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This one was kind of sweet with a happy ending compared to your normal stuff:scootangel:

I'm sorry to disappoint. Next one will be extra fucked, just for you :raritywink:

That said, glad you liked it.

"Some dicks just want to watch the world burn." I laughed harder than I should have

Is it weird that I find it interesting that you had a spooning sex scene in this story?

No. It's weird that you thought it was weird though.

I like this story, it was weird in a good way, and a student doing it with his principal was a good plot actually, didn't think I would like it be I did keep up the good work.

FYI: You know there's a Cinch tag right?

Fuck me sideways, I thought I clicked it... Must've fucked it up.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention, will add the tag immediately

happy to help 😄

D'aww, that as really sweet... which is kind of odd, considering your catalogue of stories. Thinking of a sequel? Preferably one that sticks to the sweet theme of this story?

The only time I ever do sequels of comms is if the customer asks for it or gives permission to someone else to commission it. I do this cause, if you really think about it, this is their story, not mine. So, basically, wait until my commissions open back up, we'll see how things go.

That said, glad you liked the departure from filth in favor of this significantly sweeter story. It was weird, but not altogether unpleasant.


I wouldn't be all that opposed to a sequel. I just have to think of a few good ideas Might not be until february though.

I came in here expecting smaller than what was given, this story is incredible, and you deserve every like you get, just an absolute gem of a story!

Thanks for saying, man

Came for the romance. Great story.

I don’t even like Cinch

But fuck that was hot

“Shoes off, please,” she says, not bothering to look up from her novel. You do as you’re told and pull off your shoes, placing them beside her own just next to the wall. “

Unfortunately for you, your dick is calling the shots now, and he compels you to kick off your shoes and socks

Hold up :rainbowhuh:

Yeah this was a pretty silly oversight on my part

That was a lot better than when I first thought it would be.

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