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Welcome to my page. I'm a mechanic from Colorado, USA who got into MLP because of this site. If you're looking for some good reads, you can check out my library for some favorites & good stories


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2316696 Of course! I do plan to go back and re-read the chapters I didn't leave any notes on in Misadventures to leave any suggestions, just have been short on time.

Thank you for liking another of our stories, dearest grammatical avenger!

Hey DJ, noticed you haven't been on for three weeks (since you didn't comment on two chapters in a row) so was just wondering if everything's okay? ^^

1983322 Haha, no problem. There is a reason I know to ask, after all. I've had it happen a few times. Glad it's solved, though.

1983279 ... alright, this is awkward but you were actually right, it was the mature thingy. When I changed from Chrome to Firefox, it apparently turned it off... but when I clicked on a link for a mature fanfic earlier today it asked me if I was above the legal age or something, and it didnt click for me that it probably asked that because I had it off... and it probably turned it on when I clicked that i was...
So yeah... this was a big misunderstanding. My bad. Also, I can see that updated chapter now, it was because it was mature of course...

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