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Long ago, before the three tribes united, there was a queen. Now this queen was the cruelest in the lands, anyone who opposed her was torn apart by her army of monsters. When the tribes discovered this land they claimed it as there own deeming the lands name as Equestria. Little did they know the queen was there, and when the queen found out she was furious.

She led her army of monsters on a rampage and destroyed almost all the ponies held dear. Two ponies who where the combination of all three tribes made a deal with the three tribes. If they beat the queen the two ponies would rule Ponydom, the three tribes not knowing what else to do agreed. The two ponies along with the remainder of the three tribes banded together, defeated the queen, and banished her to a realm of shadows.

This story spread during the end of the year when the shadows are at their strongest is believed to be just an old filly's story. They would be half-correct, the ponies in their xenophobic ways brought it upon themselves when they attacked the queen out of fear. Retaliating the queen defended herself and summoned her allies to protect her, the ponies, desperate, made a pact that would leave them permanently enslaved to the will of all alicorns. And all the queen wanted was to help the ponies.

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Comments ( 66 )

so let me get this straight ponies are racist and they turn themselves into slaves before the pony gods got it

I love Yu-Gi-Oh GX so i will be paying close attention to this.

*shoot's tracking dart* Continue, and lets see how this fare's...

Yes, though Celestia and Luna are much nicer than there parents. I'll drop one hint here and say that they caused a great threat to the world which ended them.

I have another Yu-Gi-Oh! GX story but it isn't seen that great. It focuses more on the dueling aspect of the series.

I have great expectations for this story do not disappoint.

I'll try not to but I got a huge burst of inspiration for the start I don't know if I'll be able to do it again. But we'll just see if I can.

If Jaylen wanted to distract Pinkie, couldn't she just summon BubbleMan and equip him with the Bubble Wand Equip Spell? I mean, if she can summon the Evil Hero Fusions, she should be able to just summon the Elemental Hero that comprise them, right?

. . .Now I want to see how Pinkie would react to BubbleMan equipped with the Bubble Wand.

OOH! Pretty sparkly bubbles! How did you know I was thinking about them?!

At what point are you talking about, I do not remember typing about Jaylen trying to distract Pinkie Pie. She had hidden herself the entire time she was near the elements.
If you are talking about the authors note I was making a little joke about me kind of beating on Pinkie Pie, and then her getting revenge

I was talking about in the future, if something like that could be possible. I know that Jaylen never confronted or distracted Pinkie, I was just throwing out an idea.

Oh sorry then I thought you meant I had, also I don't think I will do that 1. There are no Evil Hero fusions with Bubbleman in them Fanmade yes, real no 2. I'm only using Evil Heroes and Fanmade Evil Heroes this does not include their fusion materials.

This story pleases me to no end. I can tell that this story is going places! Keep up the good work!

And don't think you can run forever!

So what will happen in next chapter?

This is getting better and better I cannot wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update soon :twilightsmile:

Is that fan art of the Main character from GX as femme or a character. I only watched the first season of GX so sorry for weird question the art just piped my interest.

Interesting premise, that's for sure. Looking forward to future chapters. :pinkiehappy:

It is Genderbent Jaden from season 3 (you should watch that season cause if you don't a bit of spoiler for season three are going to be in next chapter)

interesting, but like so many crossover stories, it's possible it ends dead or hiatus. I'll put it on list to keep an eye out, but i won't bother wasting time reading, if it ends dead within a month

Is there’s going to be a duel between Jaylen and one the mane six?

This doesn't mainly focus on the dueling aspect, if you want that go to my other Yu-Gi-Oh! GX story, it is nowhere near as good as this one is in terms of likes and dislikes, though I like doing my other story as much if not more than this one.

Aww but it doesn’t feels liked this a yugioh story without duels monsters and when the last time Jayden play the game?

To quote what I said "This doesn't focus on the dueling aspect" that doesn't mean it won't ever have it, I have not fully done the story, I may add a duel or two in the future.

huh for some reason the update didnt appear in my libraries and only my feed

O.o Damn...


Yes, yes it did. If you have read the story description do you think two alicorns could have done anything on there on to stop the Supreme Queen? No they would have been destroyed, they would need the Light of Destruction to do anything to her. And Celestia would have shared the same fate as them, if not for the Light favoring the alicorns, it's using her and Luna to keep Jaylen trapped in the shadows.

So they're being used as pawns? Oh, Celly and Luna will not take that well.

No, Celestia will and is being used as a pawn. Luna is completely safe from the Light's clutches for a while because she is still filled with darkness.

So no matter what Jaylen says, Celestia won't listen? That will make explaining her side much trickier.
And I can see somebody questioning, when Jaylen reveals about the Light, "how can light be destructive?" And Jaylen or Yubel comments about the Sun and Celestia's powers concerning it.

On the topic of the first part where they would comment, I was planning using that comment. And about Jaylen or Yubel making a comment about Celestia's control over the sun, that would also insinuate Luna got her power to move the moon from the Light of Destruction when Nighttime is seen as the pinnacle of Darkness. Also think about it this way, the night being prolonged caused a blood moon which released Jaylen, why would Celestia and Luna's power to move the Heavenly bodies stem from the Light, no Celestia power over the sun won't come from the light because Luna's power over the moon doesn't come from the Light.

So....If Jaylen is the Gentle Darkness incarnate, then I guess that one of the climaxes of this story is going to be full power Jaylen versus full power Celestia as Avatar of the Light.

Nope, Celestia isn't the avatar of light just very heavily influenced, either next chapter or the chapter after that I will have Celestia talking with the avatar of the Light.

Also Jaylen can destroy Celestia in a second, if she fought full power.

as entertaining as this is i will track it despite the mane character being op op

What would you expect, the character is literally Darkness itself nothing besides the Light of Destruction comes close to her power. Tirek at full power would be an ant to her.

which is one reason why I usuually avoid fics like this you know what to expect the guy just does what they want with no repercusions because they can just obliterate everything in there way it gets really boring really fast

I thought the EoH were, you know, good. And isn't Yubel evil? If Jaylen was voiced, what would he sound like?

Except the difference between those kinds of character and Jaylen is that she knows that actions have consequence, so she actively limits herself unless absolutely necessary or the Light of Destruction is involved.

which is a good bit of why i'm tracking it to see how it plays out with her limiting herself

Harmony is good, well tries to be, Harmony does not want to be like her creator but still has a bit of the Light of Destructions mindset not enough to try to enslave a race but enough to make her rush things and do the wrong thing. And Yubel was only evil because she was corrupted by the Light of Destruction, but BEFORE that she was sent into space, that never happened here. And Jaylen is a girl, hence the title The Supreme Queen not The Supreme King, I don't know what her voice would sound like though.

Comment posted by Error Sans deleted Jan 18th, 2018

I personally think this Queen here is too good in a way. She is always having the morale highground with Celestia being completely corrupt. She also seems to beat everything without any trouble. It makes the reading experience a tad dull I think since there isn't any challenge or complication.

As I have been stating she is very, VERY, powerful and that's because she hasn't gotten in a true fight yet, once the Light of Destruction comes around then that will change completely. And you think that she is too good, she is the latest reincarnation of multiple Gentle Darkness, they're bodies get destroyed all of the time and the Light has one to. The Gentle Darkness is, while seen as evil and destructive, is the true force of good in this universe, while the Light of Destruction is the very opposite. She was raised to do good and took those lessons to heart, she could have been a tyrant but wasn't, she did make some very bad decisions though. Some of those decisions now permanently effect Equestria, one of them resulted in Equestria even being founded.

Edit: Celestia is corrupted by the Light and is a puppet, she can be saved if the mastermind is destroyed or the Light is removed from her. The real mastermind is hiding in plain sight just waiting to attack.

I can’t wait for what the mare will find out the ture of the Gentle Darkness and the past. when you gonna update chapter so I can read to find out? and also they the mare6 learn the turse of princess Celestia past and about The Light of Destruction and what really happen to turn luna into nightmare moon.

I have a bunch of school work to finish, plus I have a vacation planned with my family for the end of the semester. So to answer your question on when this is going to be updated, most likely about 2 weeks to a month from now.

okay, not mad just as we said “family first” and I hope you have good time and luck your semester and school work

Next chapter is out now if you want to read it.

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