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This story is a sequel to Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - A Flutter of the Heart.

A Galaxy Ranger side story.

Dinky is unhappy with her life. It seems every week somepony or something kidnaps her. It's embarrassing! Worse, everypony is treating her like a little foal that needs protecting and her mom is even more overprotective than usual. Dinky is sick of this and demands a change. She refuses to be known as a filly that constantly needing protecting. But how? Her luck changes when she learns a shocking secret about Bon-Bon that will change her life forever. The mild-mannered candy maker is really a secret agent! Dinky feels she must become one too! It would stop all the kidnappings for sure! Elsewhere in Ponyville, a sinister presence is gathering in Ponyville and only Dinky and her new mentor might be able to stop it.

A Lunaverse spinoff story.

Power Ranger copyright of Haim Saban.

Thank you Talon and Thorn and RainbowDoubleDash for prereading this story.

Cover art:
Dinky vector by LMan225
Bon-Bon vector by cheezedoodle96
Background vector by YourFavoriteSenpai

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 11 )

If i submit story will I be able to go back and add chapters?

9262820 Yes when you submit a story you can always go in and add chapters. You can even move the order around with the little widget to the left of the chapter titles (but you have to save when you're done, which I missed the first few times I tried).


Yes, pretty much everything is editable, even the title. You can add as many chapters you want even if you mark the story as complete. You can even move around the order of the chapters is you so wish.

I would have thought that there would be at least some comics or films or something about good guy spies. Insert James Bond horse pun here.

Also Bon Bon is a brave mare, volunteering to train Dinky as a spy. Though I suppose if she plays her cards right it’ll mostly amount to a self-defense course. There’s no way Bon Bon would take Dinky on an actual assignment.

Hmm, wonder what’s going on with Applejack...I’m betting monster, somehow. Either that or something appropriate for a spy to deal with. Assassins from the Peach Consortium! Ninja assassina, of course.

I call changelings behind it


Seems likely from the end of the last chapter. I'm guessing poisoned apples of some type, possibly mind controlling.

Like the alien invasion that happened a couple of years ago.”

“Alien invasion?!”

“By a race called the Siltheen. It happened before my time in the agency and before you were born, few ponies know about it.” Bon-Bon replied.

I think there is a mistake here. How could the invasion have happened "a couple years ago" and before Dinky was born? I don't think she is less than two years old, even if ponies would grow faster than humans.


True. I guess about 12-13 years ago is a little more than "a couple years ago." I'll have to fix that one.

I still find it funny that I was off by maybe five minutes in when Dinky was going to be kidnapped.

Sweetie Belle and Rumble were right next to her and there was no good reason why she of all ponies got singled out.

Being kidnapped is such a drag...

Wasn’t it build for space?

Insert Futurama clip here. In fact, I think I will...


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