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A Displaced Baron - MagicLover2128

A man who dresses as a particular Baron of Cat like nature is displaced and sent to Equestria.

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A Baron in Equestria Part 1 (Prologue)

Author's Note:

This is my first Fimfiction story, so please be gentle with my first attempt; I am not a newbie in writing online fiction as I have a different account on Fanfiction.net under the name 'magical fan18'

Just to let you know, Italic text is reserved for thoughts of characters in this story.
The other forms of text will be shown in later chapters also the Anthro category is only for my OC or DC (Displaced Character).

A Baron in Equestria Part 1

I smile gently as I purvey the different stalls at the convention that I am currently attending, already enjoying the many people who have stopped to take a photo with me for my unique and wonderfully done costume of The Baron from the Studio Ghibli Films.

I am so glad for all the hard work I put into it as I wanted it to be my best work possible.

If you were to look at me from a short distance away you would have to take a second look as I really did make the likeness very real.

The costume was of course carefully selected from various Tailor Shops and Posh clothing stores that dealt with more old fashioned clothing.

Other parts were merely sewn or threaded together by myself with various white and cream fabrics.

The face and fur though was a damn trouble to do as I had to sit in a chair for nearly a full day to find out what worked and what didn't to get my skin and eyes to look as best fitting for the costume as possible so that when I added the fake orange fur and various other cosmetics and attachments to complete the look it was a work of art in my opinion.

The contacts were tricky to get as they were special ordered from America that really helped give my eyes that cat like glare and look.

The smaller details like the cane and gloves and other things were collected from old antique stores and one of the best ones was a pocket watch of which cost nothing since it was my grandfathers.

Sadly he passed away but he left me the watch in his Will along with some money of which I invested in this outfit.

It was funny though since my grandfather had a liking of cats and of course dogs but mostly cats.

I like to think he would get a kick out of my outfit.

I shake my head from my internal monologue and rambling thoughts when I spot a unique stall up ahead.

The man running the stall looked like something out of one of those horror video games, not really my cup of tea.

But, I decide to have a look and see what I may find.

As I reach the stall, the man looks up as he studies my costume and look.

He speaks to me saying, "Very nice costume there young man, or would you prefer Baron?"

He finishes this with a low chuckle at the joke of which I smile a bit as I give a similar response until I speak and say to him.

"Thank you very much sir, I must say you have a fine collection of items and memorabilia here; it must have taken quite a lot of money and time to collect."

The man gives me a slightly disturbing grin but I try to ignore it as it is possibly just a bit of fun with his own costume of a horror game character.

The man says to me, "Oh I just have good connections and unique means of acquiring some of these items."

I can agree as I look over the multitude of items on sale.

On a row of shelves to my right is a number of small knick knacks like what looks like a replica of a Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who (The 11th's one I believe), a box holding and displaying crystal or metallic looking lantern rings of various corps.

To my left on the other shelves is a number of larger things like replica Fantasy and Anime Swords that look really well made and nearly real or made to look real.

As I step a bit closer to look at one of the realistic rapiers, my feet bump against something.

I look down, after taking my cream folding top hat off and fold it flat then place it in a custom made pocket of my cream tailcoat suit jacket.

At my feet is a rather large but carry-able light brown leather medical bag or what looks like one from my memories of old TV shows.

I bend down and look at it as I wonder what could be inside as it must be a part of the items for sale since it is out near the front with all the other things that sit or lay near it like various fake shields and other fantasy items.

I quickly look back at the vendor of the stall who nods as to signal it is okay for me to look inside.

I do so as the bag opens with a 'click' as I now see its contents.

What is inside is rather shocking as it is a number of fancy or well made umbrella's and canes.

One or two I recognise looks like the same sort of Umbrella's used by the Penguin in the Batman Movies or the old Adam West TV Show.

Another thing I recognise was two of the canes as one was a light purple one of good quality polished wood while the other was a darker and more black cane with the head of it being a sort of bird.

"These can't be those cane's, can they?"

I decide to test one out as I reach for the purple cane and see that it does have a sort of gap between the upper parts of the body and below the handle of it that when I give them a tug on each end they separate to reveal something I had hoped and yet not hoped to see.

A thin blade, close to a fencing sword is attached to the handle end of the cane and the body of the cane seems to act as the sheath/scabbard of the now revealed cane sword.

I try to calm my breathing as I realise that the cane sword is the real deal since I can now see it up close with my eyes.

I close up the cane sword and place it back in the bag, then take a look at the black cane as I can gather that this is another weapon of some kind from a game I only played now and again due to it being set in England.

It is the Cane used by the Assassin's Evie and Jacob in the Syndicate edition of the game, except this one was more realistic and actually a real weapon.

I place it back in the bag as well as I slowly close the bag, stand up and look at the vendor with a confused yet intrigued expression which must have amused him as he laughed a bit at my appearance of a confused cat like face giving him said look.

He says to me in answer to my silent question, "Yes those are real and I wondered when someone would take a look as everyone else who passed through here or bought something from me never even noticed that bag or its contents."

I consider this odd yet I wonder how this man is not in jail or been prosecuted for selling real weapons and dangerous items like the contents currently in this bag.

Another thing I consider is that I do need a replacement cane since the one I had for this outfit I had on was sadly destroyed, I did not see those big dogs until it was too late on my way to the convention as they simply snatched the cane from my grip and ran off with it; possibly confusing it for some new chew-toy or something like that.

However, I am unsure if it is exactly safe or legal for me to take one of the canes from this bag.

I am snapped out of my internal monologue of thoughts by the creepy stall owner.

He says to me, "That bag is also quite unique as well, it allows you to store a whole lot of things inside and there will be nearly no limit to how much it can store plus if you close it up and hold the handle while thinking of what you need then the contents inside will change to fit your desired item/s.

I am in disbelief as it sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book or one of those Disney movies.

The man must have seen my expression of disbelief as he laughs and tells me, "I know that it seems impossible but everything you see here is the real deal."

He points to a few things I missed in perusal of the man's wares as he says to me while pointing at the items around him.

"The Green Ranger Dragon Dagger."

"A Ultimatrix."

"A Poké Ball with a special Pokémon inside it along with a Pokédex."

"A chest containing The Chaos Emeralds and a sliver of the Master Emerald."

"An Assassin Hidden Blade Bracer."

"An Asauchi with the potential to become a real Zanpakuto."

"A small chest with a Devil Fruit inside it of unknown powers."

"A Violin used by Brook himself with a case for it."

"The 12 Talisman's from the Jackie Chan Cartoon/TV Show."

"Finally, a set of the 12 Dragonballs from the Anime."

I do not know if my eyes or my mouth could be more open or in a expression of shock and awe than ever before at the dangerous but wonderful items here to be sold.

I ask him hesitantly, "Do you just give them to anyone to use however they see fit or do you do something with the people you give the items to?"

The man appears to blink in surprise as he says, "You know I think you're the first person to ask me that as most people just see the item that they want and just buy it on the spot before they realise where I send them off to."

I slowly calm my nerves with a few short breaths and then ask, "Where do you send them off to?"

The man simply shakes his head and says back to me, "Sorry kid but I can't exactly tell you as I want it to be a surprise for everyone who buys something from me but I will say that it will be interesting and very fun if you can handle it."

I consider my answer and decision on whether I should just walk away and not buy anything but then my curiosity gets the better of me as I realise if I am being sent to a whole other world that I may recognise or not it will certainly be something amazing to experience.

Plus I don't really have any family or friends left in my life due to personal reasons that I do not wish to remember right now.

So who exactly would miss me?

I make my decision as I nod to myself as I say to the creepy man, "I think I will buy some things from you and see where I end up; I will just have to make the best of it if I end up somewhere dangerous."

The man soon laughs again at my answer as he says to me, "I like your spirit and determination kid so here is what I am gonna do for you."

"I am gonna give you two items from my collection, minus the bag as I'll give that one to you for free provided you promise to make good use of it and take good care of it."

I am again shocked at the offer being given to me by the man as I look again at the huge amount of items for sale.

As I look at the items my eyes sometimes went back to the violin that the creepy man said was owned and used by Brook from the One Piece anime/manga.

I had always enjoyed the sound of the violin and I was not bad at playing it from my music lessons in school.

I make my first decision as I point to the case with the Violin as I say to him, "I'll take that one as my first choice."

The man blinks at me then grins as he takes the Violin within the case and closes the case up and hands me the whole thing of which I place next to the special magical bag at my feet.

I think hard on my next and last item to pick as I scrutinise and evaluate each item to see what is most important or useful.

I suddenly catch sight of an item that I nearly did not see since it was well hidden by the other items surrounding it.

It is a Revolver of some kind with what looks like an assortment of ammunition kept in the display case that all seem to work or are fitted to work for the handgun.

I consider if I should get it or not as it would be safe for me to have a firearm of some kind if I encounter any sort of danger as while the sword canes are useful it would be good to have some other form of defence.

However I have never fired a gun of any kind, bar the occasional toy gun, paintball gun or nerf rifle growing up.

I soon make my decision as I will just have to be careful and make sure to practise when I can in using it.

I point to the gun and all its extra's as I say, "I will take that and does it come with any holster's?"

The creepy man is surprised by my last choice but he shrugs and says back, "Sure, I may have some somewhere."

He gets off his seat behind his desk and then goes down to below the top of the desk as I hear boxes and other items being moved.

He soon comes back up with a small bag as he hands me it; along with the gun case which is now closed saying, "There are a few holsters in there that should fit you or work with you so take a look and pick your choice."

I take the bag as I rummage through it and find a couple of ones that could work, one is a sort of belt holster much like what cowboy's would wear and another is a shoulder holster like those kinds James Bond uses.

I take them both out and show him them as I say, "These will do, so what is this all gonna cost?"

He grins at me as he gives me the price which nearly makes me drop the case holding the gun and its contents in surprise at the absurd amount as that is nearly every bit of money I have on me.

But I agree as I decide to take all this and put it in the large magical bag as I think it will be most safe in there, with me grabbing the bag and holding on to it tight.

I hand the man the money and soon after I do I feel a strange sensation of tiredness and sleep take over me as the last thing I see and hear is the man waving his hand in either farewell or some other reason as he says to me, "Good luck on your trip Baron, you will most certainly enjoy it."

He finishes this with a deep belly laugh as my vision is soon no more as my mind becomes dark and slowly shuts down as the last thing I feel is a strange sensation going on with my body as I soon fall into a state of unconsciousness.

An unknown amount of time later

I feel my mind slowly awaken as I also feel a gentle warmth and cool breeze brush over me.

I groan as I slowly sit up and open my eyes, only to hiss in discomfort at the light in my eyes as I slam them closed yet again.

After a few moments I gently open them again and take in my surroundings.

I appear to be in a grassy meadow of some kind with the sounds of faint bird's tweeting in the distance reaching my ears.

It is bright out as the sun shines down on me giving a comforting feeling of warmth.

I am soon standing properly and check around me as I spot the bag I purchased not too far away from where I was laying down on the grassy ground.

I walk up to it and bend down to open and check its contents, The items inside are a mixture of my purchases as I decide to grab one of the canes in the bag and have it on me as I close the bag and pick it up with the cane soon in my other hand as I begin to walk in a direction I hope will lead me to some form of civilisation.

I take in the surroundings as I spot a forest of some kind in the distance which gives me a feeling of trepidation at how dark and inhospitable it looks even from where I am.

I look in the opposite direction and spot what looks like a village or town of some kind.

I say aloud to myself, "Well I'd best head in that direction if I want to find anyone to explain where I am.....?"

I trail off at the sound my voice makes as I realise it is not my ordinary voice but something I recognise right away.

It is the English voice of the Baron from 'The Cat Returns' Movie, I feel a sense of panic fill me as I slowly place my cane and bag down and run my gloved hands over my body.

The first thing I feel is my face as it is certainly different than before, how I never realised until now is beyond me, it feels more like a cat's face than human and as I run my hand over my head I feel my now cat like ears as well as the short but soft fur over my body with my other hand as I can now feel the very slight tickling feeling of fur under my clothes.

The last nail in the coffin is the tail that now decides to make itself known as it flicks itself into my field of vision before returning to where it was, behind me near the base of my spine and back.

I slowly concentrate as I try and manipulate my tail to move how I want, after trial and error I do so with a few swishes and flicks of the abdominal appendage.

After that I slowly breath in and out to calm my nerves and resist a full blown panic attack as I think on this.

"That creepy guy did something to me, he turned my body into a sort of human and cat hybrid much like the original baron was in the films."

"He must have done so to make my outfit more real as I bet he did this or something similar to others who bought stuff from him."

I try and keep a level head as I resist cursing that man for what he did to me as I then pick up my luggage and cane as I also take my top hat out of the special pocket and unfold it to which I then place on my head.

The slight shade the hat provides is welcome as it is rather warm today.

I have now calmed down enough to resume my walk as I think to myself.

"Well, if I now sound like the Baron and look like the Baron then I should see if I can act like The Baron."

End of Chapter 1.