I really have to polish all of your trophies?" Scootaloo asked as she jumped off Rainbow's back

"Of course. But I'll move them off the shelves for you, so you can reach 'em." Rainbow replied, and Scootaloo sighed

"Hey, what's wrong sis?" Rainbow asked

"It's just...when I was a grown up, my wings were still the same size they are now. I think I was right, my wings will never grow." Scootaloo said, and Rainbow lifted her up

"Scoot, I wasn't there, but I'm pretty sure that they stayed the same just like how your personalities stayed the same. You didn't actually grow up, so your wings didn't have time to properly grow." Rainbow said

"So, you think my wings will grow if I grow up naturally?" Scootaloo asked

"I know they will." Rainbow corrected, then took her inside. She started Scootaloo on the trophies, then took off her Wonderbolt uniform, stretching.

"Was Spitfire mad that you left?" Scootaloo asked

"Well Twi was the one who messaged me, and Spitfire noticed Twilight's royal seal, so she let me go. But I have a feeling you're going to see if I get a punishment in three, two..." Rainbow trailed off and looked out the window

"Crash!" came a frustrated yell. It was Spitfire. She flew straight in through the still open door, landing in front of Rainbow Dash.

"Oh, hey Spits. Look, I'm sorry I had to leave but I'm in charge of Scootaloo while her Aunts are trying to sell their house..." Rainbow was shut up by a glare from Spitfire.

"Explain from the beginning. Now." She ordered

"Yes ma'am." Rainbow sighed

"Oh, yeah, she is mad." Scootaloo said, she was holding the gold wreath from the Best Young Flyer competition in her hooves

"I know. Keep cleaning, and be careful with that, it's my favorite trophy." Rainbow said, then turned back to Spitfire, who gestured for her to explain. Rainbow and Spitfire sat down on the couch, and Rainbow began to explain

"Scootaloo and her friends wanted to go to a fair in Appleloosa, and they used this flower Twilight had to transform into adults when none of us were available to chaperone them. But they did it without telling anypony, then rushed off. Twilight and Fluttershy found them in Appleloosa. They haven't explained what they did during the fair-" Rainbow broke off and glared at Scootaloo, who smiled sheepishly and started rubbing a trophy harder

"So..." Spitfire prompted

"Yeah, I have a feeling one of them will tell us, but in the meantime, Twi got word to me, AJ, and Rarity, we all had to drop what we were doing and meet them at the train station. Rare had to leave her designs, and AJ had to leave her brother, he's under the weather and she was taking care of him. I had to come because Scoot's aunts left her with me while they try to sell off their house so they can move here." Rainbow said

"Hope they're being punished. If my little sis ever ran off on my watch she'd learn to never do it again." Spitfire said, chuckling a little

"Yep, got Scoot polishing all my trophies, then she's gonna clean our rooms and wash my uniform for two weeks." Rainbow answered

"Come on Rainbow, do I really have to clean your room?" Scootaloo asked

"You'll clean my room until you learn your lesson Scoot." Rainbow replied harshly, and Scootaloo sighed

"Okay." She mumbled something else under her breath

"What was that kid?" Spitfire asked

"I said: I've already learned my lesson. I get it, adults don't just automatically know everything. I know we were stupid to think that, I get it." Scootaloo said, and Rainbow sighed

"Scoot, I know you've learned your lesson. And you're not stupid, I used to think that too when I was your age." Rainbow said

"Really?" Scootaloo asked, putting another trophy aside to listen

"I'm pretty sure everypony thinks that when they're kids. We're all innocent at some point in our lives." Spitfire agreed, standing "I'd better get back to HQ, we finished busting the clouds, and I'm giving ya'll a free day, so you don't have to come in tomorrow Crash." Spitfire said

"I've got some cider in the fridge, if you want to stay." Rainbow suggested, and Spitfire shrugged

"Okay then. Got nothing better to do." Spitfire sighed, sitting back down

"Don't you have a date today?" Rainbow asked

"I-It's not a date, i-it's a meeting with...somepony." Spitfire stammered, her cheeks turning red

"Yeah, and Fluttershy's not afraid of her own shadow." Rainbow said

"Alright fine, it's a date, happy? But it's later, and Fleetfoot said to pick her up at eight." Spitfire replied

"Did you ever get in trouble with your parents Rainbow?" Scootaloo asked, changing the subject

"Yep. Plenty of times." Rainbow said

"Tell me about one time then. If you know what it's like then why are you making me do it?" Scoot asked

"Because she knows how it feels." Spitfire answered for her

"Yeah, I've been through something similar." Rainbow said

"But then why are you making me do this?" Scootaloo asked

"Well, think of it like...Zephyr Breeze's relationship with his parents. They never discipline him, so he gets away with whatever he wants." Rainbow began

"Like flirting with you in public?" Scootaloo asked. Spitfire snorted with laughter, poorly disguising it as a cough

"...yes, like that. Look, the point is, if I give you too much leeway just because I know how it feels, then you're never going to learn." Rainbow explained

"I guess I get it. I mean, I don't wanna end up a spoiled hippie brat like Zephyr." Scootaloo said, and both mares snickered this time

"But you never explained what you did wrong." Spitfire added

"Oh, so it's story time now?" Rainbow asked, and Spitfire nudged her

"Come on Crash, just tell the kid. Can I really help it if I want to hear too?" Spitfire asked

"Alright, fine. It all started when I was about seven." Rainbow started "I had just been transferred to the private flight school, and I was getting beat up every day after school. I wanted a break from the bullies so I took Fluttershy and headed out of town to practice flying with her. But I forgot to tell my parents, and when I got back they reacted kind of like Rarity did when you three got off the train." Rainbow said

"The whole: I'm so glad you're safe but do that again and I'll murder you in your sleep?" Scootaloo asked, laughing with the others

"Yeah, except pretty sure that's just what Rarity would do. I only had to do chores for a week, like you." Rainbow replied

"Oh, right." Scootaloo sighed and stood up "I guess I'll go clean your room now." she said

"But first, do you understand what I'm saying?" Rainbow asked

"Yeah, grown ponies don't know everything, they all mess up at some point, and the reason we're punished is because we need to build experience so we know what to do or what not to do to get the same result. Right?" Scootaloo asked

"Apart from sounding like Twi, yes." Rainbow said

"You should hear Sweetie Belle when she schedules our meetings with clients." Scootaloo rolled her eyes "But I hope Applejack isn't making Apple Bloom re-paint the barn." she added

"Knowing AJ, that wouldn't be a bad guess."

Applejack and Apple Bloom

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Applejack trotted confidently into the orchard, heading for the barn

"First yer going ta clean the barn, then repaint the barn." Applejack was saying

"Who did you leave with Big Macintosh?" Apple Bloom asked

"Sugar Belle, but that's beside the point. You know family always comes first Apple Bloom, why'd you run off like that?" Applejack asked

"I really wanted to go to the festival, don't you know how that feels?" Apple Bloom asked

"Of course I do, I was yer age once too." Applejack then herded her into the barn. "But I didn't go rushin' off. Now get to work." Applejack ordered, leaving Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom did as her sister asked, until Applejack came back in, jumping onto a hay bale and sitting down.

"What's wrong? Sugar Belle drive ya off?" Apple Bloom asked slyly

"Watch your tone missy. I came out here on ma own." Applejack said

"Why?" Apple Bloom asked

"Because...I wanted to say I'm sorry." Applejack said

"Really?" Apple Bloom asked skeptically

"Of course. I realized that I was a bit wrong about not rushing off." Applejack said, and Apple Bloom set aside the broom she was holding, listening

"So what'd you do?" she asked

"Well, there was a Beach Party in Horseshoe Bay that we were supposed to go to together. You were too little to remember. But Granny got sick so we couldn't go. Back then ma and pa were...well they were still alive. But it was a little bit before know." Applejack sighed

"How did they die?" Apple Bloom asked

"That's a whole other story. I'll tell you someday, but for now, let me finish. See, I had wanted to go so bad, because Rarity was goin' and I thought surely mom and dad wouldn't mind if I went with her family. I sneaked out of the house later on, and was about to get on the train, when Burnt Oak stopped me. He'd seen me makin' my way towards the train and when I told him what I was doing he marched me back home." Applejack said

"Were mom and dad mad?" Apple Bloom asked

"They didn't exactly know yet. First Burnt Oak lectured me for running off. He said that even if ya really really wanted to go someplace, family always came first. He knew I was my daddy's girl, I'd understand. He took me inside and told mom and dad where he'd found me. I was so embarrassed, I ran to my room and didn't come out until night." Applejack continued

"Were you trying to sneak out again?" Apple Bloom asked

"Naw. I had another plan. What Burnt Oak had said sorta stuck to me. I had to do something to make up for what I tried to do. I put dad's hat on and went into the orchard." Applejack took the beaten up stetson hat off her head and stared at it for a minute

"Why were ya goin' there?" Apple Bloom asked

"Because I decided to do everyone's chores so they'd forgive me. When dad and Big Mac came outside the next day the trees were all bucked, the apples piled neatly in baskets off to the side. I'd fed the chickens and mended the fence. I was watering the plants when they came out. I must've looked a sight! My mane was tangled and messy, I was sweating' more than a ice cream sundae on a hot summer day. My hooves were filthy too, I'd spent hours diggin in the dirt to weed the garden before I started watering. The watering can we had was too big for me to carry properly so I was dragging it along behind me, most of the water was spilling out before I reached the place I was goin to so I had to make more trips than usual." Applejack said

"What did dad and Big Mac do? And weren't you tired?" Apple Bloom asked

"Course I was tired, my back was achin' from spending all that time hunched over weeding, my mouth was sore from carrying the watering can, and my legs hurt from bucking all the trees. But I wanted to show 'em I'd learned my lesson, and I didn't want them to think I wasn't helpful. When you mess up sometimes you go to great lengths to make things right." Applejack replied "As for what dad did, he went over to me and took the watering can from me." Applejack laughed

"What's so funny?" Apple Bloom demanded

"I thought for sure I was in trouble for doing all that without permission, but he actually thanked me. Dad seemed to know why I did it, 'cause he took me aside and said that I wasn't in trouble, so long as I helped out on the farm from now on. I asked if that was the punishment, and he laughed." Applejack said

"Why did dad laugh sis?" Apple Bloom questioned

"Because he told me it wasn't no punishment, it was talent. I didn't have my cutie mark yet but he ain't never seen no pony do such a good job on the chores in such little time before. Pa said he would be honored if I took my rightful place as a worker on the farm." Applejack said, then stood up

"Where ya goin now?" Apple Bloom asked

"We're both goin, come here." Applejack directed, and Apple Bloom followed obediently. They went up to a hill and looked down at the trees "One day all this will belong to you, and you've got to be ready to work the farm. I was wrong to punish you the way I did. You're an Apple, we belong out here." Applejack said

"So I'm not in trouble?" Apple Bloom asked

"Not in the normal sense. Your punishment is to see how it feels to be out here, working the farm and provin yourself to yer family. Now get to work sugar cube!" Applejack said

"Okay!" Apple Bloom agreed, running down the hill to get started.

Back Together

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Apple Bloom was waiting in the clubhouse when Sweetie Belle raced in

"It's been forever!" she cried, hugging Apple Bloom as Scootaloo came in

"Scootaloo!" They said together, and she hugged them

"Hey guys!" Scootaloo exclaimed

"I missed ya'll so much, I wanted the weeks to be over!" Apple Bloom said

"Me too! But I did learn a thing or two about Rarity. Apparently she tried to sneak off once too!" Sweetie Belle said, and Apple Bloom stared at her

"Applejack too!" she cried

"Rainbow Dash told me she did the same thing once." Scootaloo added

"I wonder if they set all this up to teach us a lesson." Sweetie Belle said

"Ah don't think so. But it is a mighty big coincidence." Apple Bloom said

"Spitfire was hanging out with Rainbow when I was cleaning the first day. Rainbow told her what we did and Spitfire said that all foals are like that when they're our age." Scootaloo said

"Rarity said they should have phrased it better when they said we'd learn when we got older." Sweetie said

"I think I was pretty lucky, Applejack didn't make me do too many things. She actually confessed that when she did something like that, she did all the chores on the farm, to prove she was a hard worker. Dad then said she could help out on tha farm. Applejack thought it was a good idea ta have me do somethin' similar. she told me all I had to do were my and Big Mac's chores, since he was sick." Apple Bloom said

"How is he? Is he better?" Sweetie Belle asked

"Yep, he's just a little weak. Sugar Belle took great care o' him. An' Applejack too, I guess." Apple Bloom answered, and they all giggled

"I think they were right, we really need more experience before we go off on our own." Sweetie Belle said

"Yeah. We have a lot more to learn before we grow up." Scootaloo said

"Yep, unless we wanna end up gettin' in trouble again." Apple Bloom agreed

"We really messed up, huh?" Scootaloo sighed

"We know what we did wrong, at least. And we know what to do next time." Sweetie Belle consoled

"Yeah, wait and be patient." Apple Bloom said

"And maybe make sure one of us asked for one of them to chaperone instead of asking last minute?" Scootaloo added

"I'm not making that mistake again." Sweetie Belle agreed

"Yeah, next time, we'll ask Applejack. We know Rarity and Rainbow pride themselves on keepin' promises to their fans and customers." Apple Bloom said

"Hey! Rainbow Dash is an honorable, noble Wonderbolt who's loyalty is to her team before anything. She knew they needed help." Scootaloo cried

"And Rarity has made a promise to her customers to value their orders with the upmost importance." Sweetie Belle added

"I was just kiddin'. And by the way, I know why we were punished separately." Apple Bloom said

"Why? I wondered about that." Sweetie Belle said

"Applejack said that everyone has to have her own experience, everyone has to learn their own lessons. They punished us separately to make sure we understood that." Apple Bloom explained

"That makes sense." Sweetie Belle commented

"Uh-huh. By the way, I think I might have to skip a few of our meetings." Scootaloo said

"Really? Why?" Sweetie asked

"Well, Rainbow's been coughing lately. Either busting the storm clouds made them rain on her, or she caught some germs off of Applejack. I keep telling her to take it easy but you know Rainbow, she's being stubborn. I would probably be stubborn too if I was trying to pretend I wasn't sick. But either way, I won't be able to come down if Rainbow's too sick to take me." Scootaloo explained

"Can't Spitfire take care of her? If she was hanging out with her..." Sweetie said slowly

"Where did you get that from? Spitfire's just her friend. Everypony in their Headquarters knows Rainbow's got a crush on Soarin. But don't tell anyone, Rainbow doesn't want her friends to know." Scootaloo replied

"How do you know what the Wonderbolts know?" Apple Bloom asked

"Because Rainbow didn't want to leave me by myself while she went to practice, and since I couldn't hang out with you guys, she took me to Wonderbolt Headquarters. It was awesome, the Wonderbolts are so cool. Surprise taught me how to do a bunch of different pranks, and I met another filly our age." Scootaloo said

"Who was she?" Sweetie asked

"Apparently she's Spitfire's little sister, she's really fun, her name's Sparkfire. Surprise taught her and I how to sneak Thunderlane's cupcakes from the kitchen." Scootaloo said

"But you were bein' punished." Apple Bloom said

"Rainbow only wanted me to do chores when we were at her place, otherwise she let me hang out with the other 'bolts." Scootaloo explained, then snickered "But if Rainbow does get sick Soarin will probably take care of her, I caught them kissing." she said

"So if Spitfire don't like Rainbow, who does she like?" Apple Bloom asked as they helped Sweetie Belle set up their place for their next client

"Fleetfoot, I think, she was going on a date with her a little while after we came back." Scootaloo responded

"Alright, we're all set up, and you'll have to invite Sparkfire to come down here, does she have a cutie mark?" Sweetie Belle asked, always interested in potential clients

"Yeah, she does, but I'd ask her anyway, she really seemed to like playing with me. I don't think she has many friends her age. Spitfire was talking with Rainbow about taking her down to Ponyville, and from what she said it sounded like Sparkfire's only friends were the Wonderbolts." Scootaloo replied

"Aw, that's sad. I bet she'd really like some friends her age." Apple Bloom said eagerly

"Yeah. Now, are we all ready to re-open our business from our two-week hiatus?" Sweetie asked

"You mean being grounded?" Scootaloo asked

"As far as our clients are concerned, it was a planned hiatus to take a break." Sweetie Belle stated, and the other two laughed