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This was a unique one, to say the least. Glad to see they're happy together.

Thank you! I was hoping to go for something that likely hadn't been done before.

Great story but now i'm curious what would've had happened if filligre said "no" maybe you could write an alternate ending as where he said "no" and let his professional career take priority. Maybe explore where he said "no" and how flurry and cadance re-act and it drives both cadance and flurry to do something drastic like have cadance surprised but accepting of his choice at first but as flurry gets more depressed to the point where the crystal empire is somehow theatend because of his choice to remain a maid thus leading to flurry trying to give up the rest of her youth to be with him. But in doing so starts to cause problems for the crystal heart thus leading to cadance needing to do some serious damage control. All the while filligrie keeps doing his job but avoids flurry after his answer because he believes it's nothing more than a crush and he honestly believes flurry could do so much better than him but he is oblivious to the consequences of his choice and only learns it almost too late. I think it be a great idea but then i'm not the writer of this story. Just curious of the "what if" scenario. Still this was a great story.

Neat little daydream. *thumbs up*

"Surprised? You shouldn't be. Flurry has been talking to Mr and Shining about how much she likes you for a long while now."

Think you meant to put 'me' there.

Shining Armor's coat turned permanently red the day Flurry's cries of "Philly" were heard echoing throughout the city. From rage? Embarrassment? Nopony ever knew for sure--just that he could never keep a straight face when asked about his new appearance whenever a family member visited for the first time thereafter...

I like the way you think! If I ever decide to come back to do more with this idea, I like the idea of going with an alternate continuation of it. Though I'd feel awful about making Flurry sad, but those are some solid ideas.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Whoops! Fixed it. Thank you!

Well...he's shining in a different way now, I suppose!

True i hate to see flurry sad too but i'm morbidy curious "what if" thank you for your compliment to my ideas. i look forward too if and when you decide. But i still think this a great story

Your very first story on here, and it gets featured?! :rainbowhuh:

I must read this thing, to see if I can absorb this strange power. :trixieshiftleft:

Your very first story, and it gets featured. You are a gorram genius!

Great story. Have you considered making a bigger story that follows the pair? I think it would make a good story

It could be fun! I'm not sure what else to touch on with them as a couple though. Maybe meeting other family that might have met Filigree in the past? It makes me wonder how Twilight would react if she knew nothing about this arrangement and then recognized Filigree when he was with Flurry.

I must say, your story had a perfect blend of sex, romance and story. It's rare to find stories like this. Can't wait to see what other stories you can come up with.

Thank you so much! I really wanted to make sure the buildup to the decision and romance of the situation were emphasized along with the sex, and I'm glad it came off that way. To be entirely honest, I enjoyed writing the first two parts even more than the sex itself...not that that part wasn't fun!

those last few lines made her a bit of a bitch, but tha’ts my opinion, nothing more.

still, this was well written, so kudos.

Heh, I understand. I actually kind of debated putting that last line in. It was meant more as a little poke at Filigree, but I could see how it could be interpreted like that.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Ah, sorry about this...
But does the story ever describe what the protagonist looks like, or even what type of pony he is?
I went back and read the first few paragraphs, and the story has no markings for his coloring or cutie mark.
I even skimmed to the part where he regresses, and I see no note of anything other than his age regression but nothing descriptive.
Was this intentional?

Haha, I'm glad someone asked this actually! I was going to describe him at one point, and have a physical description of him in my head, but I opted to leave the description out. It might be silly, but I thought some people might appreciate details being vague so they could imagine their own character in there.

So it was intentional to lead into self insert.

The worst part about this site Is when stories like this are picked to be featured

Edit :
i do not mean that they are the worst though , but that stories with problems like this one's are frequently picked . And even more disheartenly ,that some readers that gloss over those issues as if they did not exist , only their cause , the plot and/or tone note that were tried to be achieved did . Even though more often than not they feel forced ( unearned by characters/the readers suspension of disbelief ) even to the point that tone feels a contradiction of what you think the author was going for

I figured some would appreciate it, haha.

But in my head, Filigree Feather is a pegasus with a golden brown coat and a silvery gray mane and tail. His name was chosen because it's the act of bending something typically strong into delicate jewelry, which I thought fit with the RGRE theme. As for his cutie mark:

Hope you find something you like!

Woah, this idea needs to be made into a story asap.

This story is awesome, but I wish it continued on more.

there is , even my second comment wasnt what i really meant . i have edited it because of that

Thank you for your compliment

" Now can I sit on your lap?"

Oh, I see what you did there...:ajsmug:.

"Oh gosh, we're going to need to get these blankets cleaned," Flurry said as she glanced at the mess they'd made. She looked back at Filigree, then gave him a coy smile. "Guess we can let a maid do it."


It was going to be a good life, indeed.

With Flurry, its bound to be:scootangel:!

Awesome, funny, and cute little one shot:rainbowkiss::heart:!

I like that Flurry says "Philly" to refer to Filigree. Filigree could reply, "No, you're the filly."

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm still wondering about coming back to this, but I'm not sure about it, and even if I do, I'm not sure whether I'd do a continuation or an alternate ending as was suggested earlier. We'll see, I suppose!

Thank you! Flurry's a fun character to play around with, especially since she doesn't have an in-canon personality to play with outside of being a cute baby. It was fun working out just how she'd behave.

I kept meaning to put something in like that, actually! I guess I kind of forgot by the time I was finished. Though admittedly, that was another little stylistic choice behind naming him as I did. With the whole "gender roles reversed" thing, I thought giving him a nickname that referred to the opposite gender would be fun. I'm not entirely sure it worked as intended, but there it is anyway.


Thank you! Flurry's a fun character to play around with, especially since she doesn't have an in-canon personality to play with outside of being a cute baby. It was fun working out just how she'd behave.

I can tell:ajsmug:.

any chance i could... uhhh... get the... um.... *cough* link to said cover picture *cough* thanks...

I know I can't link to NSFW pictures on here, but if you search for Neighday's artist tag and Flurry Heart's tag, it should be easy to find!

Edit: On Derpibooru.

Good story, would love to see this as a series or multiple chapters ^^

Thank you! The general consensus seems to lean towards seeing more, so perhaps I'll have to take it under consideration.

9280307 For NSFW images, I just put the un-linked derpibooru image number in the description. ex, 1517038

I want a chapter where his parents weigh in on this. Seriously if this guy has parents I want to see their reaction. I love your story it's cute and fluffy.

Oooh...now there's a fun idea. I had thought briefly about what aspects of his life would be affected by this decision besides his job, but I didn't really dwell on the idea. Seeing what his parents would think sounds like a lot of fun. That's definitely something I'd like to touch on if I write more on this.

Thank you!

As a note of interest, I only brought up those points because of reader association.
Because of clop: Pegasi and Unicorns use their added limbs for special things and intimacy.
Because of color pairings: Because no one wants another dark colored oc.

Most enjoyable. Blossoming love is fun to read.
Though this is a unique concept where one is mentally an adult and thus has that experience and the other will still make those novice mistakes--hilarity insues.

Thank you for posting.

Oh yeah down vote!

Thank you! I had wanted to play around a bit more with Flurry's inexperience in comparison to Filigree's...well, greater experience...but it ended up just coming out in her not knowing much about the actual act at the end. That kind of thing is also why I thought it fun to make Filigree regressed to a year younger than her. Physically, she's now the older one, but mentally, he's that much more experienced.

Hope you find something you enjoy!

That's unfortunate. There are a lot of stories on this website! I'm sure you'll find something you like eventually.

I like a lot of good stories and have long list of them. This is just not one of them.

Do you regularly go out of your way to tell things you dislike that you dislike them? That's also unfortunate.

Have a pleasant day!

It not really out of my way. You have a good day/night too.

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I was holding off to see where this was gonna go. At the very least, it was incredibly well written.

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