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Soothing Stone

Booping, romance, silly stuff, drama, I write it all. Mostly just booping, though.


After years of research at Calpain's expense, Sethisto has finally opened the portal of Equestria to snuggle his Trixie waifu. To the surprise of many, relations between humans and ponies are going smoothly. There's no conflict, no threat of war, just peace and quiet.

However, not everybody on Earth is happy about this. No, one preteen will not accept this so easily. He will stand for us all, showcasing our superiority over pastel colored horses with butt tattoos. How will he do it? With the power of the boop.

This is his story.

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Comments ( 6 )


Clickbait, not even fun or interresting.

Inspired by this, I'm sure:

This was the best story, I don't like human and equestria meeting, but this was so dang funny. Good job Best story ever . you had me laughing so hard that I had to put down my phone.

"Man, I really need something random and fun right now." Opens world messages to see what's new, raises eyebrow. "The fudge is this?" Click...


I think someone put bleach in my soda again, I'm dizzy and Confused, but also happy and entertained. Well done. :twilightsmile:


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