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A Displaced Baron - MagicLover2128

A man who dresses as a particular Baron of Cat like nature is displaced and sent to Equestria.

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A Baron In Equestria Part 2

Author's Note:

This is the second chapter and next part in this small two parter intro as I needed to add it as the site would not let me publish the story otherwise.

Also decided to try out the coloured text as it seems fun to use for certain characters, tell me what you all think, haven't decided on a colour to use for my DC so I am open to suggestions and I am putting 'names' said by others like 'this' as I do not know whether to colour them in as well with their own respective colours when said by a different person or rather Pony.

A Baron in Equestria Part 2

I take a deep breath as I see the town I am heading in direction of is closer now after nearly an hour of walking.

I am a little tired but not exhausted as I expected to be.

Once I reach over a hill to see the town proper I am stuck in amazement at how odd yet wonderful it looks.

The houses look like old style straw roofed homes from medieval times back in his own home.

Other places that have more modern roofs are made of wood and stone, those appear to be the shops and stores that sell various wares.

I can just see a bit more of the town as I strain my eyes, which appear to be very good in seeing long distance due to my mixed heritage of cat and human.

One site makes me nearly drop my jaw in surprise, it is a large tree that appears to be a building also, what purpose I cannot make out but I am eager to find out.

I walk a little faster until I can see the residents more clearly, then I stop in shock and a little bit of disbelief at what I am seeing.

The residents of this village are all small ponies (At least I think they are ponies due to their size) of varying colours and looks between each one.

I can see one that is bright green with a strange marking on its back legs or rather closer to where it's behind is.

Others are similar except some have what appear to be a single horn on their heads and a few that don't have that feature; they have wings instead.

My mind is nearly blown at what I am witnessing as I make sure to stay out of sight as I duck behind some nearby bushes and continue to study these strange but mystical creatures by sight alone.

I think on this with still stunned feelings coursing through me, "I am seeing walking and apparently talking ponies and even ones that look like Unicorns and Pegasi."

I can hear them talking to each other and they even sound as intelligent as humans are back on my own home dimension if what I can understand so far of where I may have been sent to.

I am snapped out of my thoughts by a voice speaking behind me.


I jump up in surprise and I am sure I made a cat like sound of shock as I turn to see a bright pink pony of whom has big eyes of blue which stare at me with a look of great curiosity and seemingly boundless happiness.

I stand up and look at the Pony with a nervous feeling of discomfort as I did not expect to be found so quickly.

Before I could even speak or react further the Pink Pony with what appears to be balloons stamped on its flanks (I think that is the correct term) speaks to me in a barrage of questions and words.

"Who are you, are you some sort of cat monster, why are you dressed like that, are you new in town, what's your favorite colour, when's your birthday, Oh my gosh I have to plan a party for you since I've never met you before?"

And with a jump and run (which I am fairly certain sounded like something out of a Looney Toons cartoon) she was off in a blur of pink.

I am still processing what I have just been through as all I can utter is a single word.


Later on

I sigh as I wander into town with a confused and somewhat frazzled mind since I encountered that hyperactive pink pony.

I decided to just get this over with as with my appearance and unusual look compared to the Ponies of the village I was sure to attract the leader or someone brave enough to speak to me and explain what is going on and where I am.

The reactions to my entrance and appearance are as expected.

Stare's of fear, confusion and awe at my appearance.

I can guess since I am so much more different to what they possibly see normally I make them afraid to approach me, confusion of why I am here and what I am and the third one was possibly because of my much taller height compared to many of the Ponies, though some of the larger ones that seem to be male ponies are about the height of my waist.

I appear to have reached near the center of this village or town, to which I look about and see if any of the resident Ponies will approach me.

I am answered by the sound of what appears to be a fast moving object coming in my direction to which I have no time to dodge as a blur of blue and other colours slams into me to my immediate pain and discomfort.


I cry out in pain and surprise as I am sent flying back and soon am on my back in a daze of pain and dizziness as my vision spins around as I lay on the ground.

I shake my head and close my eyes to clear up my vision as I try and ignore the pain.

I slowly and shakily rise up on my knees and try to stand with my one of my hands holding my stomach and then my chest in pain as I grunt in effort to remain standing.

After a few moments of wobbling and steadying myself I turn my sight to what hit me.

It is a Pony or rather a Pegasus Pony of which has a blue coat of hair covering its body but the mane and tail are most surprising since they are patterned much like a rainbow would be.

This is further exemplified by the marking I can just see on the Ponies flank that appears to be a tattoo or marking of some kind that looks like a rainbow coloured bolt of lightning coming out of a cloud.

I am stopped from my examination of the Pony by said pony speaking up and saying to me.

"Hold it right there you cat monster, you can't just come into town and scare all these ponies otherwise you're gonna have to deal with me, Rainbow Dash."

I raise an eyebrow at the apt name for this Pony who I can see is the brash sort who takes names and asks questions later.

I speak in my most gentlemen like manner as I say to this mare.

"I do apologize for scaring so many of ponies but I am a stranger to this land and I have no idea where I am or how I got here?"

I look straight in the eyes of this mare and hope my answer is well received.

The Pony rears up in surprise as she lifts off the air with a few beats of her feathery wings as she says back to me with shock.

"You can Talk?!

I sigh as I shake my head and say back, "Of course I can talk and I am not a monster, just a confused and now in pain being who wishes for answers."

The Pony gives me a look of scrutiny as she says back, "Fine, but I am keeping an eye on you; if you want answers then I can take you to my friend, Twilight Sparkle."

I nod and say back, "That seems reasonable, shall we go?"

After one more look of slight mistrust and scrutiny we begin our trek to wherever this 'Rainbow Dash' is taking me to see her friend.

Before we move on I make sure to grab my cane, bag and hat as I make sure they are undamaged from my less than successful encounter with the rainbow maned pony.

I give my hat a few pat downs and place it back on my head while I make sure to use my cane more heavily as it helps support my now in pain body.

I speak to the Pony who is now guiding me, "Since I am a bit new to this land I wonder if you can tell me where I am first before we meet your friend."

She stops for a moment as she looks at me and I swear I can see a flash of guilt in her large eyes.

I brush it off and focus on the Pony who says to me, "Well you're in Ponyville which is located in the land of Equestria."

I blink at the name of the village as it seems a little odd and on the nose for its name being a home for intelligent and sentient Ponies.

I also find the name a bit funny especially the land that is called after the name for Horse species.

I shake off my amusement as I simply say back, "Thank you for telling me."

The Blue Pegasus waves off the praise with a cocky look on her face as she says back, "It's nothin."

We resume our walk as we soon appear to have reached our destination.

It is in fact the tree like building I spied earlier.

I can see it more clearly and it does appear to be a hollowed out tree that has been turned into a large home.

I look at Rainbow Dash as I ask her, "Is this the home of 'Twilight Sparkle'?"

The blue pegasus mare nods as she says back, "Yep; she lives here in Ponyville's own Library."

I decide to comment as I say to the rainbow maned mare, "I think it would be best if I stay outside and you can go in and explain things for me as I do not wish to cause any further troubles for either of you."

The pony seems to think on this and then simply says back, "Sure."

She then proceeds to go and head into the large tree building as she opens and then closes the door behind her.

This leaves me still outside with nary a sound besides the gentle blowing of the wind against the large tree and its leaves, along with the faint sounds of noises inside the Library and words being said which I can barely make out from the thick bark of the tree.

It is a few moments later that the library's door opens and a new Pony exits said door and domicile of whom I guess must be this 'Twilight Sparkle'.

She was a mare of varying shades of purple with some pink thrown in, her mane was a prime example of this with most of the hair being violet and dark purple with a single stripe of hair in pink running across it, her tail hair was the same in that regard as well, her body however was of a lilac or lavender colour; the same as her ears while her eyes were dark purple as well but more like an amethyst type purple.

She was also a Unicorn from the spiralled patterned horn on her forehead that peaked out between the front of her long hair just above her eyes, the most eye catching detail besides those things was the symbol or tattoo like marking on her flank that was of a large dark pink 6 pointed star surrounded by 5 much smaller white pointed stars.

I speak aloud as gentle and as calming as I can, "Hello, Twilight Sparkle I presume?"

This makes the purple pony jump a little in either surprise or fright as she comments aloud with a gasp beforehand, "Oh my Gosh; You can talk."

I resist rolling my eyes as I merely nod and say to her, "I trust that Miss Rainbow Dash has explained some things on my behalf?"

She looks a bit sheepish as she says back, "A little, but I would rather you explain it for me instead; would you please come in."

I nod as I say to her, "Certainly; you are most kind."

Before we both enter she suddenly stops as she asks me, "Oh I forgot to ask but what is your name."

I have a mental grin as I have been waiting to do this.

I prepare myself as I let down my bag for a moment and begin to bow.

"My name Miss Sparkle, Is Baron Humbert von Gikkingen; it is a pleasure to meet you."

I finish this with a flourish of my top hat as I take my hat off as I bow and rest my hand with my hat across my left shoulder.

This seems to make the pony falter for a moment as I place my hat back on and stand up from my short bow while grabbing my bag with my now free hand and see the mare's surprised expression.

She seems to stutter out a bit as she half states/half asks, "Y...y...you're of Nobility?"

I mentally think on that for a moment before I say back, "In a way; now can we please go in as I am in need of information and I can try to explain things on my end."

This seems to snap the purple pony out of her current thoughts as she soon says, "Of course, please come in."

I nod as I say back, "Thank you."

We soon enter the Library, with myself having to duck down and crouch then shuffle in to enter the hollowed out tree building.

I use my cane to catch the doorknob of the door as I stand up and close it with a pull of my hand.

I soon rest my cane and have it hang on one of my folded arms.

I take my hat and flatten it, then put it into my special inner coat pocket.

It seems as I was doing this Twilight Sparkle was getting a note pad and quill with some ink to take notes of our conversation.

I notice this as I look around the inside of the Library.

It is very clean and tidy with many bookshelves surrounding us which look as though they were carved out of the wooden walls of the tree's interior.

They are bursting with so many books it made me wonder if it was Magic that kept most of them from falling off or bursting from their shelves.

I also notice that I appear to fit just enough in the room I stand in as I am a few feet away from the ceiling.

I am snapped out of my observations by Twilight Sparkle who speaks to me, "Now can you start by explaining what you are and how you came here also why you came here?"

I frown, to make it seem like I am thinking hard for my audience of one, as I mentally form a story as best and as quick as I can that makes the most sense.

I take a seat as I begin to tire of standing as I lay cross legged on the floor to see closer to Twilight's eye level as I then start by saying, "I actually have no idea what I am exactly as I have no exact species name since I am quite unique from where I come from."

This makes the mare in front of me curious as she asks, "Oh, how so?"

I say back, "Well I am a mix of two species, Human and Feline."

Twilight blinks as she confusingly says in question, "Human?"

I say to her, "I will try to explain but please no interruptions until I finish and you can ask your questions afterwards."

I make a small silent sigh as I can see that Humans must not exist in this place so I try my best to explain to her what a Human is.

"A Human is a Bipedal being of whom are originally descended from or evolved from Primates that wished to evolve or had evolved over nearly a few million years but did not become Human until much later in their evolutionary cycle."

"They each have two hands of which I myself have along with two feet the same as I; they also have no fur covering their whole bodies except they have hair which is traits that they kept from when they used to be primates as some just grows naturally like on top of their head, across their body in various places like the chest or back and sometimes even on their arms/hands."

"They do not have tails, unless it is a birth defect or a random trait that is somehow inherited by a dormant gene."

"The skin of their bodies come in a small amount of coloured shades but the most common is a very pale colour or very faint pink with the others being a dark brown colour which is sometimes almost black along with a number of them being different shades of pale yellow."

"The eyes come in a short but varying shades of colours; blue, green, brown, hazel and even amber or red."

"Since Humans have not much hair covering their bodies they instead wear clothing to keep them warm or comfortable along with preserving modesty since without it their genitalia or sexual organs would be on display."

"Human's come in two Genders; though there have been cases where they have been born with both or one aspect/s of the two genders, male and female."

"I trust you do not need further clarification on that matter but if you wish I will explain in further detail later?"

I see the pony weakly nod with a growing blush on her face at some of my recently revealed facts about Human's.

I continue with my explanations and answers to Twilight's questions.

"Now the Feline aspect is unique as most normal felines are mostly seen as pets or wild animals of little sentience compared to Human's and I guess Pony's of this land."

I see Twilight nod at this in proving this to be true.

"However there is a species or rather subspecies of sentient and magical felines that can think, talk and act as similar to Humans and Ponies of both our lands, though not so much in Human's in regard to your land."

"These sentient magical cats live in a pocket dimension and can traverse between the human realm and their own."

"However, if a Human somehow enters the dimension of these cats then they will slowly turn into one as well but it is usually almost unnoticeable at first."

"It all depends if the Human can hold on to the image of their Human self in their mind and will themselves to resist the changes as this can slow the changing effects drastically."

"It does not however stop the process of being turned into one of these magical cats."

"The only way to stop or return to a normal human is to leave the dimension of the Magical Cats, but you must do so within a certain time limit which is dependent on the time from the human realm as the cat dimension's own time is slower than the human realm."

"I explain this to make clear how I came to exist."

"My mother was still pregnant with me when she was accidentally sent to the Cat Dimension, the beings there refer it as The Cat Kingdom by the way."

"It was because of the magic and changing effects of that dimension that affected myself when I was still inside my mother of whom was also being slowly turned into a cat but was soon sent back to her own dimension when the residents and rulers of The Cat Kingdom found her some time later in a half cat and half human form as the time limit was nearly up before she became a full cat."

"Some time later when I was born my mother discovered just what that place had done to me, she grew fearful of what would happen to me if I was seen as a freak of nature or some monster in the eyes of normal human's."

"Luckily there were some humans who could perform magic and were known as very powerful wizards/witches and sorcerers or sorceresses, using their powers they hid my true form in a sort of magical disguise that allowed those of non magical nature to just see me as a well dressed but ordinary human."

"What you have to understand is that to most human's magic does not exist or is labeled as either fables or branded as evil by certain faiths and religions."

"These performers of the mystic arts could not change me or turn my body into a human nor could it take away my feline traits."

"This lead myself and my mother to hide among the secret magical communities and civilisations that hid themselves from regular human sight or scrutiny."

"I can guess you are wondering about who my father was or where he was in all of this?"

Twilight just nods as I can tell my fabricated tale has clearly blown her mind from what I have told her so far.

"Now you have to understand that my mother did not go to a hospital when she went into labour as my father was an accomplished doctor and was able to help my mother give birth to me in their home, this helped in a way as it kept my existence a secret from others who would no doubt spread rumours or try to experiment on me."

"But when he saw my form when I was born he nearly killed me in fear and disgust at what I was."

I could see Twilight's horrified expression at what I have told her as I act it out with a tense face and body with clenched fists to show her my own supposed anger and pain.

I give myself a shake and keep on with my story and explanation.

"Luckily my mother's father, my grandfather had arrived just in time to witness my birth and was able to save me from being killed."

"He knocked my father out and made sure my mother and I were safe before he made plans and preparations to keep us all safe."

"He actually had some contacts and acquaintances of the magical variety who were able to quickly help and made sure to wipe my father's memory of what he saw and of my birth to which they planted false memories that made it seem like I was a normal human baby/infant."

"They then used a number of spells to force my father to sign a divorce using more false memories showing their relationship and marriage falling apart which lead them to separate in a seemingly amicable way; all the while I was cared for by my grandfather who did not see me as a freak or some monster but just a little infant who was just innocent and in need of love, care and protection."

"My mother was at first hesitant to have such things happen to my father but after seeing what my father could have done to me and what may have happened she reluctantly agreed and soon after we began to live in hiding."

"Which now leads to what happened and why I seem to have came here to this Equestria."

"It was a short time ago that I was on a small trip to a gathering of magical beings as there was a small fare and market built up to sell various wares of magical origin."

"I was merely browsing when I came upon a merchant selling many extraordinary items of which included this bag here...."

I point to the bag now sitting next to me.

"To which as soon as I bought it I ended up falling unconscious and waking up some distance from this small town."

"I can guess I must be in a completely different world or dimension than my original home since I have never heard of Equestria before and I would know since I have traveled all over my own world and visited all the secret societies and hidden magical realms connected to my own world that I know of."

I stop as I take a breath as I feel my mind tire from the amount of work I have put into making up and fabricating such a long winded tale.

I look at Twilight who is clearly still in a sort of mindblown befuddlement at what I have explained and told her.

There is an awkward silence in the air as I decide to break it by trying to snap the mind blown pony out of her current state.

"Miss Sparkle, Miss Sparkle....."

I say to her as I try and get her attention more by snapping my fingers in front of her as well, which is tricky to do in my gloves but I somehow manage it.

This seems to work as Twilight takes a deep breath and appears to calm down.

A sheepish expression comes over the pony's face as she soon says to me, "Sorry but that was a lot to take in."

I nod and say back with a kind expression, "It's quite alright."

She takes a few more deep breaths and then asks me another question, "I wonder if that bag had some spell or curse on it to send the owner; once they bought it to somewhere not on their world."

Her horn seems to glow a varying shade of pink for a moment to my surprise but I try and ignore it as my bag is soon surrounded in the same coloured magical aura.

She appeared to concentrate more, than she already is with her use of magic.

A shocked expression comes over her face as she says with a stunned yet awed voice, "So many unbelievable spells and magic placed on just one bag."

I raise an eyebrow or the equivalent of one with my cat like face, as I ask her in question.

"How many spells exactly?"

She soon stops using magic and looks at me with a still awed expression.

She says to me in answer, "Almost a million spells."

Now I have a shocked expression and feeling as while I knew that the bag was somewhat special with it being able to hold a lot of stuff and summon nearly any Item I may need I did not expect such a bag to have almost a million spells, enchantments and magic woven into the piece of luggage.

Twilight soon says to me, "It would take myself and about a thousand Unicorns to even attempt such a thing and only half as much power if our rulers tried to do so since they have more magical power than ordinary Unicorns and finer control over magic."

I feel curious as I ask her, "Who are your rulers?"

Twilight soon answers me after shaking her head and looking at me, "They are Princess Celestia and Luna who both control the Sun and Moon of our world."

I am greatly surprised at such beings having the power to control the objects and symbols of day and night, this must show on my face enough as she asks me.

"What's wrong?"

I shake my head and say back, "Sorry; its just that in my world or dimension the sun and moon are usually not controlled by anyone as they just orbit and move about on their own with the forces of gravity and laws of physics."

This shocks Twilight as I can guess that such a concept is almost foreign for her as is the concept of beings such as her rulers controlling the celestial objects known as the sun and moon to myself.

She soon asks me; after shaking off her shock, "What did you mean by usually?"

I think on how to answer her as I say to her, once I have a good enough answer.

"There are those of whom are considered gods in my world and dimension who have similar powers but are generally treated as fables or make believe legends, other than that there are certain spells and rituals that allow the control of night and day but this is usually done with many groups of magical users working together."

"I believe that your rulers would have been classed as gods if they existed or where known in my own world and dimension also what makes your rulers so powerful and even greater than Unicorns?"

Twilight soon answers after a moment of silence between us as I can guess she is preparing her answer to which she soon says to me.

"They are what are known as Alicorns, which is a combination of all three races of Ponies of Equestria and this world."

I say to her as I find this topic interesting, "I have seen two of the species of Ponies while I have been here and I can guess that the third species or race of Ponies are the ones without horns or wings?"

Twilight nods as she says back to me, "Yes as they are called Earth Ponies."

I blink and ask in confusion, "Earth; I thought that Ponies of this dimension and world did not know of my own?"

Twilight is also confused as well as she asks me, "What do you mean?"

I answer her as I say, "Earth is the name of my home dimensions planet of which I lived on."

Twilight has a fascinated look on her face as she asks me in surprise, "Really?!"

I nod as I say to her, "It comes from a few of the old words and names for 'Ground' which supposedly related to the ground in which we walked upon or rather planet."

Twilight shakes her head and says to me as she tries to explain about Earth Ponies.

"Well Earth Ponies, the Equestrian kind, have a innate magical connection to all things that grow and come from the ground which makes many of them excellent farmers who then become providers of food to grow of which many of us eat."

"One of my own Friends is a Earth Pony named 'Applejack'."

I blink as I ask her, "Who are your other friends, besides Rainbow Dash of course as it is easy to tell that she is a Pegasus, and what race of Pony are they?"

Twilight soon answers me, "Well there are three others and each is a different race of Pony."

"There is 'Pinkie Pie', a Earth Pony."

"There is 'Fluttershy', A Pegasus."

"Finally there is 'Rarity', A Unicorn like me."

I nod as I ask her, "Anyone else you have as a friend or acquaintance I should know about?"

Twilight appears to be thinking for a moment as she soon gets an expression of realisation across her face as she soon says, "Oh there is also my assistant and sort of little brother; 'Spike'."

I say back in curiosity as I ask, "What kind of Pony is this Spike?"

Twilight soon has an amused expression as she says back, "'Spike' isn't a Pony; he's a Dragon."

I am about to nod in apparent interest before Twilight's words catch up with my brain as I say loudly exclaim back to her with great shock and slight fear, "DRAGON?!!!"

I jump slightly at this information of Dragon's existing in this realm and world but I am stopped from further panic by Twilight hurriedly explaining to me.

"He's not that kind of dragon, he's nice and is in fact a baby dragon."

I see her panicked face as I can see she is trying to reassure me of any danger.

I take a few short breaths as I slowly calm down and sit down properly, I nearly stood up and shot up in the air from my previous shock.

I say to her, "Sorry; it's just that Dragon's are considered nearly extinct or labeled as not real and just as folklore or in fabled myths of my homeworld."

Twilight has a shocked look as she asks in slight horror showing through her voice, "Extinct?!"

I nod as I explain, "Dragon's were hunted to near extinction a long time ago by human knights and magical poachers."

Twilight is seemingly horrified as I can guess that this must be tragic news to her and possibly the Baby Dragon Spike if he heard this from me.

I continue saying to her as I further explain.

"The few Dragon's that are left have hidden themselves away deep in inhospitable areas that Humans would not dare enter or go to along with many sympathetic magical beings enacting protective wards and spells to save the Dragon race from complete annihilation."

"The few who have either tried to attack the remaining Dragon's have ended up killed or ripped to shreds and then eaten by said Dragons since most Dragons have scales and armored bodies that are nearly impossible to break through even with powerful spells thrown at them."

"The warnings left behind to leave said Dragon's alone is usually a sort of pile of Bones that are charred black and nearly destroyed except for the skull which is left intact."

Twilight appears a little green and disgusted at some of the details I have gave her about Dragon's which is just some general stuff I knew from fantasy books and video games.

I decide to change subjects as I say to her in question, "Do you want me to meet your friends?"

Twilight's expression brightens up as she appears more cheerful as she says, "Sure; let me go get them and you can just wait here."

I nod as she also says, "'Spike' should be with 'Fluttershy' or 'Rarity' and I think 'Rainbow' Dash left a while ago as she just went upstairs to the balcony so she might have just flown off back home from there,."

I nod as I had wondered where that Blue Pegasus had gone to.

Twilight soon leaves after saying to me, "Be right back."

I nod as I watch her leave, standing up now as I give my body a stretch; I soon begin to think to myself.

Well, that went pretty well; I just hope I can keep up this charade and stick to it.

End of Chapter 2.