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This story is a sequel to Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - Anniversary of True Love

A Galaxy Ranger story.

Cheerilee is in a rut. Her love life is horrible, her students don't pay much attention to her, and her friends don't seem to give her the respect she deserves. Ponies think of her as boring. Well, Cheerilee refuses to let that stand. She is a superhero. So why not become a superteacher as well?

Inspiration strikes and Cheerilee comes up with best field trip ever, a trip to the moon. Unfortunately, Cheerilee finds more than barren rock on the moon's surface and finds herself face to face with her greatest enemy, Corona.

Lunaverse spinoff story.
Power Ranger copyright of Haim Saban.

Thank you Talon and Thorn for prereading this story.

Cover art by TheFluffyVixen

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 17 )

Aside from the cool nostalgia factor, this... cannot end well. (Well, for the characters anyways...) But, all the same...

I am changing the name slightly. I made a mistake. I meant Magic School Zord all along. Silly me.

Okay, why's Trixie there? Lecture Cheerilee on the misuse of her powers, or an illusion created by a certain Tyrant Sun? Probably the latter, I know, but definitely no longer a normal field trip...

You always know how to make things interesting with sudden plot twists. :rainbowlaugh:

She couldn’t begrudge them for that and let them play.

Fun fact: while the main reason why NASA stopped trips to the Moon was another that Congress cut funding (jerks), another big issue that they kept running into was that astronauts would not be as productive on the Moon as they were supposed to. Literally no force on Earth could prevent them from spending a lot of time goofing off and wasting time (and oxygen) in the Moon's low gravity.

I know it's a terrible meme that has been over used. But I still gonna use it! :pinkiehappy:

It's a TRAP!!!!!

Love the usage of actual science, and I'm calling it right now. Trixie was just a illusion created by Corona.

Now why do I not trust Corona?

Okay I don't know if Trixie is just plain rude or if she's doing it on purpose. :applejackunsure:


Both I'm afraid. This is another one of her ill-advised plans.

Huh, well, what do you know? Somehow, I still don't trust Celestia for obvious reasons, but maybe...

Right! Time for catch-up. You got my PM, I hope, explaining why it's taken this long. I do apologize.

Many of them ended up stolen

Actually a problem with real moon rocks, plus there's a high scientific demand for them. I never fully understood why - since the Moon was formed from a planetoid called Theia hitting primordial Earth and blasting off a chunk of Earth, it means that there's nothing on the Moon that can't also be found on Earth in more or less the same quantities.

Then again, it is cool to have a moon rock.

"the moon isn't capable of supporting any life."

Luna: "Neither is my sister's dumb sun! And at least you can stand on my moon!"


I like your description, but I'm still going to imagine Rita's lair.

somehow using magic to talk to them in their heads

There was a fun Iron Man/Thor crossover comic where the two had to deal with some issue in space. Thor isn't wearing a suit, of course, but more to the point he's talking to Tony normally. Tony listens for a moment before going "Hey, wait a second...you can hear me becuase I have air in my suit, but how...?" To which Thor just gives him a wry look and says "I am...not like you, friend Stark."

and announce my formal surrender.

What the what?!

Ah, ancient hospitality laws. They make sense - back in the Old Days, turning away someone asking for shelter was often literally a death sentence in many parts of the world. The wilderness is an unforgiving place. Of course, guests have certain rules they have to abide by as well.

Vampire: the Masquerade could have this play out in a fun way. The Tzimisce Clan were absolutely monstrous in every way, shape, and form - but they're also really old-school and into the whole hospitality thing, so if you were a guest of theirs they'd dote on you and make sure everything was great for you - even as down in the basement they continued to do unspeakable things to people who were not their guests. Their Revised Edition quote was even "Welcome, a thousand welcomes! I am honored that we could put aside the Jyhad's foolish rivalries for a night, that you might come under my eaves in the spirit of - eh? You start? Ahh - that noise! A trifle! Nothing that need concern you, sweet guest!"

Was it possible for Trixie to go a day without alienating someone?

Sure. Several in a row, even, during her heat, since she locks herself in her house and doesn't come out.

Was she doing this on purpose?

Maybe, as a test to see how far Celestia has really reformed? Or she's just being Trixie.

Having said that...maybe she should have just played along as long as the foals were around.

Lulu never did learn about it.

Luna: "Wait, what?! She has a castle where?! I'm going to - I know! I'll build a castle on the Sun! ...wait...crap, that won't work...dammit Tia no fair!"

Anyway - still not certain that this isn't some long-term plan of Celestia's. We'll see...

You know I seriously doubt Celestia is genuine. There are so much things against this being true.

1. The curse she had put on Luna in the previous story.
2. I seriously doubt a medicine would work on an Alicorn as they seem to me that they are kinda demi-god like beings in the Lunaverse.

So Luna's not the perfect princess her ponies believe her to be, and quite possessive of her throne and willing to make a deal with the devil to keep it? Ooh, interesting.

Either that or what Corona did to her actually did have an effect on her without her realizing it causing her to act more like Corona. She did say something would happen when she placed the planetary gem inside Luna.

Playing catchup again; sorry. Also, I believe a "dun dun dunn..." is in order.

So now I'm back to questioning how genuine Corona's apology is - this has all the makings of some kind of long-term plot...

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