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I am aspiring author who enjoys writing various works of fantasy in which have a cutesy touch



This story is a sequel to Therapy With Doodle Noodle

Yosh has been through a lot since losing his physical eyesight. His work with Dawnbreak Horizon has waned as a result of his limitations as he has taken responsibilities with the therapist, Doodle Noodle, and aiding Princess Luna in the Dream Realm.

The waking world seems to be a loss to Yosh until an opportunity for building relations with the Diamond Dogs' hometown, Canine Crossroads, becomes available from Princess Celestia. So Yosh, along with his egg brother, Spike, join twilight Sparkle in an effort to align the floundering Canine Crossroads with Equestria in friendship and economic success.


This story, as those that preceeded it, are designed around sharing my own experiences in losing my eyesight along with building new ways to interact positively in the world. Yosh's character is an 'extension' of myself and telling this tale is a way to work through emotions while sharing some insight on what it is to be 100% blind.

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Comments ( 4 )

...Look, I really don't want to be "that guy", but how were you able to write this story if your blind?

(Sorry I can't do a direct reply. I went to try and write one on your page but I think you have comments turned off.)

Thank you for being "That Guy". You have a REALLY valid question that more people need to know the answer to.

Those who are totally blind, or even partially blind, can get software known as Screen Readers. A screen reader is software designed to integrate with most software to use a mechanical voice to read text while allowing me to use special key sequences to access 'Edit Boxes' and other relevant regions of web sites, word processors, E-Mail, etc.

The problem is they have limits. :( So I am only able to do so much on a given site, or application, as a result of software conflicts / non-compatibility. So, with "FiM Fiction", I need to use Firefox and Internet Explorer to genuinely create a story. Each application tells me so much on how to use the "Create Story" page. It's a pain but still lets me post. :)

The other issue, with FiM Fiction, is how I can write comments but cannot respond to them. I can also respond to messages but not start them. :( However FiM Fiction is one of a few sites I can navigate enough for it to be useful despite many web sites having compatibility issues with my screen reading software.

The screen reader I use is called "JAWS" and is made by Freedom Scientific. They try very hard to keep the screen reader accessible to all software. However they can only do so much as technology evolves faster with more concern being given to graphical interfaces, which screen readers can't interpret.

I'm just glad I have a screen reader as, despite the flaws and system requirements, it allows me to still be active on the internet without eyesight. :)

You did an good job making this story. Of mlp x animal crossing. Im hope you do more of Mlp x Animal crossing stories OK

Thank you for writing this, it was sweet and enjoyable.

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