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A Displaced Baron - MagicLover2128

A man who dresses as a particular Baron of Cat like nature is displaced and sent to Equestria.

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Apologies, Parties and Introductions.

Author's Note:

Well, here is the 4th chapter of 'A Displaced Baron', I would like to say that I will alternate between this and my Disney story for a while until I feel well enough to go back to work on my Fanfiction stories that I have been neglecting in favor of my recent obsession with MLP and this site along with the chapters and stories I have made so far.

But I do want to let you know that this will not be my only Displaced type story, just the first of many once I have sufficiently worked on updating and writing up new chapters for my Fanfiction stories.

The use of different text will be the same or similar as previously seen in the chapters before this one.

Apologies, Parties and Introductions.

Ponyville, Golden Oaks Library - Baron's POV

"Ugh, my head."

I think to myself as I begin to reawaken with a sore head and splitting headache.

I raise my hand or rather gloved paw; from what I believe they would look like, to my head as I give my head a gentle feel and to my surprise I feel or rather begin to take notice the cold and wet feeling of a ice pack of some sort on my head.

I also feel my body laying on a long couch with a few pillows supporting my head and back.

As I begin to open my eyes and awaken properly I am surprised and a little startled, but not as bad as before when I knocked myself out to my minor embarrassment, by the soft spoken but gentle sounding voice coming from close proximity to myself.

"Oh thank goodness, we were all so worried that you were not going to wake up so soon."

I look to my side away from the couch and take notice that I appear to be in a different part of the Library, seemingly separate from the main room I was previously in before I was unconscious, with my audience being the butter yellow bodied Pegasus with the Pink Mane and Tail.

It seems my gaze on this Pony has made her act rather skittish and even more timid than I at first guessed she would be.

"Eep!" she said aloud as she acted startled and then flinched back and away from where I lay on the long couch.

I gently sit up with one gloved hand/paw to hold the ice pack on my head as I try to convey I am no threat or mean any harm to the frightened Pegasus Pony.

I also take notice of the marking or tattoo like image three Pink winged Butterflies with a light blue body placed on the sides of her flanks or rather where I guess the Hips of the Pony is.

I speak to the timid yellow Pegasus, "You need not be afraid of me; I would never harm or willingly cause pain to such a innocent Pony like you."

She gasped then seemed to blush slightly as she answered back to me with a slight tremble in her voice.

"D...d...do you p...promise?"

I gently take the ice pack from my head and lay it beside me as I notice that my headache has lessened to a manageable level of a dull throb that I am able ignore for now.

I then gently stand up in hopes that I do not further frighten the Pony with my greater height, which works to a certain degree as she only backs up a few steps with her hooves.

I then straighten out and stand properly as I place place my left palm across the front of my right shoulder and speak solemnly but with clear intent.

"I do so swear on my honour and prestige as a Baron."

"I hope that does not come to bite me back in the arse later on," I think in my mind as I consider how contradictory I am being since I was originally not of any noble birth or station when I was back on Earth and still completely Human.

Fluttershy, of whom I now begin to remember her name, blinks at my vow and simply replies with a simple exclamation of, "Oh."

I let my arm and hand rest back its position by my side as I now take stock of my body more and more importantly my attire.

I appear to have been undressed very recently as I am no longer wearing my white cream coat and my blue bow tie is a little bit loose with my red vest and waistcoat appearing to be ruffled and creased slightly with my actual shirt beneath that is also crumpled a bit.

I look back at the patient yet quiet Fluttershy as I ask her tentatively, "Uh Miss Fluttershy?"

She looks at me with a curious look that is so cute I have to greatly restrain myself from reacting in a less than masculine manner, I.e squeeing and hugging the cute Pony Pegasus.

She speaks to me saying, "Yes Mr Baron?"

I smile a bit and let out a small chuckle at the name she has given me of which I speak back as I clarify, "I merely wished to know if any of you or your friends undressed me while I was unconscious?"

"Also Baron is my title and not my actual name so please call me by either Mr Gikkingen or simply Humbert if you please as I only use my title for different circumstances."

Fluttershy nods as she smiles a bit, making me again restrain myself from reacting in the previously implied unbecoming manner, before replying to me.

"Oh, Okay Mr Gikkingen."

I nod as I await a for the answer to my other question with patience and a calm expression.

Fluttershy seems to get it as she again says aloud, "Oh..." with a blush on her face soon after as she begins to answer me.

"Yes, Rarity and I had to make sure you were okay with what Rainbow explained earlier what happened when you met her as I wanted to make sure your back was not hurt or injured too bad plus Rarity also wanted to examine your clothing a bit; I'm afraid she was too eager to ask first of which I am sorry for on her behalf."

I nod as my back did feel better as I ask her with a expression of gentle humour, "So what's the prognosis Nurse Fluttershy."

I watch as she squeaked slightly at my joke and attempt of humour as her face again gains a flush of red in embarrassment to my amusement and hidden joy at seeing the cute little Pony react in such a way.

She stammers saying, "I...I'm not a nurse Mr Gikkingen I just take care of Animals and since you look like an Animal I well....."

She trails off as her voice grows more quiet and squeaky until I barely hear it even with my improved hearing.

I speak to her in an attempt to calm her and make sure I am not offended by her words.

"It's not a problem as I understand what you mean but also I thank you for helping me with my own injuries and taking care of myself when I was unconscious by being startled so badly like before."

I hope my words help as she seems to have calmed down a bit as she simply nods quietly while I take a look around the small room I am in as I search for me cane or other items before I realise something as I quickly pat myself down as I begin to frantickly search for the a certain item.

This seems to have startled the yellow Pegasus before she asks me tentatively while I am distracted by my growing panic as I cannot find the item I seek.

"Um, Mr Gikkingen what's wrong."

I look at her with a panicked and somewhat wild look in my cat like eyes before I say to her in a rushed manner, "I'm sorry but did you or any of your friends take a pocket watch from my pockets while you and Miss Rarity undressed me?"

She seems to have been startled even further at my look and panicked movements before saying back uneasily, "Um I think that Twilight took it when she used her Magic to bring you in here as it fell out of your coat pocket when she placed you on the couch."

I calm down to a certain degree as I sigh a bit in relief at not having my most prized possession being lost.

"Do you think we can go and get it as it is really important to me and I would dearly wish it back."

She slowly nods at me as she says to me, "Okay."

I relax further as I quickly fix my waistcoat and the rest of my clothing that I was currently wearing before I follow the slow tentative steps of Fluttershy out of the little room and into what I hope is the main Library and the location of my Grandfather's Pocket Watch.

Golden Oak Main Library Room - Twilight's POV, a few moments earlier

"I hope you learned your lesson Pinkie Pie about scaring somepony like that who is not used to you just popping up out of nowhere in front of them," I say to a somewhat subdued Pinkie Pie whose pink mane is more muted as is the rest of her bodies colouring which while is fascinating is unimportant for now.

"Yes Twilight, I'm really sorry for what I did as I didn't mean to scare him or make him hurt himself," Pinkie says to me as she looks at me with sad eyes making me almost stop my stern look and disapproving glare.....almost.

"Well I hope you tell that to our guest when you see him soon."

Pinkie soon nods in agreement with me as she then perks up and begins to act like her normal Pinkie self.

"Oki-Doki-Loki Twilight, anyway I'm still planning his 'Welcome to Ponyville Party' so I'll make sure to give my apologies then so see you later at the Party; oh and here is yours and the others invitations."

Pinkie then reaches into her bouncy dark pink mane and takes out a small bundle of cards and hooves them over to me as she also asks, "Oh by the way Twilight what was his name again as I gotta make sure to have his name on the banner and cake for him."

I take the cards which are the invitations with my magic as I float them beside me as I say to her, "He said his name was Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen."

Pinkie has a fascinated look in her eyes as she says back with a excited tone of voice, "Oooh, fancy."

I am interrupted by another voice nearby as they speak aloud with a curious yet even more fascinated tone of voice than Pinkie's.

"Did I hear you quite right Twilight, he is a noble?"

I look at the Pony who spoke as it is Rarity who appears to have finished examining the suit jacket that belongs to the current guest of the Library as I can see it resting on a table next to the white coloured unicorn along with the hat which is now unfolded and upright.

I nod as I say back to Rarity as I move the invitations to another table as I reply to the fellow Unicorn.

"That's what he said but he never got a chance to explain about that during my talk with him earlier."

"Well that would explain the simply regal and well crafted attire he wears like that coat of his which I love and cannot wait to design one much like it for our new guest to try on."

I am again spoken to by somepony else as it is Applejack who is just lazing about with Rainbow Dash on a few well placed cushions.

"So what he's like Royalty or somethin?"

I nod as I review what I know of the title of Baron.

"Somewhat but its really only a pony, or rather in his case whatever he is exactly, who has done something to be given such a title as while some can inherit it others can be given it by either somepony like a Princess or Royal Family like Princess Celestia or Luna."

"Also they are considered the lowest ranking in terms of nobility so he would be lower than say Prince Blueblood or Princess Celestia."

Applejack speaks again after my explanation, "Wonder how he got a fancy title like that?"

Rainbow Dash speaks aloud as she says with a groan, "Well we'll never find out if he doesn't wake up soon also aren't you meant to be doing something Pinkie?"

This seems to snap Pinkie out of whatever it was she was doing as she hurriedly says to us all, "That's right I gotta go ahead and finish the party; be sure to go and bring Humby to the Town Hall soon?"

She asks and before I can reply an affirmation she soon takes off with a 'zoom' like sound as she rushes out the front door of the Library, thankfully opening it before going through and closing it as she exits.

I nod as I momentary watch her go before I return my attention to Rainbow Dash, "You'll have to be patient as he did hit his head pretty hard when he jumped like that."

Rainbow Dash groans aloud as she lets out a huff as she moan out, "Fine....."

I and the rest of us were soon startled by a voice from a now open doorway as they speak aloud.

"You may not need to wait any longer Miss Dash as I am awake now."

Ponyville, Golden Oaks Library - Baron's POV, Now

I say this to the group of Ponies as I look at them all but mostly at a surprised Rainbow Dash.

Twilight Sparkle soon reacts with relief and joy as she says to me, "I'm glad you are okay; we were all worried about how you were."

The others nodded as I reply to them all as I say, "Well I thank you all for taking care of me but there is one thing I wish to have returned."

Rarity soon speaks up as she asks me, "Oh is it your jacket; I do apologise for taking it but I simply couldn't help myself as your clothing is very well made and of great quality that I had to take a look while myself and Fluttershy tended to you as you were knocked out."

I raise my hand in a calm and dignified manner as I say to her, "It is not but I accept your apology and thank you for helping Miss Fluttershy in caring for my needs; I am most grateful."

I then give a short sweeping bow which I regret for a moment as my head begins to hurt again from the movement of my body but I try and ignore it for now.

I look up to see the flattered expression of Rarity as she fans her face slightly with a raised hoof as she speaks back to me.

"My, my you are certainly a gentlecolt aren't you or is that gentlecat?"

I reply to her saying, "Whatever feels comfortable for you to say as I do not mind my dear; But back to the matter at hand, or hoof in regards to all Ponies present, but I would like it if Miss Sparkle could return my Pocket Watch as I could not find it on my person or in my other pockets."

Rarity blushed at my of flattery words while Twilight has a sheepish expression as I see her horn light up and in a flash a familiar Pocket Watch soon appears in midair suspended by magic.

She speaks to me saying, "Sorry for taking it Mr Gikkingen but I wanted to examine it a little as it was a item that came from your world beside your bag and clothing that you had on you along with the cane."

She floats the watch over to me which I quickly snatch up as it nears my hands as the glow of magic disappears as soon as I grasp it as my hands clamp it securely before I make sure to grip it safely in my right hand.

I give out a great sigh in relief as I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders at having my most prized possession back with me.

Rainbow Dash talks aloud as she asks me, "Geeze that thing must be important if you're that relieved to get it back."

I take a calm breath as I say back and aloud to all the Ponies in the room but mainly Rainbow Dash.

"It is very important as it is the only thing I have left of my Grandfather."

The air and atmosphere turns more somber as I hear the faint gasps and exclamations of shock by all the Ponies.

As the Ponies all began to ask questions and enquiries about my statement I raise my hand and arm in a signal for silence which happens soon enough as I close my eyes and prepare my, somewhat made up story for those who have helped me as they at least deserve that.

"If you would all be seated I will explain."

I open my eyes and see that they have all quickly seated themselves in front of me as I grab the nearest but largest stool I can find to sit on, even Fluttershy whose eyes give out a worried and concerned gaze back at myself.

I sigh and begin my tale, "As I have told Miss Sparkle my Grandfather was well connected with with many people on my world and traveled to them all; but the one thing he always had on him during those times was this Pocket Watch."

I lift my hand and let hold the chain of the watch between my gloved fingers as I let my pocket watch hang from it on my open palm, showing the watch to them all.

It was a very ornate and well crafted pocket watch that was just large enough to cover my whole palm, it was made of gold or what looked like gold with carvings on the metal of feathers, trees and other things of nature.

I use my middle finger to open the watch as it clicks open showing a beautifully crafted timepiece with other carvings surrounding the watches face and other parts.

"According to him whenever there was danger or some situation he was involved in that was in some cases life threatening he was saved just in the nick of time, if you'll pardon the pun, by the apparent luck of his Pocket Watch."

I see the disbelief on Miss Sparkle's face but I raise a hand to forstall her expected argument as I then say, "I know that some of you are in either disbelief or uncertain if my claims and my Grandfather's claims are truthful but I will hope that you all can at least respect both our opinions, especially my Grandfather's since I would not want anyone to speak ill of the dead."

This seems to have worked as they calm down or force themselves to not speak badly or in Rainbow Dash's case ridicule my own claims.

We are all then surprised at the words coming out of Applejack's mouth.

"You're not lyin."

Twilight and everyone else shows this surprise by varying expressions of shock, myself included but I hide it well behind a facade of calmness.

"What do you mean Applejack?", Twilight asks the orange Earth Pony.

Said Pony soon replies to her question as she answers and explains, "Y'all already know Twilight that I can tell when somepony's lyin, and he is not lyin about that there watch of his."

I almost sigh aloud in relief at my tale being believed, at least to a certain degree as I do remember my grandfather calling his old Pocket Watch 'his good luck charm' plus he was also involved with politics for a time and always had contacts with many people from all over the world so I really am only telling half truths which seems to be able to work against this Country type Pony's lie detection ability.

But I hold it in and just say aloud, "Then I thank you Miss Applejack for corroborating my story about my grandfathers and now my own Pocket Watch."

Said mare nods as she says back, "Yer welcome Mr Gikkingen."

I give a small smile, showing no teeth as I do not wish to startle the ponies with my sharp teeth while I place my pocket watch away for safety.

Twilight Sparkle then speaks aloud to us all, "Well I see that it is nearly time for us to attend Pinkie Pie's party so should we all head over to the Town Hall now?"

There are voices of agreement from them all before I realize something, as I ask Miss Sparkle.

"I'm sorry to ask before we leave but where is the young dragon Spike, I did not see him when I re-entered this room?"

Twilight seems to realise this as well as she calls out in a louder voice, "Spike; where are you?"

A sound of a flushing lavatory seems to come from upstairs before the appearance of the young dragon comes down the stairs soon after.

The drake speaks back to Twilight saying, "Sorry Twilight I couldn't hold it in any longer while waiting for that Baron guy to wake up."

Miss Sparkle seems to have a mini flashback in her head from what I can observe, she then says back to the purple scaled dragon, "Oh yeah; I forgot that you went to the bathroom while we all waited."

I speak aloud as I say to Spike, "Well at least you can now join us for my supposed welcome party made by Miss Pie."

This causes the drake to see me before he smiles and gives a thumbs up, or rather an approximation of one with his clawed hands as he says back to me; "Cool."

With this settled we now begin to make our way out of the Library and towards the Party, at Town Hall, with me grabbing my hat on the way out.

Not before I open the door first as I say with my most gentlemanly manner, "Mares first my dears."

This gets a round of flattered or surprises looks and expressions from all female ponies, especially Rarity.

I quickly see Spike's shocked then annoyed or rather jealous look at both myself and Rarity which I ignore as I make a sweeping gesture as I let the Mares out before myself and Spike leave and I shut the door behind me; after making sure to squeeze through the smaller door as much as I can before smooth down my suit and make it neat.

I wait for the Mares to trot ahead a bit before I reach down and tap Spike on the shoulder, getting his attention as I speak to him.

"I noticed that you seem to hold the Miss Rarity with more affection than normal, along with the look you gave me when I merely was acting polite; am I correct in guessing that you have some form of crush or admiration for the Mare?"

Spike seems to freeze for a moment before he looks about to see if anypony heard my words, according to what I can guess; he then speaks to me with a half questioning tone.

"How can you tell, is it that obvious?"

I nod and give him a solemn look as I speak and say to him, "Yes it is but I promise to let you tell the Mare yourself when you are ready as I do not wish to ruin the chance for a young male like yourself to have their first love or crush taken from you unjustly."

Spike still seems suspicious but gives a slow nod as he says and asks, "Do you really promise?"

I raise my right hand, or paw and say back to him with esteemed honesty, "I promise on my word as a Baron and as a gentleman, or in my case a gentlecat."

I say with a small smirk at the end making Spike laugh as we return to our short journey to my party.

Spike soon says back to me with a smile on his face, "You know I think we'll get on real swell plus its nice to have another friend who is a guy this time."

I give Spike a mock look of sympathy as I say to him, "Oh you poor boy; how ever did you survive with so many females around is a mystery unto itself."

Spike returns it with a look of mock outrage as he says back, "Hey!"

We both give each other looks of stern anger before we let it go and laugh aloud to each other and enjoy each others company as we bond over our mutual gender with jokes and humour as we make our way to the party.

Equestria, Ponyville, Town Hall - A short time later; Baron's POV

We had arrived at the party which was certainly welcoming indeed.

The Pink party Pony known as Pinkie Pie had put out all the stops for me, I guess in a way to adding to the apology she gave me when I met up with her again.

It was certainly tense for a moment when we saw each other but after she gave her most sincere apology along with a look that just demanded myself to agree to said apology (:pinkiesad2:) we then got on great as she seemed to embody the best of comedy as I was laughing and having a great time.

The cake she gave me for the party to try was certainly excellent, which seemed to answer one of the nagging questions about my diet since I was half cat and half human now.

I could eat a lot of things that humans could eat but I still had to limit myself since I did not know what affects too much sugar and sweet things could do to my body.

One good thing was that I could at least still enjoy a cup of tea, lovingly provided by both Fluttershy and Rarity who each fetched items to make some for me since Pinkie Pie was busy playing games with the younger Ponies, the Foals and Fillies.

It was a nice blend but I wondered if my bag that I came with could provide the special tea from the movie that The Baron had at his home.

But anyway I did get to meet a few nice Ponies, both Mares and Stallions.

There was the Mayor of the town who seemed okay with the use of her town hall as a party spot, it was funny though what she was called; Mayor Mare.

There was also the Mail Mare Postal Worker who had a seemingly bad case of cross-eyedness named Derpy Muffin Hooves, she was really sweet and as her middle name alluded to she made wonderful muffins which she gave me one when we met each other.

I did my best not to offend her about her condition since I knew plenty of people growing up with eyesight problems.

She seemed to like this since we began chatting for a while before we were interrupted by a stallion of whom had a look and voice that nearly sent me into a catatonic state, if you'll pardon the pun.

It seemed to be a Pony version of the Doctor; from Doctor Who, which made it even more credible when he had a marking of a egg timer like image on either side of his flanks.

This was called a cutie mark, according to Spike when I asked him in private when we were making our journey here to the party, a symbol of a Pony's innate talent that showed as Ponies grew up and found their calling in life.

I found the term odd and a bit insulting to those not of the female gender of which I shared with Spike but asked him not to tell any of the other Ponies.

He agreed as long as I came up with a better name for the term that was either more gender neutral or less degrading to Stallions and presented it to Twilight who would possibly be able to send my thoughts and findings to the Princess.

So far I have not came up with many good ones beside Pony Marks, Destiny Brands and Equine Emblems.

But back to the Pony double of the Timelord, or is it TimeStalion?

Anyway he appeared to be as fascinated by my body and appearance as many Ponies were, but he took it more like a scientist.

I was happy to talk with him and agreed to meet with him in the future about anything I could give him or that he could study about me, provided that he was joined by Twilight Sparkle who soon joined us after hearing about the Stallions interest in me, purely academic and scientific of course.

I made sure not to ask any questions or say any sort of words in relationship to the British Sci Fi series in fear of them being just a coincidence.

But all round the Ponies seemed more relaxed and not so fearful of me once I was able to show I meant no harm, it also helped that I was polite and courteous to many who spoke with me.

I can only hope my relations with the Ponies and Residents of this land will remain somewhat calm and relaxing during my stay here.

That is it for this chapter, Man I had bad writers block all this time plus I have been busy with so much these past few months.

I'll not get into details but let me tell you I am exhausted from it all.

I'll give it a week or so before I start work on my Disney react fic.

But now I bid you all a good day and good night.

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Whisper of The Heart & The Cat Returns are manga, right?

No they are Anime Movies.

The Cat Returns is a Manga though, here it is: http://m.fanfox.net/manga/baron_the_cat_returns#

The Baron vs diamond dogs

That would be interesting, but first I need to make sure My version can actually fight well.

Nice little story that I look forward to seeing more of:pinkiehappy:. If you're willing to hear a bit of constructive criticism, though, I do notice a few things you may want to address in later chapters.

1) setting titles Ex.

Golden Oak Main Library Room - Twilight's POV, a few moments earlier

You tend to use them a bit too frequently. You only really need them to address extreme changes in time, location, and POV. Time would be covered by lengths equaling jumps to months or years later or covering flashbacks (as you have used on occasion), Need for location would be between location well beyond walking distance, and POV only for if you are actually changing from one view to another. Most of the uses I've seen here could be covered with a descriptive statement or two, such as 'Afterward, the friends made their way back to X.' or something along those lines.

2) Paragraph breaks in dialogue from single characters. I will say, you did very well in this compared to other first time writers, and more than a few veterans, in that you knew to follow basic paragraph break rules in long monologues and description. The problem is in punctuation.

groups of magical users working together."

"I believe that your rulers would have been classed as gods if they existed or where known in my own world and dimension also what makes your rulers so powerful and even greater than Unicorns?"

When breaking up a single dialogue in paragraphs, you leave off the closing quote of the previous paragraph to show the next paragraph is a continuation. Like so

groups of magical users working together.

"I believe that your rulers would have been classed as gods if they existed or where known in my own world and dimension also what makes your rulers so powerful and even greater than Unicorns?"

Otherwise, two closed paragraphs indicate back to back dialogue between two characters.
For the longest time, I used to think those were typos when I saw them in books:twilightsheepish:.

3) character consistency. Firstly, I'll admit this may be a bit more subjective than the other two as I may have missed something. This point refers back to the altercation between MC and Rainbow Dash. It was played very true to the character of Baron Humbert:raritywink:. Maybe not so much for your displaced:trixieshiftleft:. In the movie, the Baron was always one for non-violent solutions. Yes, he displayed skills that hinted at his being an expert duelist and magic user, but he typically preferred to use wits, misdirection, even resorting to his cane in a straight fight. Even if permanent solutions may have been easier or less danger to himself. Most likely, he would never have considered picking up a weapon at the merchant stall. Someone who did choose a weapon for self-defense and found themselves in an alien world likely would have been quick to use, or at the very least threaten to use, their tool when found in a situation where someone made the first attack with clear intent to harm. Not saying that would have made said character trigger happy or this action unreasonable. It just strikes me that the reaction shown here(ignoring their injury as they got up and calmly letting RD work out the details) would have been more fitting to the actual Baron Humbert or at least someone that had foreknowledge of Equestria and its denizens' likely reactions. This point probably isn't all that urgent as we are several chapters from that event, but it may be something to watch for in later encounters.

Hope that didn't come off as too preachy:twilightsheepish:. Still enjoying the story and looking forward to more:twilightsmile:.

No it’s fine, I find your comments and criticisms very welcome in fact.

Of course there is always teething problems when I do a new story, I have a collection of stories on Fanfiction, about 10, that I have written and still do write and update on occasion when I get inspiration or my writers block stops stymying me and lets me continue with a new chapter or story.

I sometimes have troubles with spelling and grammar, everyone does, along with sentence structure and where to place certain words or how they would sound or look.

So your comments and criticisms about the punctuation is welcome, glad you look forward to more chapters.

I’m loving this fic so far!! I can’t wait for more!! Plz update and finish soon!


aaaaannnnddd........ its dead

The story is not dead.

I just have a lot of focus in finishing the chapter for the second part of my Disney React story but it is very long and hard to do.

glad to hear it still lives

ah so it's in a coma

(presumed dead till summer confirmed dead after winter if no update)

I am just waiting to see if Blueblood will push him to gun point, and I am curious on what part of season one/two you are

well, I hope there come's more chapters as this story is quite interesting. do love some of these types of stories.


will this be continued? it soo good!

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