• Published 22nd Mar 2017
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An Anon-A-Miss Tale - MasterBlaster

Sunset's life has taken a turn for the worst. A Mystable profile by the name of Anon-a-miss has been spreading secrets and everyone is blaming her. Left abandoned she considers suicide that is until Fluttershy's older brother comes to town...

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The Dazzlings?! They are behind this?!

Yay. Storys not dead.

And for some reason my parrot likes licking my neck and arms all of a sudden.

.....do I get to shoot the Sirens?

honestly the attempts to deflect the blame off the CMC don't really make it better, they are still the start and therefore at fault for everything, the sirens are secondary right now.

Don’t shoot Sonata, she’s a sweet taco-loving teddy bear; as for Adagio and *maybe* Aria... *Hands over a shotgun* Go crazy my guy.

In the next chapter can you show what happens next to rainbow dash and make her learn the truth

10097710 Your parrot can do that?

What he does is runs his beak over my arm from my elbow down to my hand and taps my arm with his tongue. He even picked at the small scabs on my arm and pulls them off. Doesn't bug me but it does Tickle a bit

10100197 Weird, but okay.

Welcome back :pinkiehappy:

When is the next chapter

Across town three hooded figures were sitting in a restaurant.

Lame twist or blatant red herring. Still think the human Sunset makes more sense.

So this is dead now

I'm feelin' hungry fer some fish all of a sudden.

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