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I give up.


A human discovers a strange book in a library, where an animated, purple pony appears on every page with the purpose of teaching friendship and solving friendship problems.

I commissioned the cover art from Seven Serenity.

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That was a very engaging read. I was definitely grabbed by this concept. And more than just a playful little 'Twilight's in a book', you actually gave an explanation for all of this. I found the story interesting, entertaining, and actually kinda cool! Thanks so much for sharing! :pinkiehappy:

I like this! I hope someone picks up the concept and makes something great out of it!

That cant be it
What happens next
Please make at least 2 more chapters

Well it's a lovely beginning, but you can't honestly expect us to believe that your muse is going to let you stop here, do you?

I do hope Twilight is taking the time to scope out prospective universes before issuing a book. Or at least putting some common-sense precautions in place. All it would take is Tzeentch stuffing one of those books with chaos scrap-code and the whole network is compromised. There really are so very many things that would love to get ahold of something like this.

I'm suddenly envisioning one of these books cheerfully trying to get it's newfound owner to lighten up a bit while he plays the gracious host.


Meanwhile he's carefully trying to figure out it's network connection. And how to access it.

... that's it?... This should be longer... I'll keep track in case this gets to have another chapter...

Sequel or mark “Incomplete.”

You're welcome? I honestly didn't expect I'd get anything close to that kind of reaction. :twilightblush:

I hope so, too. Greatness certainly won't come from me. :derpytongue2:

I have over twenty stories waiting to be started, as well as stories I want to finish, and I saw too much potential in this for only me to explore the depth and breadth of it. Writing a sequel to this isn't completely off the table, but I've set my priorities and felt that it would be better to allow other writers entry into the sandbox while I try to stay on course and keep detours to a minimum. :twilightoops:

I would really love to see a continuation of this, if not, I hope I could take the base concept if you allow me to ^^.

I really liked your Twilight!

You don't need my permission. Everyone's free to do whatever they're inspired to do. :twilightsmile:

Good concept. I'm pretty sure that's an idea Twilight would actually think of... :twilightblush:

Sighing, Twilight Sparkle switched to a different tack and offered, "What if I could introduce you to a 'good apple?'"

I swear when she said this, I honestly thought she would bring out Applejack!

She nodded her head. "I am. Now," her expression turned apologetic, "don't be alarmed, but I'm afraid that we can't continue this conversation until we're on the same page."

Do you mean what I think you mean?

Before I could ask what she meant, her horn lit up and my world turned white. I experienced some disorientation for a moment, during which I noticed my weight ceasing to press down on the floor, chair and table, then vertigo as gravity asserted itself on my mass, which quickly led to a painful landing on my backside.

Confused and alarmed, despite being told not to be, I scrambled to my feet and whipped my head about as I took in my new surroundings. Aside from the Twilight Sparkle who had claimed to be the original, my environment was now a seemingly never-ending expanse of white. The only exception was a large, "floating" window that had a view of... the library's ceiling?

You did mean what I thought you meant!

I meant it figuratively, too. :pinkiecrazy:

This was so great! I would love it if you would expand on the idea and made a sequel or even a series! :trollestia:

Popup storytime fairy crap, YAY! 🤓🤓

She nodded her head. "I am. Now," her expression turned apologetic, "don't be alarmed, but I'm afraid that we can't continue this conversation until we're on the same page."

Clearly, bookmagic is powered by puns.

Wow, that was a nice surprise!

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