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This story is a sequel to Fallout: Equestria – Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files

Pineapple Calzone never wanted to be in a crime family. He had the misfortune of marrying into it. At first he went along with them out of fear, until they did something beyond the pale: give the Zebras Megaspells. Finally willing to go to the MoM he contacts his second cousin, twice removed, Pumpkin Cake. With her help he begins to collect evidence on his shady in-laws...possibly at the cost of his own life.

This fic is canon with the events of Unscrewed and Brittleshine's Quest, but reading those fics are not necessary outside of events that will be in the epilogue.

This story is also canon to Gamma Deekay’s and Digital Ink (AKA Sawyer)’s series of connected fics, but only in that it shares the same shared universe. It happens before Monsters.

Also as with Brittleshine's Quest it does reference EAST Corp Productions' various audio dramas, but without their permission so anything I do with EAST Corp in the fic is not canon with their works.

Chapters (6)
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Comment posted by Assy Assman deleted January 13th

Why is it on hiatus? Don't stop writing, please. 💟

I'm working on a FoE audio drama, so my other fics are put on hold for now.

OK, then. Scribble Jot is a funny pony too ^__^

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