• Published 5th Oct 2012
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The Precious Life - Nightmare - truekry

Isn't it every bronies dream to visit Equestria as a pony? But what would you do if it really happens?

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Overall great story. But the ending left something to be desired. Blue Light seems to lack a spine. Ok so he didn't beat the nightmare and only sealed it into himself and lied about it. Why just give up on AJ and his daughter like that? Fight for what you love for goodness sake. Also, damn he left for 80 years WTF. Can you say he needs a therapist or what? Also, if Twilight and the Mane 6 are so important why does Twilight Ascend at all or not the others as well it seems odd. What if Twilight dies and the other 5 are recently reborn then what the world ends. Also, if he is afraid of being immortal and his wife not being just make her an alicorn. If you have the power to erase a reality ascension should be easy. Also I get that it is your universe do what you wish but I just do not like the cutie marks are destiny thing. I feel that they represent more a reflection of a pony's soul on what defines them and by who they chose to be not some robber of free will that turns ponies into robots. Hopefully the next story will have a better conclusion that makes more sense.


I advise you to read this story to the end, then this Journey chapter again: Link

And if you need more clues, this: Link

The fact that you blended the Final Fantasy style art into your title with MLP in it already has me hooked and I haven't even read it yet.

So JBL would be Micheal Collins.

Loved it was obsess with it then three days pass and I'm done loved it so much now I shall reread journey cus the recent chapters are confusing me

Is this HIE or POE

7593846 Does it go from POE to HIE or vice versa

7593861 I was willing to over look the lack of a final confrontation scene, because the rest of the story was pretty solid, if a bit convoluted. But really, you have Blue Light become one of those incredibly selfish villains who decide to destroy the world because they fucked up? And then he justifies it by saying "It's like they never existed, so no harm no foul." It's his own fault he didn't explain the situation with Nightmare to AJ until they were in a fight, and he's the one who decided to run off for 80 years instead of spending the night a friends house/on the couch like any normal husband would do when the wife is pissed. The worst part though is the flip from "I'm staying away for their own good" to "I'll destroy the multiverse to get them back."

End rant.

You try living with a literal daemon in your head and not go insane.
And just think for a moment. Who always wanted to destroy all the live there is?
If you're not satisfied with the ending, it doesn't have to be the end. There is the indirect sequel called Journey.

I have been meaning to come back and comment on this for a while. First, thanks JBL and truekry for allowing me to help on this. It was fun to be able to be part of something like this. And don't worry JBL, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to keep up with you there in the end anyway. Also, in my defense, this was the username I created back when I joined Neopets Online, which as you can imagine, was a long time ago (go figure, "Dj" was taken). Being the un-creative and lazy person I am, I've just continued to use the same username ever since. The upside is, it's never taken. Also, gonna go ahead and spoil it here, the numbers are just my date of birth. Told you I wasn't creative.

As for the story, I think it was overall a good story. Definitely not as refined as Journey, but for a first story, I think it was good. I personally didn't really enjoy the part on earth as much, and the ending was not what I was hoping for, but you kept me reading through the whole thing.

Must have been made out of his concentrated nonchalance. To be in the size of a laptop, it must have weighed literal tons.

I know but your doing well now Journey is easily my third favourite fic I've read on all of fimfiction, so I'll suffer through aged clich├ęs to understand the secrets your great story holds

I must say. This was quite the good story I like and dislike how blue light turned out in the end but it makes sense in a way. I must congratulate you on such an amazing story and thank you for such a grate read!

This was such a good story. I'm not usually a fan of the human turned pony stories, but you managed to make it interesting enough for me to continue reading. The twist at the end was both gut wrenching and well beyond my wildest speculations. I honestly do not know what to think about the ending since it was just that shocking. Kind of wish there was a chapter for what happened with nightmare, but I think I can guess most of it from what you explain after that chapter. Besides the fact that not writing that fight adds to the mystery that the story was running with the whole time as to how your universe works. Loved the story and hope to read more of your works in the future. :twilightsmile:

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