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Crescent Pulsar

I jot a word or two down whenever I can muster the will to overcome depression and other issues.


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  • EPamphile
    Before going to Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle connects more dots than usual, which gives her more reason to face Nightmare Moon alone. (Pamphile (PAM-feh-lee) means "friend of all" in Greek.)
    Crescent Pulsar · 6.3k words  ·  282  11 · 4.8k views
  • EYour Moon Precedes You
    Luna takes a trip to familiarize herself with Equestria's advancements, as well as places that had not been settled a millennium ago, and discovers something that requires an explanation from her sister.
    Crescent Pulsar · 2.7k words  ·  66  1 · 954 views
  • EYou're a Friend in My Book
    A human discovers a strange book in a library, where an animated, purple pony appears on every page with the purpose of teaching friendship and solving friendship problems.
    Crescent Pulsar · 3.1k words  ·  87  4 · 828 views
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  • TRecherche
    Marshall is in a rut, drifting without a purpose. Rarity is in a rut, looking for inspiration. By chance they meet, despite living in different universes, and find what they're yearning for with the aid of the other.
    Crescent Pulsar · 123k words  ·  153  14 · 2.3k views
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