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This story is a sequel to Fallout: Equestia – Unscrewed Audio Files

By now you have likely heard my sister’s tragic story. Mr. DJ Pon-3 elected to call it "Unscrewed Audio Files". I am the Shoeshine from those logs, though as a Canterlot Ghoul I prefer Brittleshine. Pinkie Pie predicted I would meet my sister again, I have hope that it will come true. I have invited Screwy's fiancé, Dr. Stable Rate...who also became a ghoul...and my good friend, and a Hellhound named Grrrar along for the search. We are also joined by a lecherous, Moonskull, Sargent named Dancing Doll. We will document our adventure like Screwloose did, in a series of audio logs that I will send to DJ Pon3 to play over the radio. We will find my sister.

This fic is canon with the events of Unscrewed and reading that fic is nessisary to get the context of this one, but can still be enjoyed if the first fic is not read.

This story is also canon toGamma Deekay’s andDigital Ink (AKA Sawyer)’s series of connected fics, but only in that it shares the same shared universe.

Also it does reference EAST Corp Productions' various audio dramas, but without their permission so anything I do in the fic is not canon with their works.

The fics that are the sequels are out: Hold the Pineapple and Find Your Spark

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 37 )

Mr. DJPON3 reminds me of Three-Dog.

8081729 that is the point. DJ Pon3 is the Three dog of the Fallout: Equestria universe. Before you say anything, it is not vinyl scratch...it is just a title passed from DJ to DJ. They use an enchanted microphone to all sound the same with a deep, pleasant sounding stallion's voice being broadcast.

This story has been advertised on my Fo:E Facebook page. Feel free to join us, we encourage self promotion and discussion about your own and other peoples stories.

Really intresting. I quite enjoy this style of storytelling. Looking forward to finding out what happened to poor Screwloose.

8126651 I'm glad you enjoy this format...it is the format I write best in. I hope I don't disappoint with this story then.


Well now I'm writing non-horse things inspired by this style. It's good.

Either the hellhounds got smarter or this is before they became feral. They remind me of ghouls for some reason.

8134016 Hellhounds are based off of Deathclaws which can have varying levels of intelligence...some even able to speak fluently in English. That being said Hellhounds do speak in other stories. there is an albino Hellhound that helps set up the Hellhound Sanctuary in Ponyville with Fluttershy in the original fic and Project Horizons had both Hellhounds and Sand Dogs (cyber diamond dogs uncorrupted by taint) both speak and posses a sort of broken english...or I guess broken equestrian...where the speak in 3rd person for some things and call all ponies "Pony"...and skip some connecting words. The thing is if you see a large, bipedal, monstrous dog-like creature with patchy black fur, claws that can cut you in 2 like you were butter, and wielding highly dangerous magical energy weapons, you likely wouldn't stop for a chat...well you actually wouldn't see them because they can effortlessly dig through the ground.

here is the wiki page on them: http://falloutequestria.wikia.com/wiki/Hellhound

This takes place after the Hellhound Sanctuary is setup in the epilogue of the original fic...in my mind some like minded hellhounds tried to take with ponies and so things like bars, markets and inns were setup in the ruins of ponyville...but the majority of hounds lived underground in newly dug tunnels beneath the town.

8134079 So they're a mix of deathclaws, mirelurks and radscorpions? I'm afraid to see Fallout Equestria universe's equivalent of cazadores.

8134108 more like combined Deathclaws, Radscorpions, and Yao guai...though Radscorpions do also exist in Fallout: Equestria. Yao guai are replaced by star-spawns (evolved ursa minors and majors, they are not mutants since the everfree never got hit with megaspells).

8134125 I forgot about the yao-guai. Out of all the monsters of the Fallout franchise, I've grown to fear cazadores the most.

8134161 the only things close to that are the Paradore from Pink eyes and the Cazadorable featured in the tumblr comic Raider and Kid.

8134545 I find it scarier that a mod for cazaclaws exist.

That sound suitably spooky. It's probably a pre war ghoul... But what could kill two squads of Helhounds... I don't think even pink fog could do that.

He saw an old friend... Maybe time travel fogmist?(maybe reference 'Hooves of Fate' scince it's a filly.) change bugs could work as well.

8141971 well you can rule out a pre-war ghoul...those don't exist...since there wasn't massive uncontrolled amounts of magical rads back then.

All will be revealed later...

Any reference to "Hooves of Fate" is purely coincidental, I haven't read that fic. I only reference fics I've read. That is why this has canon from the original fic, Project Horizons, Duty, The ditzy Doo chronicles, and my last fic...and I have plans to mention Pink Eyes and Heroes in passing...

Gnarr saves po ies! Would have gotten some flack from the other Helhounds for that

Seeing - used instead of , at the beginning was an intresting choice.

8168719 Grrrar is one of the more forward thinking Hellhounds. She wants to establish better relationships with ponies. She is one of the only things keeping the Ponyville Sanctuary together...if you've read Project Horizons then you know it doesn't work out and Ponyvilke becomes an Alicorn reeducation school.

...awww... An illusion that makes Brittleshine shoot her own sister. Whoever or whatever is causing this has alot to answer for... That does partially explain why the Helhounds disappeared. They were likely also caught up in memories.

Is it a former patient then? They must have known of Screwloose... Or mind reading is around.

OK, so if I'm getting this right....Sparky creates an illusion of her imaginary friend, who is essentially an partition in her mind. Ms. Aglow uses Sparky illusions... And presumably mind control, to give paradise to ponies.

Only one thing confuddled me... Is that actually Screwloose speaking? Or is she another illusion?

8205343 Yes, essentially...Sparky has telepathy and Astral Projection, but only while Aglow is present is she able to use her powers until she gains more control over the split in her psyche that is Aglow. Yes that was an illusion. Screwloose is elsewhere. You also don't need to spoiler cover your comments...if people read the comments and get spoilers it is their own fault.

Brittleshine, Dr Stable, and Grrrar... That pile of meat is more dog than jerky.

Intresting adventuring party.

is that a reference? Because I don't get it. Anyways, I thought it was interesting to have a 3rd join the party.

Nope, just me being very tired when writing, and as such using intresting language.

Green Med gets backing after years of apparant failure... I'm surprised no journalister dropped on that like rabbid monkies.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna reveal it in this fic, but well see...his might be a plot thread I cover in a sequel.

...awww Pinkie, in the end even you were corrupt. Make sense though, someone had to be supplying her, I shiver to think of what criminals could do with what would have been effectively, immunity.


This is my take on what happened. It is no secret in the FoE fic that pinkie is a drug addict. I just spun my own take on who she enlisted as a supplier.

It also may or may not foreshadow something I have planned for another fic in this series involving the Calzones.

Ehhh, it's best that I shouldn't think about this sorta thing.

Oh, cool. There are pipbucks for other species now.

My own creation. It is a prototype that was never released. It was found in the wreckage of the MWT/Stable 1 in Recurrence.

Eh, someone might try to write an uncensored version of this, so I wanted to say it was ok to do. There is a very good reason DJ Pon-3 censored the log.

Most of the fic I've read used the term "prewar ghoul" to refer to ghouls that were alive before the megaspells and not feral. For instance Screwloose, Brittleshine, and Dr. Stable would be prewar ghouls.

eh I think their vocabulary would evolve with the time.

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