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Notice: This is a Stellaris Invicta/MLP: FiM crossover. For more information on Stellaris Invicta by the Templin Institute, visit https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4YabFfWSaelXgXfV6T2ISJ5UN7Nci3qA. Its lore will be essential in understanding a considerable part of this story even though not all of it will be canonical.

After the destruction of the Tyrum homeworld, galactic powers began to turn against the GTU in disgust of its violation of the Homestead Treaty. When embassies were shut down and the Star Concorde began to close trade routes with the GTU in an effort to starve it out, the Union was forced to take drastic measures to ensure its survival.

Follow Admiral Johnson as he and his crew aboard the U.S.S. Archer as they search for the solution to the GTU's intergalactic relations and uncover more than they bargained for. Will the GTU follow a diplomatic or warfaring path? How will human and ponykind see each other? And, most importantly, what is the true history of the universe?

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Comment posted by Sammyboiii deleted Jan 24th, 2019

I love Stellaris. I love Stellaris Invicta and the GTU.

Do not disappoint me.

A couple of your paragraphs are way too long and need to be broken up into smaller paragraphs. The walls of text are hard to get through.

Praise be the Greater Terran Union!

Despite this, Lyra knew that the next few days would be a life-changing experience.

You have no idea, filly.


They became what they hated most, Warranted or not. The act of wiping a entire Civilization from the Face of the Galaxy is as abhorrent, if not more, as what some of Humanity worst Tyrants and Monsters did to their own kind.

Also I saw that Cheeky Reference at the end there Author :ajsmug:

yes, I know. However, the Tyrum was an enemy unlike even the worse of the Compact, and needed to be ended. Did humanity go about it the wrong way? Most likely, yes. At this point, arguing over the ethics of the Sword of Terra is pointless. Humanity now has no friends and I imagine more and more civilizations will want to fight the GTU

Comment posted by Texus deleted Mar 1st, 2019

Ponies are lucky for being cute and adorable. If anything, you shall be treated with the love and care the Prikiki are showered with. And if you are extremely lucky, you shall be welcomed and unified into the GTU!

So please, don't try to, oh, I don't know, fight against humans because humans don't like it when aliens fight back for no reason.

Terra Invicta. I named a ship this in a war game.

Marionberry? Is that a reference?


Huh, there is an actual breed of blackberry with that name.

There is also a former Democratic Party Congressman from Arkansas named Marion Berry.

This is a very interesting start, and I can't wait to read more

It's a nice use of art, but this thing really needs some better proof reading. I recommend either finding someone you trust, or downloading the free program NaturalReader. It reads the story back to you, which I find makes it easier to notice typos. As for the story, the premise isn't all that original, but I'm curious how the ponies will get on with relations to the GTU. Big fan of those guys and I'd like to see how you portray them.

Been a while since I actually watched any of the streams, but I was actually hoping this story'd be a story about a Terran ship being stranded in Equestria, the crew of xenophobes forced to rely on pony kindness just to survive.

Your military characters read more like incompetent college kids with useless degrees like underwater basket weaving. Where were their NCOs when they new butter bars to either beat this level of retardation out of them or save the enlisted men's lives by putting a bullet in these idiots brainpans before they got people that actually did the work killed? Seriously, you're doing worse job than Hollywood at potraying the military.

Want to give a look at my fic? It's Stellaris to, but instead of conquering factions and eldritch horrors is krogan-like Samus/Master Chief/Kratos hunting down bioweapons in Equestria. The ponies are anthro, but they're supposed to aliens.

are you going to finish this?

Even if you canceled this, I thank you for bringing to my attention the video series. Highly entertaining.

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