• Published 29th Jun 2017
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The Third Sister - cyberlord4444

Princess Celestia commands the sun, Luna the moon, but who commands the sea?

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the chapter name is missing the n in things

You are using the lyrics from JT Machinina's Bioshock song for the chapters, right? 'Cos I'm pretty sure

Interesting, please do go on

Twilight looked at the spectacle with awe and confusion, “What is this place?”

Welcome to Rapture! Hope you enjoy your stay! :pinkiecrazy:

Please continue

Wow! This story it pretty good so far. The only thing that I can think of that would make this story even better is a update soon.

That last line, you'd think she'd be a bit scared. I mean, a levathon of the seas just exploded someone's head and disemboweled someone else and is now petting Fluttershy...

Also, still loving it! I can't wait to see both how the second coming of Rapture and some of the Bioshock cast came to Equestria as well as how it fell so similarly to the original! Gotta say; I want more!

Loving this story and big daddy is pony friend

This story has piqued my interest, I would like to see where this story goes

Yet another bioshock story died truly a sad day.

I couldn't help but notice a clever detail you slipped in (nice one by the way) the chapter titles are bits and pieces of a song on youtube by JTMachinima

Great work keep it up

Loving your store so far please keep it up

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! this being only 2 chs is very annoying/enraging

Twilight looked at the spectacle with awe and confusion, “What is this place?”

Rapture, the most :yay:-ed up place in an alternate 1960's America.


I wish you update this

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