This story is a sequel to Being Brave Part I

Cory now begins life anew as the first human resident of Equestria. With new friends on his side, how can he fail. After all, he has a princess as a teacher and a pegusi as his physical trainer. In addition, he lives a happy and productive life on a farm of earth ponies. What's more, he has a talent of his own. He's gotten requests all over Equestria to have his work displayed and shown to ponies great and small.

But alas, he's missing one thing he really needs: A family. Nothing Twilight and friends cant fix.

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Capricore is now the happiest boy in any world. He has a new home, a new talent, and above all, a new family. But despite these amazing gifts, life has one more challenge for him . Now with the help of some old friends and familiar faces, Capricore sets out to prove his courage and triumph over his greatest fears.

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This story is a sequel to Being Brave Part III

Cory, though 17 years of age, feels like an old stallion. Though he has an amazing life with friends and family, the past doesn't seem to be through with him. Along with his new responsibilities as the Prince of Courage, he strives to become something greater than what the past set him out to be.

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