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I see so the initial problem was because the Dr. went through the wall rather than using the door, but the problem was prevented in the sequel by just going through the correct way. It makes sense and im happy that one more question out of the near infinite number of plot holes in shows and books has been filled. Thank you.

Good question! Since I treated AJUO as a sort of crossover of both Doctor Who and FiM, I looked to both for their 'rules' on interdimensional travel. FiM clearly has no problem with dimension jumping if you have sufficient magical capability or an artifact (as in the case of Equestria Girls 1 and 2,) and both old and new Who have had universe jumping before, but have made a point that without use of Gallifrey's charting of the multiverse it's an untamed wasteland of universal streams and timelines, with all manner of existential horrors lying in wait. As a compromise, I'd say that the multiverse doesn't have an explicit problem with dimension or universe jumping, but that without arcane expertise or sufficiently advanced tech like the Tardis you'd get dumped into the universal bedrock of the Void, stuck in a state of existential paradox until you disintegrate.

The Tessaract in Equestria's universe was a phenomenon present before the Doctor arrived, the problem was that he crashed through it to arrive in the universe. It was like taking a scab and blasting it through to make an open, hemorrhaging wound. Adam adding to the flow with his arrival, but once he, the Doctor, and the Tardis repaired the damage to the universe whilst outside of it, anyone could travel to and from that universe without issue, so long as they had the knowledge or tech to do so. In Revival of Chaos, Janus does have the knowledge and capability to move people and objects between time and space, so he could plant both Lyra and Adam in Equestria again without issue. The Doctor too could travel to Equestria without issue now that he wouldn't be blindsided by the blackholes dumping him and the Tardis straight into that universe.

Sadly life does happen and can throw massive wrenches in the plan. I completely understand though and hope you succeed in your goals. I'll be here if you ever decide to write again. Thank you again for the very entertaining read. One thing that has bothered me though, how did Lyra and Adam not cause the same void/black hole event when they went back and forth between the worlds? I though that happened because they were in dimensions they shouldn't have been.

Thanks also for the watch. I did have a full sequel planned to Revival of Chaos, but as time went on I got bogged down in real life, and I unfortunately just lost the motivation and time to do it in real life. I did get around to sharing my general outline on a couple stories though in a series of blog posts a little while ago. Here's a link to the first of the four entries I did: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/874886/an-apology-a-celebration-to-our-show-and-fandom-and-story-scraps-part-1

No problem the story was awesome and is one I can see rereading several years from now. The sequel was good too but i'll probably only favorite the first one in the series to avoid clutter. Now I have to find a new story to read on my work breaks. :applecry:
It sounds like you set this story up for another sequel that I would most definitely be interested in reading though. :ajsmug:

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