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This story is a sequel to Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - Anniversary of True Love

Cheerilee is in a rut. Her love life is horrible, her students don't pay much attention to her, and her friends don't seem to give her the respect she deserves. Ponies think of her as boring. Well, Cheerilee refuses to let that stand. She is a superhero. So why not become a superteacher as well?

Inspiration strikes and Cheerilee comes up with best field trip ever, a trip to the moon. Unfortunately, Cheerilee finds more than barren rock on the moon's surface and finds herself face to face with her greatest enemy, Corona.

Lunaverse spinoff story.
Power Ranger copyright of Haim Saban.

Thank you Talon and Thorn for prereading this story.

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Aside from the cool nostalgia factor, this... cannot end well. (Well, for the characters anyways...) But, all the same...

Rixizu #2 · 1 week ago · · ·

I am changing the name slightly. I made a mistake. I meant Magic School Zord all along. Silly me.

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