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Jibbly Jot, simply Jot if you know what's good for you, is the tough as nails, muckraking, investigative journalist for the Junction City Tribune. Her stories have overturned slaver plots and rooted out corruption. She was hot on the trial of her latest story, an exposé of Congresswoman Coriander of the NCR, when her home burned down erasing her evidence and killing her daughter. Out for revenge and with nothing left to loose, Jot kills Coriander in cold blood and is sentenced to death.

Then the unexpected happens, on the day of her execution mysteriously no one in the wasteland is permitted to die, no matter how injured they are. Having already been executed, she can no longer be held by the NCR. Stripped of her citizenship and effectually blacklisted from the city-state she has nothing left to do, but what she does best: find answers. With the rights of first report going to the Junction City Tribune once she finds them.

This story is canon to the Audio Files Series fics, but is not directly connected and reading those fics is not needed to read this fic. It is also formatted like a regular story and not like the other fics in the Audio Files Series.

This story is also canon to Gamma Deekay’s and Digital Ink (AKA Sawyer)’s series of connected fics, as well asattempting to include EAST Corp Production and Nuclear Horseman Studios canon.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 20 )

Interesting. I want more.

The only error that I spotted was this:

“What kind of ‘good mare’ burns a filly alive to destroy evidence of corruption.”

Rhetorical questions still need question marks.


Glad you like it. I figured that death is such a constant in other stories, what would happen if I removed it as the plot hook.

God damnit! I thought I caught all spelling and grammar. I have to self edit as I'm unable to find a dedicated editor. I'll fix that right away.

Well, you did include one loophole.

As long as you have an intact body you can live.

I presume that that will come into play at some point.

I just discovered that most of your stories are unfinished.

Okay I have some theories

Theory one: shes tripping balls in her cell

Theory two: she some how activated console commands

Theory three: she has manipulated the midiclorians to create life.
I have just learned a terrible truth, i think jibbly is a sith lord.

But hey those are just theories, stupid theories.

I have a tendency to get writer's block, as is the case with my other story Icarus, but this is the first story that I have a bunch written before hitting publish. I hope to finish this and Icarus. No need to panic.

I will neither confirm nor deny any of those theories.

Where did you get the cover art?

Technically, I already had it written. The first chapter was over 10,000 words originally....while not outside the realm of Fallout: Equestria fic chapters, the meta of the chapters being in a news paper caused me to chop it up to 2-4K a chapter. I then added and changed things here and there. I was gonna post the first few weekly, but IRL life got in the way. I hope to release the next chapter soon. :pinkiehappy: I just can't say how soon, as its going through some rewrites.... :pinkiesad2:

Calling it, Coriender is alive again

She died before the no death thing, but anything is possible.

For some reason, I never saw this chapter. Peculiar.

So, Abide has seen things from Jibbly Jot's perspective. Interesting.

So, I've noticed that you have some difficulty with punctuation in speech. For example, this:

“Ah, Miss Jot what can–”

Should have either a period;

“Ah, Miss Jot. What can–”

Or a comma;

“Ah, Miss Jot, what can–”

Depending on whether it starts a new sentence or not.

I don't have an editor, so I have to rely on self editing...and I suck at it. Thank you. I'll fix that now.

Also, yes he has seen things from Jot's perspective. Figured it would provide interesting interpersonal conflict.

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