This story is a sequel to Being Brave Part I

Cory now begins life anew as the first human resident of Equestria. With new friends on his side, how can he fail. After all, he has a princess as a teacher and a pegusi as his physical trainer. In addition, he lives a happy and productive life on a farm of earth ponies. What's more, he has a talent of his own. He's gotten requests all over Equestria to have his work displayed and shown to ponies great and small.

But alas, he's missing one thing he really needs: A family. Nothing Twilight and friends cant fix.

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Friendly word of advice, link to the previous story. Please respond to this comment.

What Starlight meant was putting a link in the actual story. Edit- prequal story. Post the story address in that bar and it will show up on the actual story bar and you won't have to worry about manually dropping links each time

It's a good, lighthearted chapter you have going on here. You have a couple grammar slip-ups here and there, but I'm too new to writing to give plot advice. The plot is good so far as far as I'm concerned :twilightsmile:

Whoof, Cory. Shedding big man tears in front of Cadance.

Good, heartfelt chapter. Again, some grammatical errors, but this is a good story. Good foreshadowing especially.

Ignore the upvote to downvote ratio, it'll help in the long run.

Then, a few seconds later, it flew back out. Twilight took a deep breath, and stepped into the portal, ready to find Cory's parents.

Now this could be interesting. I wonder if Cory's parents are missing him? (Considering his luck, probably not).

Also, some more typos here and there, but good job overall! Looking forward to the next one.

Nice job, as always. The way you explained Cory's reasons for being abandoned was very creative, very creative indeed.

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