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Error Sans

1 2 ErrOrS COm;iN FoR yOu 3 4 bEtTEr CUt ThE sTRinGs 5 6 nEVeR lEAve tHis pLAcE 7 8 ThEY lIVEd tO lAte 9 10 tIMelINeS eNd! HehAhEEhAAAAAAAAAAAA!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!........... gOOdNiGHt


Long ago, farther back then when the pyramids were even thought off, when all there was was Darkness, there was a being. This being has been called many names across the ages, but it take the form of the dreaded serpent. Gliding across the dimension, always entertained by its own thoughts.

Before a new being arose and created Light within the universe. The serpent angry with the other being actions, wished to lash out and destroy all it had created. But it was bound by ancient dimensional laws, binding its form to the appearance of a mortal.

Now ?????????? years later, it will garner its revenge, at least as much as it can.

Chapters (2)
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Nice story so far. Though I have to look at Supremacy Sun again as I was sure his discard was a cost and not a card effect. Still, for the purposes of the story, it worked out well.

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