• Published 28th Sep 2019
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Grownups Don't Know Everything - Melody Song

The CMCs get a very stern talking to after the events of "Growing Up is Hard to Do"

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Applejack and Apple Bloom

Applejack trotted confidently into the orchard, heading for the barn

"First yer going ta clean the barn, then repaint the barn." Applejack was saying

"Who did you leave with Big Macintosh?" Apple Bloom asked

"Sugar Belle, but that's beside the point. You know family always comes first Apple Bloom, why'd you run off like that?" Applejack asked

"I really wanted to go to the festival, don't you know how that feels?" Apple Bloom asked

"Of course I do, I was yer age once too." Applejack then herded her into the barn. "But I didn't go rushin' off. Now get to work." Applejack ordered, leaving Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom did as her sister asked, until Applejack came back in, jumping onto a hay bale and sitting down.

"What's wrong? Sugar Belle drive ya off?" Apple Bloom asked slyly

"Watch your tone missy. I came out here on ma own." Applejack said

"Why?" Apple Bloom asked

"Because...I wanted to say I'm sorry." Applejack said

"Really?" Apple Bloom asked skeptically

"Of course. I realized that I was a bit wrong about not rushing off." Applejack said, and Apple Bloom set aside the broom she was holding, listening

"So what'd you do?" she asked

"Well, there was a Beach Party in Horseshoe Bay that we were supposed to go to together. You were too little to remember. But Granny got sick so we couldn't go. Back then ma and pa were...well they were still alive. But it was a little bit before they...you know." Applejack sighed

"How did they die?" Apple Bloom asked

"That's a whole other story. I'll tell you someday, but for now, let me finish. See, I had wanted to go so bad, because Rarity was goin' and I thought surely mom and dad wouldn't mind if I went with her family. I sneaked out of the house later on, and was about to get on the train, when Burnt Oak stopped me. He'd seen me makin' my way towards the train and when I told him what I was doing he marched me back home." Applejack said

"Were mom and dad mad?" Apple Bloom asked

"They didn't exactly know yet. First Burnt Oak lectured me for running off. He said that even if ya really really wanted to go someplace, family always came first. He knew I was my daddy's girl, I'd understand. He took me inside and told mom and dad where he'd found me. I was so embarrassed, I ran to my room and didn't come out until night." Applejack continued

"Were you trying to sneak out again?" Apple Bloom asked

"Naw. I had another plan. What Burnt Oak had said sorta stuck to me. I had to do something to make up for what I tried to do. I put dad's hat on and went into the orchard." Applejack took the beaten up stetson hat off her head and stared at it for a minute

"Why were ya goin' there?" Apple Bloom asked

"Because I decided to do everyone's chores so they'd forgive me. When dad and Big Mac came outside the next day the trees were all bucked, the apples piled neatly in baskets off to the side. I'd fed the chickens and mended the fence. I was watering the plants when they came out. I must've looked a sight! My mane was tangled and messy, I was sweating' more than a ice cream sundae on a hot summer day. My hooves were filthy too, I'd spent hours diggin in the dirt to weed the garden before I started watering. The watering can we had was too big for me to carry properly so I was dragging it along behind me, most of the water was spilling out before I reached the place I was goin to so I had to make more trips than usual." Applejack said

"What did dad and Big Mac do? And weren't you tired?" Apple Bloom asked

"Course I was tired, my back was achin' from spending all that time hunched over weeding, my mouth was sore from carrying the watering can, and my legs hurt from bucking all the trees. But I wanted to show 'em I'd learned my lesson, and I didn't want them to think I wasn't helpful. When you mess up sometimes you go to great lengths to make things right." Applejack replied "As for what dad did, he went over to me and took the watering can from me." Applejack laughed

"What's so funny?" Apple Bloom demanded

"I thought for sure I was in trouble for doing all that without permission, but he actually thanked me. Dad seemed to know why I did it, 'cause he took me aside and said that I wasn't in trouble, so long as I helped out on the farm from now on. I asked if that was the punishment, and he laughed." Applejack said

"Why did dad laugh sis?" Apple Bloom questioned

"Because he told me it wasn't no punishment, it was talent. I didn't have my cutie mark yet but he ain't never seen no pony do such a good job on the chores in such little time before. Pa said he would be honored if I took my rightful place as a worker on the farm." Applejack said, then stood up

"Where ya goin now?" Apple Bloom asked

"We're both goin, come here." Applejack directed, and Apple Bloom followed obediently. They went up to a hill and looked down at the trees "One day all this will belong to you, and you've got to be ready to work the farm. I was wrong to punish you the way I did. You're an Apple, we belong out here." Applejack said

"So I'm not in trouble?" Apple Bloom asked

"Not in the normal sense. Your punishment is to see how it feels to be out here, working the farm and provin yourself to yer family. Now get to work sugar cube!" Applejack said

"Okay!" Apple Bloom agreed, running down the hill to get started.

Author's Note:

okay, sorry this is late I had major writers block trying to figure out the story for AJ to tell Apple Bloom. I do have a theory for how the Apple sibling's parents died, but I didn't want to discuss it here. I'll write the next chapter soon!

~Melody Song