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Every story, big and small, has some little thing that goes wrong during production, from a production gaffe to a misspoken line. Here's a glimpse at some of those incidences during production of the Quiververse, as well as some comments from those involved in bringing it all together, and a few small glimpses of what was different from canon before Twilight Sparkle ventured through the mirror.

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This got quite a few chuckles out of me. If everyone celebrated April 1st like this instead of what we usually get, I'd probably have a positive opinion of the day. Have an upvote.

EDIT: That said, though, the story could have done better without all the self-depreciation. A tiny bit can work for humor, but too much and it just brings down the mood. And if these self-depreciating moments are your actual thoughts (as I'm suspecting they are), then stop that. Even with your past missteps, you're a good writer. If you see your own shortcomings, don't self-flagellate over them; learn from them, and improve yourself.

8066113 Thanks, for both the enjoyment and the encouragement.

Heh can readers send questionw to the characters?

8224242 ...I hadn't thought of that, but hey, why not?

Cool! Hehehe. when can we send questions?

8224350 Go ahead and start now. If I get ten questions, I'll go ahead and put together another chapter. But they won't answer any questions that lead to spoilers.

8224350 Oh, and please either post them in my most recent blog post, or send them via a note.

I hope that you enjoyed the answers.

Well, I did at least. To expand on that, let's go over what my responses would be:

To respond to the Apples: makes sense. Not that I'd have had a problem either way, I was just curious. Still, it's refreshing to see at least one universe bucks the trend of you guys eating nothing but apples and foods made with apples.

To Dash (and Twilight, since she provided the technical data): Interesting. My curiosity about the Rainboom stems from hearing several interpretations as to the necessary speed, ranging from merely exceeding Mach 1 to reaching Mach 10. It makes sense that there's a magical component as well, I just wanted confirmation. As to Mare-Do-Well...

I’m afraid that we cannot elaborate too much, as there are spoilers involved, but suffice it to say that there have been some repercussions for that incident which have yet to be explored.

...wait, really? Didn't see that coming. Not that I'm complaining. Quite the opposite, this news is most welcome. Just wasn't expecting it. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

To Pinkie: I see. In hindsight, a basement entrance makes sense, given you'd need a way in and out during the cave's construction.

To Fluttershy: That makes a lot of sense, both as an ideal job for you and why you (had/will have) so much authority over how to handle the Breezie migration. As far as the Stare... I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly unsettled about this info. It's reassuring that there are limits to what it can do, when it can be used, and who it can be used on, but with guilt being the determining factor, it's still possible for things to go wrong. After all, a large factor into Sunset's suicide attempt was her guilt over her past - some of which was over circumstances where her role was much closer to victim than to offender. And consider Twilight - during the Anon-A-Miss incident, Twilight did literally everything she was capable of doing to help, and in so doing saved Sunset's life, and she still had guilt over it because for some reason she thought that wasn't enough. That said though, it could be a lot worse. I've actually seen some fics where, if you - or rather, your counterpart in that universe - ever makes eye contact with someone, she has complete control over that pony until either she breaks eye contact or, if she told the pony to do something, until they fully carry out her orders.

To Celestia and Cadance: Makes sense. ...Not much else to say here.

To Twilight (and initially Celestia, since she answered the first question):

Celestia subtly cleared her throat. “Twilight learned the spell from me. In fact, any mental manipulation spell she might be aware of is because I either told her where to find it or taught it to her myself, for the purposes of being able to undo the spell.

Huh. My first guess would have been Cadance, since screwing with others' emotions is her talent and she was Twilight's foalsitter - though I suppose that could account for why Twilight thought that would be an acceptable solution - and why she thought it was an acceptable solution to reforming Discord, and why she was okay with handing the CMC the recipe for a love potion - if your sole purpose for teaching her those spells was to teach her the counterspell... assuming you ever bothered to explain that part to her. As to the second, I believe you Twilight, and I'm relieved to hear it. I would comment on it being somewhat of a stretch to assume a mind-altering spell would work on sapients when you've only tested on non-sapients before, but you clearly weren't in your right mind at the time. *casts a hostile glance towards Celestia* And not entirely without reason. In fact, it's that temporary insanity that's why I'm willing to overlook this incident, or at least in universes where this is an isolated incident, like in this one. As to your relationship with Spike, the author already answered that one for me via PM, so I don't have anything to say here.

To Luna: I was actually softballing that question. The purpose of the question was to ascertain whether your supposed equal status to Celestia existed only on paper as it does on the show, but I didn't want to come off as too accusatory, so I came up with a gauging question instead of just asking straight out. This means the answer doesn't give me the entire picture, and there are still a couple blind spots, but the answer - and the other things being done for you that were mentioned - definitely bodes well. And while I can certainly see the government dragging its heels (hooves?) being frustrating for you, in a sense it's kinda heartening for me; part of me was worried that the Quiververse's Equestria was only technically constitutional, and that Celestia was - knowingly or otherwise - de facto as much an absolute ruler here as her canon counterpart is, but this data point suggests otherwise. And an obstructionist government isn't always a bad thing - if they're over-eager to pass good legislation, then there's a chance they'd more easily pass bad legislation as well, and as my country's current president is learning the hard way, repealing a bad law is much harder than passing one.

That covers my responses to the answers given to my questions, but I do have responses to a couple other thing said here.

To Quiver:

“And that’s ignoring all of the idiots who either think that we don’t need a military or that we shouldn’t have one or that what we’ve got is enough.” Quiver groaned. “Sorry, but the more I see in the press like that despite all the evidence to the contrary…”

I fully understand your frustration - we have idiots like that over in our world too. It's strange really, normally they're all for expanding the government's power until it's an unstoppable, all-controlling pseudo-parent, but the second it's suggested the government do one of the few things that it's actually supposed to do, they start screaming "Fascist! Nazi!" (Which is ironic, considering that - as pointed out above, among other ways - a lot of their playbook is in agreement with Fascism, while conservatism is mostly against it)

To human Rarity:

“That story is going to be an albatross about our necks for the rest of our lives, isn’t it?”

For what it's worth, concerning this universe at least, not from me. Probably a shock hearing that from me, I know, especially given my displeasure with Wherever You Find Love, but the whole reason I criticize you guys so much is because I know you could be so much better, and want to see you get there. I'm going to keep calling you all out when you don't try to improve, but that doesn't apply to this situation anymore. To extend my analogy given in A Shimmering New Year, in this universe, this crooked bone was re-broken and has been properly set; I'm content with now sitting back and letting it heal.

I'm glad that your questions were answered to your satisfaction. As for the consequences to Mare-Do-Well, I plan on addressing those in the very near future.

Hello there. Sorry I took a while thinking of possible questions, but this looks quite good. Yeah, the answers look VERY good.

Anyway, I finally DO have a few questions:

To Celestia: A couple of questions:

1. Considering your - experience with other universes - have you ever been curious as to the possibility of the existence of a universe where you actually managed to successfully get through to Sunset BEFORE she left Equestria and you were able to train both her AND Twilight side-by-side?

2. Considering Twilight had five ponies in her study group, do you think it would have been possible for you to gently encourage Twilight to gradually develop real friendships with them that, if developed properly, would allow them to activate the Elements of Harmony YEARS before Nightmare Moon returned? I mean, yes, they're all unicorns and there might be some sort of unknown rule that the Element Bearers have to have fair representation from all three tribes. But if there IS such a rule, I sure as heck don't know about it.

and 3. Why didn't you send Cadance to Ponyville instead of Twilight? Mind you, Twilight does a pretty good job (MOST of the time), but it seems to me that the Alicorn of Love would be a pretty good candidate for bearer of the Element of Magic. After all, The Element of Magic is ALSO the Element of Friendship and what IS love but merely friendship intensified? Again, this is NOT meant as a complaint concerning Twilight's performance (which is quite good the considerable majority of the time), but merely asked out of pure curiosity.

Question for Pinkie:

What's in the cellar, and has Rainbow Dash ever been down there?

(Pretty obvious what I'm referencing, but let's make sure this is covered so nopony tries to.)

Ooh, those are good questions. I guess I have a start on the next Q & A session. :pinkiehappy:

Another good question, thanks for asking it.

It's going to be a while before I release the next session, as I'm hoping more questions will be asked in the wake of future releases, but these give me a good place to start.

Inspiration can truly come from the strangest places. After reading the question by 8554955, my mind drifted to all the other grimdark fics that turn the mane 6 into homicidal monsters. In so doing, it led me to think of a question I'm genuinely curious about, and answering it would nip another such 'fic in the bud here. So with that in mind, question for Dash: what are rainbows made of in the Quiververse?

Excellent job on this vignette. :-D Yeah, the exchanges, characterizations and future set-up are quite well done in all the right places. And, yeah, I wish the actual writers DID go this route. It would have been truly beautiful. :-D

Of course, Celestia might be the only alicorn MOST of them knew at the time, but NOT Twilight. She knew ONE other alicorn at that time - but the others won't be meeting HER for several months at this point in time. :-D

And, yeah, of course, I'll be looking forward to more of this (as well as more of your work in general), but I also respect the fact that real world matters DO have to take top priority.

Ack, you're right about Cadance! I totally spaced on her! Guess this little vignette is getting spruced up later.

Glad that you're pleased with it despite that oversight, however. Rest assured that more of my work will be coming, hopefully as soon as next month.

This is so much better than the canon version (though that's basically the norm for you at this point), and speaks well for what you have planned for your other vignettes. Looking forward to both what else you have here, and to the fulfillment of that last line.

Thanks. I can safely confirm that there's a second vignette written and ready to go, and I've got firm ideas in mind for four or five more. Hopefully, however, I won't be posting all of them before the end of this year. I've still got my fingers crossed that I'll get out at least one proper story.

I was listening to "Lullaby for a Princess" just this evening. Fitting, I suppose.

I enjoyed reading this. :twilightsmile: I always love other takes on Celestia and Luna's reunion (Celestia is my favorite princess, actually, because of the tragedy of the Nightmare Moon incident), and this one was very nicely done. And I also liked the Mane 6's reactions to their Element necklaces; it was both in-character and humorous (especially Rarity's joy at her restored tail).

Oh I love that song.

There were parts that I felt needed to differ from canon, and parts that I thought should stay the same. The Mane 6's reactions to their Element necklaces/crown thingy and Rarity's reaction to her restored tail definitely counted towards the latter. Don't expect much difference with future vignettes like this.

Lullaby for a Princess still makes me cry to listen to. I admit that unashamedly. One of the few songs that can truly pull tears from this salty Appalachian heart XD

Yep, I get that. Some things you just feel the need to change, and some things are just fine the way they are. ^_^

This was fun. :twilightsmile: I rather liked it. Especially the arrival of Celestia, and Twilight's family was a nice touch.

Also, I laughed at Dash's reaction to the "Wonderbolt trainer" thing. XD

Hey there. Sorry I took a while to get around to reading and reviewing this. Nothing to blame except self-admitted laziness. Anyway, you did a great job on the characterizations, exchanges and general wrap-up of this short piece. I particularly liked how you addressed certain issues with the actual episode in a way that still stayed pretty close to Season 2 canon.

And, yeah, I can understand why it would be frustrating to NOT be able to introduce Shining Armor and/or Cadance a couple of months sooner than in canon without wrecking things too much. Still, I DO like the fact that you gave an understandable reason for Shining's absence.

And, yes, I WILL definitely be looking forward to more of this.

That was a bit that I absolutely had to have in there. Not even losing the original version of this when I lost all my files could keep that out. Same with Applejack getting more potential customers and Pinkie Pie's joke about political parties.

No big, I'm just glad you're still keeping an eye on me. In any case, I do plan on having a future Vignette be based around the events of A Canterlot Wedding...though alas, I'm gonna have to rewrite it. Just like I did this one. :fluttercry:

Hello there. Thanks very much for getting this up. And, yeah, you make some really good points concerning Poor Communication Kills. Of course, to be fair, it would be VERY difficult to get Twilight to freak out LESS. After all, we are talking about someone who thought that Celestia would flunk her back to Magic Kindergarten just for being a day or two late on a Friendship Report.

And it probably didn't help that Twilight KNOWS Celestia banished her own sister to the moon for a thousand years (though THAT was a fate of the world scenario and, even then, Celestia felt terrible about it).

But still, as I said, you DO have a good point about how egregious an example of Poor Communication Kills this episode is (not QUITE as bad about it as "Swarm of the Century", but pretty darn close).

Speaking of "Swarm of the Century", it seems to me THAT episode would have worked MUCH better as a Whole Episode Flashback explaining just HOW Pinkie knows about the Parasprites.

But again, the exchanges, characterizations and set-up are quite well done and I'll definitely be looking forward to more of your work.

The sad thing is, I get why it's so common - some writers aren't clever enough to come up with episode ideas where they can avoid it, and other writers are convinced that it's funny. I'm not the latter, and I try my best to avoid being the former.

Point quite well taken and I can completely understand in that order.

This was nice. :twilightsmile: That's all I've really got to say. It was a pleasant alternative to how things went in in A Bird in the Hoof, and still decently entertaining (mainly because of Twilight's anxiety - bless her) as well.

Yeah. The really sad thing about Twilight and her anxieties is that they are, so far as we know, totally misplaced. At least as far as Celestia goes. And sadly, it's going to be a while before she realizes that.

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