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The year is 2480. Throughout the past 400 years, humanity, in the form of the United Terran Republic, has branched out throughout the Milky Way, colonizing and terraforming millions of planets. The UTR's economy is booming with trillions of tons of dilithium having been found in the fourth quadrant, personal starships have recently become available to the public, and man is experiencing a golden age of exponential technological advancement.

One theoretical physicist, however, believes that there is still a universe of technologies humanity has yet to discover. Although he is doubted by all those around him, his life changes very quickly when he is pulled into deep space by a mysterious gravitational anomaly. What he finds when he wakes up is beyond anything he could have possibly fathomed. However, when a search party is mounted to find him and the rest of humanity sees this treasure, the megacorporations of the entire galaxy hastily move in to claim it.

Find out how one man can stop this injustice and unravels the history of the universe along the way.

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Notice: This is a Stellaris Invicta/MLP: FiM crossover. For more information on Stellaris Invicta by the Templin Institute, visit https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4YabFfWSaelXgXfV6T2ISJ5UN7Nci3qA. Its lore will be essential in understanding a considerable part of this story even though not all of it will be canonical.

After the destruction of the Tyrum homeworld, galactic powers began to turn against the GTU in disgust of its violation of the Homestead Treaty. When embassies were shut down and the Star Concorde began to close trade routes with the GTU in an effort to starve it out, the Union was forced to take drastic measures to ensure its survival.

Follow Admiral Johnson as he and his crew aboard the U.S.S. Archer as they search for the solution to the GTU's intergalactic relations and uncover more than they bargained for. Will the GTU follow a diplomatic or warfaring path? How will human and ponykind see each other? And, most importantly, what is the true history of the universe?

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