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When will Chapter 2 be up?

8045762 As soon as I start writing it, will start writing it later today.


8045768 Great! How many chapters do you imagine it will have?

8045788 Hm, I think somewhere around 5 to maybe 7, I'm thinking it would be around that number.

Makes one wonder, will this turn into a Scootabelle romance? Anyways, you've got my attention.

I like it. Very good!

8046134 Considering there isn't a romance tag here, I don't think that will be the case.

When Dizzy answered the door, she saw it was one of Scootaloo’s best friends (perhaps THE best) Sweetie Belle.

Yes, Sweetie Belle is the best! Because this involves Sweetie Belle being diapered and babied, you've got my attention! We need more stories like this, especially involving Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. Oh! Speaking of which, you should turn this into a trilogy! In the next story, Apple Bloom should be the one getting diapered and babied. I am so faving and following this! Can't wait to read the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

So far so good! I think this will be so cute! :rainbowkiss: Keep up with this story, cause I want to see the second chapter so badly!!! :pinkiehappy:

8047325 I might have a great idea for a trilogy, luckily there is a picture I found with the three CMC all padded in thier club house, so I might do a 3rd story sooner or later.

8047930 what do you mean why?

8048020 Nevermind, didnt see the sequal thing

I especially like how Rarity is opposed to it Sweetie Belle being padded up and foalified like Scootaloo.

Will there conflicts between Dizzy Twister and Rarity about the foalifying?

The "Crinkeloo's Diaper" bit is adorable. :rainbowkiss:

Looking forward to the next chapter! Kind of disappointed that Rarity is against what Dizzy Twister is doing. Hopefully this story will end with Rarity coming to enjoy it just as much as Sweetie Belle.


I especially like how Rarity is opposed to it Sweetie Belle being padded up and foalified like Scootaloo.

Kind of disappointed that Rarity is against what Dizzy Twister is doing.

Completely different comments huh? Well, you can't please everyone Matt :derpytongue2:

The next chapter will take a long time, because that is always the part where I like the most!!! :raritydespair:

8094148 Hm took me 21 days to get this chapter out, so hopefully it'll be done within a week or two, Its hard to tell how long it might actually take.

8094054 That's true, but as "Suited for Success" taught us, if you try pleasing everyone, you end up pleasing no one. All you can do is write what you'd like to read.

8094054 Well, some people prefer a bit of realistic objection to these kinds of things, others prefer getting right in and having the other enjoy or at least approve of it. I kind of see Rarity as leaning towards being against it at first, but eventually becoming okay with it once she sees it does no harm.

Wow, looks like I'm only the second person to see this chapter. ...Huh. Not bad work Matt!

She decided to leave out the part about how she knew so much about the twins because she’d been forced to foalsit them after saying a bad word.

:rainbowhuh: I think I've read this story. If not, I'd like to write it! It sounds like it's be really cute! :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowlaugh: Sweetie Belle is really getting into this role. :twilightsmile:

8100038 It was a chapter in Superpinkbrony12 story, I decided to reference it.

Scootaloo The Potty Mouth

I like how there's a contrast between Scootaloo's reluctance to be babied, and Sweetie Belle's outright acceptance of the same. I just have to wonder if Scootaloo is gonna start to get jealous of Sweetie Belle for being the better foal? :pinkiesmile:

I sense a fight brewing between Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

8101412 Let's hope not, Sweetie Belle can use magic, so there's no telling what she might do by accident if attacked.

8102172 I just assume that Sweetie Belle will sound like a squeaky toy.

Wonder what kind of embarrassing stories of Scootaloo as a foal Dizzy might share with Sweetie Belle? :trixieshiftright:

Also, it looks like Scootaloo is getting really jealous of the attention Sweetie Belle is getting. She's really bad at hiding it. :eeyup:

8122085 She can't hide her emotions for long, she's doing good so far but now it seems to be getting to her.

“Hehe,” She giggled. “Scootaloo, stop being so silly. Mommy is the only one who’s allowed to change us. We’re just little babies after all, we don't know how to change ourselves.”

“Oh, you know what? I should ask Dizzy if we can put some bars on the side of this bed. It's just not safe for us, I mean, what if we fall out of bed and break something?” She wondered. “Or maybe she could get you and me actual cribs?”

I LOVE how much Sweetie is getting into this baby role! :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

You, on the other hoof, Sweetie Belle, you would rather have somepony take care of you and baby you twenty four seven!”

Yes, she would, Scootaloo, it seems. And that's a bad thing? :rainbowhuh:

8122309 Sweetie is one of those ponies that people see as the most to get interested in being babied, so I wanted to have her like it the most. (Just realized I forgot to have Dizzy Check Sweetie to see if she wet her diaper, I'll fix that in next chapter, have Dizzy believe she's a bad foalsitter, it would make a nice Sweetie and Dizzy moment)

8124638 Didn't notice that either, let's hope Sweetie Belle didn't get a rash because of that.

8124638 Makes you wonder why we don't see more stories of Sweetie being babied. There was a great story of Rarity and Sweetie bonding by way of Rarity babying Sweetie, but the author never got to finish it, unfortunately. I'm hoping I can take it over. There's a Sweetie and Rarity episode coming up in season seven, just a couple of weeks away ("Forever Filly") that I'm really looking forward to. I'm hoping it'll lead to more stories like this!

8124805 She probably didn't"t, because she would have been complaining about it, I would imagine.

8124862 Well, there's also a story of Sweetie Belle being babied by Fluttershy, written by Oliver England. But updates have been kind of slow, I think the last one was Christmas Day last year.

8125326 Yeah, that one is also very good. Give the author time, I'm sure he'll update as soon as he has the chance. You can't rush art.

So adorable, glad to see this update again after so long. :rainbowkiss:

I'm pretty sure Rarity can be trusted not to spill the beans on the secret, I think she remembers what happens to gossip.

Sweetie Belle should be lucky that Scootaloo didn't punch her in the nose.

Scootaloo's reaction actually pissed me off. What does she expect Sweetie to do, lie to Rarity about where she's going and why? Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter.

8287912 Imagine how you'd feel if a friend you trusted told someone else you liked to wear diapers and be treated like a baby? You'd probably be at least a little bit mad if they didn't tell you about it and were gonna keep it secret from you.

8288783 Yes, but Rarity is Sweetie's older sister. She's an adult. She's been shown to be trustworthy with secrets.

8288816 Maybe, but Scootaloo doesn't know that.

Poor Scoots... Ouch, seriously ouch. Personally, if I was Scoots I would start thinking about special therapy if this issue is bothering her this bad.

Sweetie Belle is such a good friend. :twilightsmile:

8353271 Do you think there are any kind of specialists that are used to dealing with the concept of ageplay?

I didn't mean that exactly, but to help with some of her nightmares. (Actually, where was Luna during all of this? Kinda of her job here, and she does care about the CMC...) But who knows, there might be specialists for this sort of thing.

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