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As fall begins, Sunset Shimmer has just started her first year at Canterlot High School. While she has no trouble with the work, she finds the school far too restrictive. When a strange arrival gives her a chance at freedom, she jumps at the opportunity. But is there more to find from this stranger who shares her face?

Written for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons. Thanks to Starscribe for pre-reading.

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This was a very sweet story! I do wonder what happened to the human Sunset while she remained in Equestria in Sunset's place...

This is a good story. I liked it. Certainly makes me intensely curious what happened between Moonrise and Princess Celestia, especially when they realize that a) They got the wrong person and b) They no longer were able to return her through the portal. Really, it raises so many questions it's hard to even consider them all. You'd think that it would be the one thing that Sunset Shimmer would ask Twilight about when they got the journal working.

Then again, Sunset was dead certain that they'd lock her away for treason, and they even sent guards after her. This kind of implies no warm welcome between Princess Celestia and Sunset would be possible later. Or maybe that was the case, before Princess Celestia had a heart to heart with Moonrise. So many open questions. It feels like there could be a lot more to this story, even if there had to be a gap to bridge the before to canon now.

please, sequel.

Itan naa jẹ nla! Mo fẹràn idagbasoke ilosiwaju ati ọna ti o gbekalẹ laarin awọn oju iṣẹlẹ! Apejuwe rẹ ṣe mi ni ayọ ati Mo nireti pe o ṣe daradara! Rii daju pe o ko fi obe sinu ifọṣọ!

Author Interviewer

Well, that was everything I wanted it to be! :D

Adorable. I'm a big sucker for parallel universe autoshipping, and this was delightful stuff even without that aspect. Thank you for it.

How can this tug at my heartstrings through so few words?:raritystarry:

Bruh this is a fantastic AU

I will say it was difficult to read simply because I had a hard time keeping track of which Sunset was which but mainly because it was third person. If it was first person there wouldn't have been the same issue but you did as well as you could have given the circumstances.

You've provided a cohesive work but also left me wanting more. There's a lot of potential here for more content and if no expansion was made on this concept I would be very sad, but that isn't to say this oneshot doesn't stand on it's own. And I actually kind of have a weird interest in clonecest fics so this appeals directly to me whether it did or not. Ignoring my bias though, solid work. If I were to add anything it would be more of a buildup of feelings and motivations because things kinda just happened as it pulled the reader along, and there was no time to stop and smell the roses. Minor stylistic gripe though. Faved and followed.

Loved it.

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