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interesting paring

To the author - oh my god spike's such a demanding sexy dragon. especially when he pined button to the floor.
it's super rare to see m/m anthro fics!
please don't take the wrong way but I wanna sequel to this where button tops spike then realizes after having his way. secretly he wants to be dominated and have that dragon d- you get what i'm saying right? :twilightblush:

If this does well, or I get horny/inclined enough, I might do an alternate ending where Spike loses the size bet and then power bottoms.

We'll have to see how that goes

Here's a thumbs up from a fellow gay Spike shipper. Great job! :D

I adored this fic. Thank you for making it.

There aren’t enough good m/m anthro shipping stories. This was great. Not my prefered Spike ship, but I may reconsider my ships now.

lmao ,you just like me .i write different kind of stories when i'm in different moods .im sad to say i got really horny one of these days lol

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