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I am aspiring author who enjoys writing various works of fantasy in which have a cutesy touch


This story is a sequel to Guide Dogs

Yosh has successfully helped Isabelle and the citizens of Canine Crossroads become a must visit place outside of Equestria. This has allowed the city to grow through the development of a very noteworthy museum overseen by Blathers the owl.

Blathers accepts those artifacts travelers bring to add to the museum's collection. He's recently acquired a most unique piece that he simply must show Mayor Yosh and Isabelle. However the artifact seems to have more to show than actually be seen.

This is a blend of Xenoblade Chronicles and Animal Crossing. It's a fun story that I write as I can. Hope you enjoy what comes of Yosh, The Mane 6, and all their new friends.

Special thanks to Jordan Olson for inspiring the story with his characters Dark Light and Larimar.

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Missing the Crossover Tag.

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