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Well, this is actually incredibly romantic. And well-written, too.

I'm hoping they make a sequel to this

it's super beautiful.

Oh my God, I really loved the first story that you made about these two, it was sexy and well written and while the pregnancy was part of it it didn't attract me from the whole. This sequel is arguably even better; the romance is more flushed out and feels more real, there's a lot of time spent on buildup and his readers you really feel it, and it's a genuinely heartfelt and romantic story with a lot of funny moments and cute bits. You did an amazing job with this Sequel and while I would love to see another story about these two, you've done so well the topping it off at 2 wouldn't be a bad thing.

This deserves more attention than it received.

Given the characters involved, I'm surprised this did as well as it has.

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