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Tidal Blue, son to a famous weather caster and an Olympic swimming champion, has been dealing with bullies at his old school. His aunt, Principal Celestia, decides to have him attend CHS so that he can turn his life around and make some friends for once. Relying on two neighboring students, Lyra and Bonbon, they hope that he can feel much better at CHS than his old school, before the damage becomes permanent.

Cover art done by MaddyMoiselle

Part of the PomE universe. All OCs belong to their respectful creators.

This is a big rewrite of the old version.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 40 )

And so the story begins again. I was actually surprised that Tidal already told Lyra and Bon Bon about his past in his previous school. He seems stronger and a little more confident then in your previous story. I like it!

I figure I do that from the start, since I decided to add the "learning disability" thing. I still plan to have the key events that I had before, but in a new way.

Hmm, donuts! :p

Good to see that Tidal can count on his friends at CHS. I hope that his parents come visit.
I know they have a busy schedule but come on, their son ended up in the hospital.

Actually, Celestia is trying to keep that part under raps so that they don't worry too much.

Excellent work dude! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Yeah. Nintendo world championship. The avgn made me learn about that.

“Because he’s a tech geek,” Tidal said. “I know. Plus his weapon is the best to use in battle. Be my guess. I can use a challenge as Ralph.”

I liked the chapter I just caught this.
If actually love to see Ralph the ninja turtle, hopefully he'll be more chill then Raph.

Arcade games = Childhood!

This story is making some good progress. I hope to see some signs of romantic interest in Tidal from Lyra and Bon Bon soon. But I'll see it when the time is right. :pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work Gear! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Trying to get back in the game, that's for sure.

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there is AS in this story ?

Thanks. I've been trying, but adult life has been getting in my way.

Just so anyone knows, I don't like when people make comments that soon go off topic. And with I see thumps down on them as well, then I want to make sure that others don't get dragged in to it. That's not needed to be posted on the stories.

Yeah, not a good idea really. Removing comments is a bit of a turn off for readers when they see fics that really have comment graveyards. Now, I'm not defending Hamster in any way, far from it as I really don't like him either but I'm just saying, seeing loads of deleted comments on a story makes a reader wary.

I have to agree. I usually use Maine or Colorado for my EG stories, but New Hampshire as the general location for Canterlot and the surrounding cities? Definitely an interesting choice.

Okay, slight issue here, and I'm not sure about this mind you, but I really don't think a heavily bullied kid would just open up to some girls he's just met that quickly about his past. I'd say he'd be a bit more guarded really. I think, you should have had them bond a bit more, and maybe in some emotional moment then have Tidal tell Lyra and Bon-Bon about it.

Also, show not tell. So far as I can see, this kid hasn't had any sort of learning disabilities, and yet you're telling us he has. All I'm seeing is a normal teenager with famous parents. As for the struggles with history and the like, maybe I'm wrong here but show not tell. Then again, and I'm speaking from personal experience here I had struggles with math (But who doesn't, really?) and even that was because I was taking online courses that didn't provide textbooks to work with.

It was the first time I had to delete comments. And I felt that it was negative to me as an writer and not towards the story. That should be kept to themselves. I'm no big name writer like others on here. But I do make an effort.

For me, I use Virginia. For one thing it's one of the top ten Apple growing states in America. In regards to where in Virginia, take the City of Roanoke (nicknamed "Magic City"), rename it Canterlot and make it bigger. The back story I made for it is that it was founded many years after the American Civil War by Union and Confederate veterans (mostly cavalry), making the city a symbol of unity, kind of like Equestria.

That makes sense, really. The only reason I use Colorado or Maine, it's because some of the terrain and I say some but not all fits with what we've seen in the EG series.

I hear ya. I also used Virginia because, well, I think Virginia is an underused state in stories and other media.

So true. I was actually born in West Virginia. Small place called Morgantown. Mind you, my parents moved to Florida a few weeks later so I consider myself to be more of a Floridan than anything else.

You know, before MLP came to life, my last trip I took with my step mom and my late father was up in the New England coast. This include New Hampshire and Maine (plus crossing the border to Montreal). I have watched the Weather Channel and saw the Thundersnow event took place one year. And the idea about the ATVs up in New Hampshire was from an unexpected stop in that area. My dad needed access to a fax machine so that he can clear up some things for one of his race horses to race in a few days. We learned that the hotel is busy during the winter, but it has a few summer activities, like ATV races. That was almost a decade ago. I just felt that New Hampshire was the best place to start.

What's up with all the deleted comments?

It was a negative conversation that to towards me about how I do my story. Something that should be kept to themselves.

Okay, In my honest opinion? The idea of Sunset or someone getting put in danger, and shot with someone else taking the bullet? Bit of a cliche and makes Tidal look like a Gary Stu. Honestly, not a fan of this chapter.

THAT SAID, I am a fan of you not pairing up Lyra and Bon-Bon up with Tidal. This isn't just my Lyrabon shipper speaking, it's not. One, pretty sure polygamy in the real world at least in America is illegal and besides, it'd get ugly fast, with both girls vying for Tidal's attentions.

...Okay, now I'm intrigued. Who is it? Who?

Can you define the question better?

I'm just asking myself who is that human in the hoodie? Tidal's love interest, or is it his cousin? Obviously, someone he's familiar with.

You'll find out in the next chapter.

Okay, I have to ask. How many people does Tidal freaking know? Seriously, he's supposed to be shy isn't he and yet here he is, making friends right and left.

He's not shy. He just has trust issues after how he was bullies and picked on at his old school.

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