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Discord has been telling Rarity about the various adventures that her friends are supposed to be going on, in 'other worlds' no less, though she politely listens to them so she doesn't hurt Discord's feelings. She never once believed that he was telling the truth, not with how outlandish some of his tales had been, but her mind changes when Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer return from their own adventure with powers beyond anything she had ever heard of before. Before long she decides to investigate the mirror herself, where she steps into an unfamiliar world that is unlike anything she has seen before... only it is a world that terrifies her.

Rarity awakens in a place called 'Things Betwixt', a limbo between worlds, where she discovers that she's in an unfamiliar body and in an unfamiliar world with a different set of rules than what she is used to. Along the way she discovers that she has been cursed in some manner, making her one of the cursed undead that roam the new world she has discovered, and that there might be some small hope of reversing her condition. She also discovers an companion who wishes the same thing and decides that, by working together, the two of them can free themselves from their curse and return to their normal lives.

She and her companion must survive the dangers of the world she has found herself in, complete the most insane quest she has ever heard of, and hopefully cure themselves of their curse... and hopefully she can find a way back home once their quest is over.

(Dark Souls 2/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (62)
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One part of the title description just made me chuckle instantly.

complete the most insane quest she has ever heard of

The main quests of each Dark Souls game are pretty insane when you think about what you have to accomplish, with little help.

I was not expecting this to show up today. I'm excited.

8515880 It was an idea that would not leave my head, so I decided to add a fourth active story to the lineup.

cool. So Rarity's quest will update on the same day as Lyra and Trixie's?

gone from her usual form form and 

Might want to drop one of those
While I have never played a Dark Souls game, I am familiar with some of the memes, like "praise the sun". This should be interesting.

8516040 The first form was actually supposed to be 'pony', because of what she had been before entering the mirror. No idea how I missed that, but it is fixed now.

And it's Rarity, of all ponies who has to endure it! Muwahahahaha!👿👿:raritycry::raritydespair:

At that moment she had no idea if she had what it took to survive in this strange and dark world that she had found herself in... and she was worried that she was going to die so many times due to her inexperience, before she even had a chance to find the cure that Edric had told her about.

Oh you have no idea the truth of that statement, Rarity. You have no idea.

yep darks souls is considered one of the hardest games ever made tide with ninja giden. So ya she will die a lot hahahah

Rarity is going to have a fun time in the Bastille. Especially with the Lost Sinner. Which is apparently female. I always thought it was a male. go figure.

8527753 :rainbowhuh: Huh, I just looked that up and the Lost Sinner is definitely female... I had absolutely no idea.

I know right? It just seems male in the games!

8527770 There's nothing about how the Sinner moves or looks that suggests female, so its easy to assume she's actually male... until ones looks at a wiki or something. Oh well, Rarity is in for quite the surprise in the zone she and Edric are heading towards.

So, is there an order that the immense souls must be done in? Because wasn't the Last Giant the first one?

Oh, I wonder how she will react to the ghost chariot.

8527785 The four large souls that need to be acquired are actually dropped by the Sinner, the Old Iron King, the Duke's Dear Freja, and the Rotten... and, as far as I can tell, you can do them in any order you desire.

After doing some research, it seems like the keepers of the Great Souls in Dark Souls 2 are supposed to be reincarnations/possessors of the Lord Souls from Dark Souls 1. The Sinner holds the Witch of Izalith's, Freja holds Seath's, the Rotten holds Nito's, and that would mean that the Old Iron King holds Gwyn's.

8527902 I noticed that when I looked up all four boss names... its nice how they incorporated pieces of the first game, the Lord Souls anyway, into the second game.

Is it just me, or does the Old Iron King look like a Balrog from LoTR?

8527945 :rainbowlaugh: When I saw that boss for the first time that was what was going through my mind. :rainbowlaugh:

Where's my lightning channeling sword? And where did I put that eye orb that took me to the snowy mountain peak? I know I brought one...

one moment, Mister Old Iron King, Let me perform my Dragon Meditation and I promise we will have a more fitting battleground.

For the record.... i have no idea who is who in the shop area since i've never played the game, nor have i watched videos of the game...

8529283 The lady Rarity and Edric spoke to is the Emerald Herald, whose the person who levels you up in game. The guy outside his shop is Lenograst and he's the local blacksmith, who sells weapons, upgrade materials, and can repair equipment. The armourer is called Maughlin, and he sells armor to the player. The cat is obviously Shalquoir, full name being Sweet Shalquoir, and she sells rings, has the ability to separate players from the covenant they are in, and, oddly enough, has some dialogue that only appears when you beat bosses.

I'll also make sure to mention their names in one of the upcoming chapters.

Ah, yes. The Pursuer. Proof that being able to float off the ground is broken.
In response to the Author's note: *raises both hands, and two front hooves into the air*

8533555 I wanted her first death to be special, in a way... and tell her that not everything in this world will be easy.

ya that guy killed me the first time there too he was a pain

ya I can understand rarity fuck that knight

8540815 The Pursuer, the knight that killed Rarity and Edric, is one of the more annoying bosses in the entirety of Dark Souls 2... because he can, if your not careful, kill you in two to three hits, or sometimes one if your unlucky.

there is actually another area you can run into him at after you kill the furnace boss if you come back to his boss room the pursuer will appear their too that is a minimum of 3 areas I know of that he appear in the game

8542814 Ah yes, the area where you fight the Smelter Demon boss. There's actually a fourth area, in New Game Plus, where you can fight the Pursuer one last time... but I think having Rarity fight him twice, maybe three times total, is more than enough punishment.

That was a misleading title. I thought we were getting Sunbro! Just kidding, love the chapter.

great chapter so wonder when they will learn you spend souls to level up or do they not do that in this story?

8545982 Oh, they'll figure out the whole spend souls to empower themselves bit soon. The Emerald Herald has an... indirect... way of saying certain things when she speaks to the player.

Are you going to make Shalquoir an agent of Discord, or a Kai?

8558580 Considering her abilities, which include being able to determine what the character's doing at any particular time, is able to determine which bosses the character has killed, and has the power to break the character's connection to the many covenants in the game... Shalquoir is at the very least a Kai.

yep the 5 d's of the DARK SOULS, dodge, duck, dive, dip, and dodge learn them well in dark souls,(and I know I said dodge twice)

8558599 :rainbowlaugh: It'll be some time before those two understand the finer points to combat in the Dark Souls world... especially Rarity.

I hope that Rarity and Edric meet Aldia and discover how to keep themselves from hollowing and exist outside of the cycle of light and dark. To quote Aldia at the end of Dark Souls 2 if you play through the Scholar of the First Sin DLC: "There is no path... Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of dark... What could possibly await us? And yet we seek it insatiably, such is our fate..." -Aldia Dark Souls 2

Definitely, and Dark Souls 3 is harder that this one as well and we can meet Gwyn's firstborn son, the Nameless King, and we get to see Gwyndolin again, except he was being eaten by Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.

Comment posted by Randablitz deleted Nov 19th, 2017

Cue Happy Souls video.

If one can graduate the SoulsBorne school of dodging with flawless grades, then one should be capable of dodging any attack, regardless of size or strength. Unfortunately, flawless dodging in the SoulsBorne genre is something achievable by only the most sadistic diehard. Emphasis on die. Perhaps Rarity will prove me wrong in this case.

yep though she will have to learn what enemies are weak against lighting and magic on her own hahahah

Part of her wanted to blame Discord, because it was his fault for making her curiosity rise every time he told her a story about the others, while another part of her actually wanted to thank Discord for awakening this side of her... leaving her very confused as to who she should feel towards the Spirit of Disharmony.

I can relate to feeling confused towards him, only for me, instead of it being a battle lust it was more "how exactly did Discord's spell affect the mirror portal, and lead to such an awesome story" in Starlight of Solana.

ah such wishful thinking so funny so see new players hahahahaha

I don't know if I missed it in reading, but did they use the Pharros Lockstone point in No-Man's Wharf?

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