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Formerly know as Trader_Jack. Just an MLP fan from Middle TN with stories in my head.


Countess Coloratura, or as few would know her as Rara, wants to reboot her music career. And her new manager, Sapphire Shores, has an idea that might just work.

Rick Barns, a guy who couldn't get his music career off the ground in America, has been trying to get by in Tennessee. When his new pony friend, Applejack, tells him about a new talent search to tour with Countess Coloratura, he gives it one last shot to fulfill his dreams.

But when Rick wins the talent show, he and Rara realize that they have to be a "couple" to make this happen. Looks like they forgot to read the fine print. Now one question remains: Can they make this work while trying to understand each other.

An idea someone brought up months ago that I decided to look into and work on. Tags will be added as the story goes on.

Chapters (11)
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Why couldn't it be Rick Astley?
Oh, and FIRST

7576627 And here is your reward!
A song written by Rhett & Link.

7576627 I wanted something that was close to me and my name, so Rick Barns was the best idea.

BTW: My name is Robbie Boerner.

I liked that Pinkie moment with the pun with Ricks name and that blasted meme from '06. You know the one.
It made me giggle/snort. It also didn't feel out of place and would have been a missed oppurtunity if you didn't know the now lost art of the Rickroll.

Fine job.:moustache:

7595511 You can thank ransom username for bring it up when I created the story. I figure, what the heck. Let's rick roll here. Besides, the video has been played at hockey games when we have to wait for the refs to get an answer for a video review that would take forever.

Good story man I usually can't find stories like this :)

Aww shite!!!! This is political I knew it this writer os

7609143 And now, they are stuck with it, but they don't have to know.

7609425 bet what ever person came up to do that is laughing his ass off.

“I guess your right,” Rick replied

Or does she just assume his rights?

7596887 can anyone get my name right? It's ranSom username

7615951 I got and more chapter pleaser and a tip I like sex jokes so keep them up!

Keep 'em coming mate. Quick question is rick based off an actual person?

7628965 Just about. I am a geek and a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Just not a musician.

Love it and can't wait to see more.

“Well, I have been trying to… stay alive,” Disco said, which Rick tried to contain his laughter. “Figure someone would get the reference.”

Stayin' alive! Stayin' alive! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

7759132 *Urge to strut intensifies*

Ah, LostProhpets. Good taste, but fuck the lead singer.

8019355 When I was looking for the video, I found out about what he did. Messed up.

It's been almost a year? I doesn't feel like it. Anywho, glad to see this story revived. It is a really good story.

Thanks. The year has gone by so fast.

welcome back from the dead i thought this story was going to be canceled it's nice to see it's not

I was happy to see this story was being continued.

Was very happy to see a new chapter, thank you...

I had to do rewrites of this chapter in what I wanted in it. I think this was the best I could do.

Well it was a fun chapter, and a good read, looking forward to more, and I'm sure it will be excellent.

“Sure is,” Sapphire replied. “She helped me with parts of the contract, since it’s a part of human/pony relations.”

Coco took a moment to gather her thoughts before she could explain. “That means both of you are…married.”

Wait, how is that legal?

“Forever?” replied Pinkie Pie. “You want to hit me with a green shell? Then have a red shell instead.”

Nows not the time for Mario Kart Pinkie!

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