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This story is a sequel to Fallout: Equestria – Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files

Hello, I'm Static Spark. I'm what is known as a Cortexaphan Ghoul. I don't know all the science behind it, but it gives me a unique power. Cortexaphan ghouls are a rare breed, not even the Wasteland Survival Guide mentions us. I know of 16 like me, one's my adoptive aunt Screwloose and another is some jerk who did a lot of bad things to her, but I want to meet the rest. I want to find where I belong, but Shoeshine and Sundae treat me like a little kid and won't let me. I'm 225-years-old, but all they see is the 13-year-old I was when I became a ghoul. My only option is to run away for my own sanity. Don't worry, I'll have my good friend Aglow to watch my back. I'll even document my journey like Screwy and Shoey did. Maybe one day it will air on the radio like theirs did.

This fic is canon with the events of Unscrewed, Brittleshine's Quest, and Hold the Pineapple.

This story is also canon to Gamma Deekay’s and Digital Ink (AKA Sawyer)’s series of connected fics, but only in that it shares the same shared universe.

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