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This story is a sequel to Eventide

Every full moon, Fluttershy reverts to varying degrees of her Flutterbat incarnation. Sometimes it’s mild, sometimes her marefriend Sunset has to help contain her primal urges.

It hasn’t made for an easy relationship, but Sunset won’t back down.

Continuity: Equestria 616

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Those two deserve to have happiness

Cuteness beyond cuteness :yay:

Aww, adorable! Positively adorable!

DAWWW that was adorable! :yay:

I admit that this is one ship I don't know very well. But anything that has Sunset in a relationship with a pony or human that is not named Twilight Sparkle is a win for me.

What’s wrong with Sunlight? That ship has produced some FANTASTIC fanfiction.

The only Twilight Sparkle I can see with Sunset is Princess Twilight. And even that is a stretch for me. People obsess over it far too much for me.

You know... I would love to see a story in this universe where Sunset interacts with Discord during his tea sessions with Fluttershy.

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