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I write short little bits of words that somehow fit together into stories. Nice to meet ya!


This story is a sequel to Nighttime

Fluttershy gained a curse when she and her friends tried to deal with the vampire fruit bats. Every full moon, she changes back to her Flutterbat form in varying degrees.

But lately, they haven’t been as bad, and she isn’t so sure it’s a curse anymore.

It might have something to do with a certain mare...

Continuity: E616

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

Flutterbat is best Flutter.

Awww, that was such a sweet ending. :twilightsmile:

Excellent use of dialogue and exposition. Perfectly balanced.

Cuter than a button :yay:

Nice, fluid writing style. Quality writing is getting more and more difficult to find. Have a thumbs up, why don't ya.

This title made me think of Isaac Asimov. THREE LAWS! AHH! :pinkiecrazy:
I'm always doing shipping in my head, but I don't ever think to write it out, just not my style. Not much for shipping in general, I'm glad to see it being done with dignity and creativity here. Especially since it hasn't devolved into a clopfic of some sort.
Ponds out :END:

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