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What happens when two hungry unicorns enter the castle dining room at the same time? Magic Duel! (House rules.)

Two minifics combined for your pleasure.
It's Your Turn: Twilight Sparkle vs Starlight Glimmer
Reformed Evildoers Club: Starlight Glimmer vs Tempest Shadow (Movie Spoilers!)

It’s Your Turn was originally published in a Writeoff.me competition. Reformed Evildoers Club was written intentionally to be really short, for me to show contrition for all the novellas I’ve written when I really intended to write a short story, and to provide enough verbiage so I could publish both together for you to read on FimFiction!

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What happened? I'm a tiny bit confused... :derpyderp2:

As was Twilight! :twilightblush: Starlight provided a classic demonstration of how to win a contest when you don't have an idea about what the contest should be about.

It's a fluff piece. Please forgive me. :scootangel:

That's suboptimal. Winning while opponent doesn't know that there is a contest at all is clearly superior :rainbowlaugh:

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