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Man Cinch will be carting those things around in a wheel barrow someday.

I imagine Anon would get snipped not too long after this. Maybe one more kid to see Cinch pregnant again...

Not sure if I want to do another Cinch fic after this one but only time will tell. If so, it would be before the second story. Probably the next commission I request from you would be one where a human puts Chrysalis or Queen Umbra in their place.

I'm a big, big, big fan of Queen Umbra

You speak as if having sex in a hot tub would be difficult. Trust me it isn't. Just hot as all hell. (No pun intended.)

I've never tried, but all accounts I've read in my research have described it as unpleasant due to water washing away lube

That's why you use something non water soluble if you have to.


puts Chrysalis .................... in their place.


So broodmother Cinch

No, more like a human in anthro equestria laying the law down to an unruly villain. It would be a comedy from the getgo.

It would be priceless if Chrysalis and/or Umbra had never ever gotten laid before so their tyrannical attitude goes out the window just to leave a mature woman stumbling over their words and actions like a shy school girl.:rainbowlaugh:

Remarkably romantic and as always, well-written, Lewd.

Quick question is this the end of your series on the stories or is there more on the way

That's up to TheWingman, the commissioner for this story. That said, I like the way this little trilogy ends, and I hazard to guess that Wing agrees.

Other stories of this tone and feel? Without a doubt. But more of Anon and Cinch? Best I can say is "we'll have to wait and see".


To answer that, there'll never be another story beyond this story as it ended on a high note but I'm open to a story that takes place before the second story.

OK well here's an idea about a Pregnant story with cadence and anon

More like an idea that Cinch and Anon (not wanting to go to a school dance) have a private romantic dance night at her house.

I really have loved all there of these stories.

I'm very happy you enjoyed it

Oh heck yes it's a trilogy. I was overjoyed when I saw this was up and as usual the quality, emotional resonance, humor, and sexual appeal were in full swing while also adding in a few dramatic moments which are fine on thier own or could possible be explored later. Either way well done and great job not only staying having a solid trilogy of stories but also improving with each one.

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