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Pessimism paves the way for Optimism

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A bit hesitant on reading this considering what happened to the original, but will give it a try.

I'm coming home. Ace

So far so good. :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to see what happens in this story!

Jesus Christ that was one hell of an opening chapter

Well so far this is off to a grand start!

Comment posted by link4 deleted May 21st, 2020

"Hey! I know we didn't believe her over this whole messy mess! But I'm sure that once we apologize we can get things back to the way they were!"

Ah Pinkie, ever the Element of Laughter. Able to crack jokes even in the midst of an invasion.

Didn't read the original, but this is a hell of an opener ngl. Feels badman about spike dying though, Twilight isn't going to appreciate that... I'd assume, at least.

She'll be devastated.

Well, if she's more or less in-character.

109 likes on the start of a story posted yesterday. Not bad.

Definitely on the watch list to see what you have in store with the rewrite of the story.

Damn, well that’s an opening and a half. Hope Spike somehow made it but I highly doubt it, look forward to Twilight’s reaction when she finally finds out.

Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted May 22nd, 2020

Well this should be interesting.

Wow real original what are revolutionary idea killing off Spike who could have seen it coming you know what would have been more original if he hadn't died but I guess maybe that would have been too hard

I must say i really enjoyed the first chapter and hope to see more of this

If didn’t like it the least you could do is cover up those spoilers for folks who actually want to read it

Comment posted by Meta Knight deleted May 23rd, 2020

10247763. Why it's not my responsibility to do anything

Been on this site for a long time, I have read a lot of stories on this website. While I have not read them all, it is a significant portion, willing to bet over half, and I have not once ran into a story where spike died so early. Nor do I recall many stories where he died at all. Maybe torture porns that I deliberately ignore might be frequent spike deaths, I imagine however that those stories are made by people that despise spike, which I don’t think is the case with this author, given the more heroic manor that he died. While it’s still statistically possible that I just haven’t happened upon them yet, and also entirely possible that what I might find interesting somehow kept me away from a vast quantity of stories involving spike deaths, the seeming lack of stories with that in makes your claims of “originality” and “unoriginality” seem completely baseless. This together with that uncalled for insult then your childish response to a respectfully asked request is quite telling of your character. If you wish to waste time to respond or not will make no difference, as I will not see it. Best wishes.

We're going to fight her. Do you hear me? All of us. Every Earth pony. Every Unicorn. Every Pegasus. We will take that hive by storm! And then, we will mount the head of that buggy bitch, on her precious throne.

Are you choking
Well I would have had a civil discussion with you and try to be adult about it but since you blocked me that's not going to happen maybe next time you disagree with somebody actually listen to their side of the argument instead of blocking them out and living in a bubble

"You son of a whorse! You nearly gave me a bucking heart attack right there!"

"Still snickering, Applejack responded, "Oh don't get yer mane rustled, Ah knew it was you the moment ya opened yer big mouth and bragged about being 'fastest flier'. The thing about Changelings is that while they can get the look down, they can never truly mimic that bonafide attitude of yours."

LOL!!!!!!!! If I was Rainbowdash, the second I got up from the ground, I would have slugged Applejack across the face:applejackconfused: This story definately has potential cant wait to see more:pinkiehappy:

Ehh the setting is great but I’d prefer athro over regular pony just because I could visualise the combat better.

After re-reading the original, I can definitely say it looks like a good stride in improvement has been done, I eagerly await your next chapter

I can second that! Your style has greatly improved, if this chapter is the new level of course!

Go improvement! :yay:

Changelings killing like that makes no sense. You are killing the food.

I guess death by falling is better than what Spike got in the other story.

Poor guy.

I'm hoping that we get the next chapter soon, but I think we all know how busy real life can get at times.

Especially now.

Mmm, I never got around to reading the original one, but this one seems interesting so far.
I'll be tracking this one.

You weren't being an adult in your initial comment, but now YOU want HIM to more of an adult?

I'd applaud your stupidity, but it's my day off and I don't have the energy.

Why do you even care the said nothing to do with you there's none of your business and it just really confusing why you commented it all

I care, because hypocrites like you are a stain on the face of the world.

10357744 kid and I'm going to assume you're some kind of angsty teen and and if you're not then I'm going to assume you're some kind of sad angsty adult no one cares literally no one cares at this point I didn't even remember I left a comment on this I've got so much else going on in my hell I don't even remember what my original comment was I don't really care either I've got more important things to worry about like paying my bills taking care of my wife and my kid and a hell of a lot more so okay I'm a hypocrite I guess but and I've got better things to worry about have a nice day

You responded to one sentence with quite the tangent when you could have ignored it, man that's sad.

I overreacted I will admit but I wanted to get the point across that there are more important things in life then magical talking colorful ponies anyway thanks for your opinion have a great day:pinkiehappy:

Holy crap this got dark real fast, I look forward to more!

I'm super excited to see the next chapter.

No SpIkE! Any character but Spike!

Why is it that every time I find a really cool alternate au fic on Canterlot Wedding, it's always just one chapter that hasn't been updated in months?! First "Apathy" now this! I mean, come on!

I know! It’s just so annoying!

P.s I think the author is gone, he has not been on the site in 3 months.

Damn... this is more intense than the original.

Too bad there are no updates... :(

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