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Crashing Angels - lillytheomegawolf

A story of how Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash met as fillies. The joys and hardships of life, friendship, and love and all the surprises that happen along their journey as they become best friends--and much more.

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Chapter 17: Scool Days, Afternoon Blaze

A family of three pegasi stood on the porch of their cloud home as Rainbow Dash’s parents leisurely departed into the night.

“You know Fluttershy... that was actually kinda cool having my old folks come around...” Dash mused as she placed a wing over her partner. Their daughter was franticly waving goodbye to the diminishing figures in the skies.

“It was nice, yes. Maybe you should go and visit them sometime too.”

Rainbow Dash eyed her mare. “Yeah, I suppose I should. It will just be weird, you know.”

Fluttershy tenderly nuzzled her speedster. “But they would love to see you.”

“And I wanna see the Rainbow Factory!” Spectra chimed in eagerly.

Rainbow Dash smirked. “If you are good, I’ll take you there when we visit grandma and grandpa.” 

“Yay!” Cheered the young filly. A yawn erupted and the youngsters’ parents shared a smile.

Fluttershy picked her daughter up. “Time for bed little one.”

“But I don’t wanna...”

Fluttershy giggled as she strode past Rainbow Dash. The motherly mare paused in the doorway, “coming honey?”

“Yeah, gimme a minute.” Dash nodded. A grin split her muzzle in two as her sleepy daughter yawned.

As the door closed, the blue pegasus turned to gaze at the sky. Far in the distance lay Cloudsdale. The faint puff of the mighty city was almost impossible to see.

Just like her departed parents. Maybe it was a good idea to visit them sometime.

Rainbow Dash’s mind began to wander after her parents…

…and settled on the time, when she was a first year student in Cloudsdale central school. Soon after she almost lost her cool ol’ dad.

Cloudsdale central flight school exploded with activity as the lunch bell trilled. Excited young pegasi of all kinds of ages and colours vacated their spaces of learning in favour of the outdoors.

Happy that the morning class was over, Rainbow Dash eagerly led her friend over to one of the speedster’s favourite spots in the playground. The basic flight course lay ahead, low flying clouds hovered over a soft cloudy blanket below. The course clouds were spaced at intervals within gliding distance at the closer side. Further away from the young pegasus pair, the clouds began to climb into the sky with less regular gaps for those who could fly. There were a few floating hoops and other cloudy obstacles around. Rainbow Dash grinned, the new arrangement looked fun. Although there were other ponies already there, she hoped that Fluttershy could be encouraged to fly alongside her. As her eyes followed one of the older students graceful flight, her gaze drifted beyond.


With the immediate surroundings suddenly feeling fuzzy, Rainbow Dash could almost see her father in hospital. The purple stallion lay there, his breathing shallow, the white sheets cold and uncaring against his naturally colourful side.


With a start, Rainbow Dash found herself back in school grounds. A young tan pony had just leapt off the starting cloud that she sat on. That filly looked so carefree. Like she didn’t have a daddy who had nearly poisoned himself.

Fluttershy started concerned into the troubled red eyes before her. “A- are you okay?”

Rainbow Dash gave her wings a flick then nodded briskly, trying to force thoughts of her dad away. “Yeah, I’ll be okay.”

“It’s okay to be worried.” 

“Pfft- I’m not worried.”

Fluttershy scooted a little closer till their coats were almost touching. “Yes you are, I can tell.” 

“Fine. But I just... I don’t want to think about him.”

“Does it hurt?”

Rainbow Dash hunched up a little bit and shot her best friend a sour look.

Fluttershy half lifted a supportive wing before she caught herself and straightened up. “Okay... Okay...” She glanced around at the intimidating flight course. “You want to try this new course?”

“I sure do.” Dash puffed out her chest, took a deep breath then confidently strode onward, toward the edge of their cloud.

“Well...” Fluttershy plonked herself down, ready to watch. “Okay, well, I enjoy watching you glide. You can do it, Rainbow...you’re the strongest and coolest filly in Cloudsdale... you can do it.”

The young athlete soaked up the praise like a sponge. Her small frame expanded slightly along with her ego. Rainbow Dash rushed back to her friend and yanked her up. “I know I can. You can too Fluttershy. That’s why you’re here with me. Then we can be the first two in the class to fly like big fillies!”

Fluttershy sagged like a soggy cloud. “No... I can’t. But you can! You have much more of a chance than I ever could.”

“Oh come on ‘Shy... at least try. You promised, remember? We can even do that reading thing right after we fly!” The speedster begged as she slipped out of the hug.

“But there’s so many other ponies around...” Fluttershy shrank back, her eyes fearfully scanning the area.

Rainbow Dash sighed. ‘Dad is okay. He has to be okay. Help Fluttershy... Don’t think about dad...’ “So? Look at me. Not them. Come on.”

Noticing the returning pain in the pretty red irises before her, Fluttershy did her best to perk up. “Okay, Rainbow. I’ll try.” Fluttershy nodded slowly, her eyes continued to dart around nervously as she stood back up. “For you... I’ll try.”

“Cool! Good filly.” Dash relaxed. “Now, let’s get going. We need to show these other ponies who’s the coolest.”

The blue filly confidently strutted over to the edge of their wide cloud. She eyed the nearby clouds, quick to pick one that was within easy glide distance.

Fluttershy followed shyly. She continued to notice just how many ponies were on the flight course and other nearby activities. “You first! Um... if that’s okay with you.”

Blue wings flickered, eager and ready. “No. Both together. Come on.”

Fluttershy nodded and took a few tentative steps to stand at the edge, her gaze was quick to fall to the safety cloud below.

Rainbow Dash nodded and quickly lifted the yellow chin upward to the skies once more. She released her shy companion and pointed to the chosen cloud before them in the middle of the large flight course. “You see that cloud, right there in front of us?”

Fluttershy nodded.

“That’s where we are going. Just stay on my tail and you will be fine.”

Although Fluttershy felt more like running away, she nodded slowly and lifted her wings to half mast, trying to look ready.

“Great!” The bold cyan filly leapt off the small cloud, flapping like crazy to try and gain altitude. Failing, she saved grace by turning her failing flight into a slow glide. Rainbow Dash took aim at the low hanging cloud above the safety net. This was going to be easy.

Fluttershy’s proud smile fell as she realized who was supposed to be flying next to Rainbow Dash. With a deep breath, she leaped out into the open sky. Tiny wings flapped frantically as she tried so hard to gain altitude, to finally soar the open skies like she dreamed! To finally impress her best friend, to make her proud!
For a few, brief seconds, she remained in the air!

And then... with a flail of lanky hooves, Fluttershy found herself plummeting toward the clouds below. Yellow wings clamped shut and a brief shriek escaped.

The high pitched shriek caused Rainbow Dash to turn. Fear raced through her system as she helplessly witnessed Fluttershy’s nosedive. White filled the little blue filly’s vision as her body crumpled sideways into something soft. With a pained groan, she fell from the floating cloud to the soft safety cloud below.

Winded, Rainbow Dash gazed up at her hooves for a moment before she realized she was in fact on her back and the sky above was not a wonderful endless sea of blue. The little blue speedster shook her head and rose with a forced giggle. “Did you see that-“

Fluttershy lay there on the soft safety mat. Tears welled up in her eyes as she accepted just how completely and utterly she had failed. Squeezing her eyes shut she cured into a ball, crying softly. Fluttershy could already hear the incoming taunts that she knew were sure to erupt from every creature who had seen her.

With a surprised Eeep! Fluttershy found blue forehooves invading her space. 

Rainbow Dash slowly coaxed Fluttershy out of her huddle. “Hey... what’s wrong...?”

Sniffling, Fluttershy trembled a bit, though she manages to relax slightly. “I failed… I couldn’t do it.”

“Hey... it’s not that bad. I hit a cloud!” Rainbow Dash again forced a smile.

Fluttershy cast her friend a reproachful glance, “only because of me.”

“What? No. Don’t worry Fluttershy. Even as super cool as I am... you know...” The bold little equine placed a hoof to her own chest. “I still am learning to fly properly too...” Dash’s muzzle scrunched up at the admission. With a slow breath, her pride seeped away, replaced with concern for her friend.

“...Oh...” Fluttershy murmurs, sniffling and wiping her eyes. “I’m sorry...”

“You don’t have to say sorry pal.” Rainbow Dash pulled her friend up. “Now... do we try again? ... Or do you not feel up to it?”

“You can try again... But I’m just going to fall...” Fluttershy’s ears drooped in defeat.

“Aw come on, you won’t get better if you don’t try.” The young athlete gazed pleadingly at her friend, hoping to change her mind. “Come on Fluttershy. I just know you can get good like me...”

“...Why do you want me to try so much....? I’m just going to fail over and over and disappoint you... all the hard work for nothing...” Fluttershy uttered tearfully.

“I know you can do it,” Dash stated. She wiggled a little closer and began to tenderly rub her distraught companion’s back.

“But why?”

“I just know you can do it. You can.” The smaller filly put on her best grin, trying to look as encouraging as possible.

The duo remained like that for a few moments. Rainbow Dash slowly became aware of others flying overhead. Ponies were probably seeing her be all soft and sappy. Ignoring the temptation to move, Rainbow Dash remained, supportive of her best friend.

Fluttershy nodded. “...I’ll try...”

“Well... let’s go then.” Dash slipped out of the embrace, eager to continue her training.

The taller filly sighed. She reluctantly followed Rainbow Dash as they ascended back up to where they had started. As the pair reached the top, Derpy barreled on past and took a flying leap into the open playground. The pair of fillies watched as the grey pegasus completely missed the two lowest clouds in the middle and tumbled onto the soft mat. With a shake of her head, Derpy sat up. The crosseyed pegasus smiled. With a gleeful squeal, she bounced along till she returned to the duo.


“Hi Derpy.” Rainbow Dash replied. “That was uh... good attempt.”

“Thanks, I’m trying to make it to that cloud over there.” A grey hoof indicated the cloud Rainbow Dash had impacted with.

“Oh yeah...?” The fading imprint gave the normally proud filly cause to grimace. “That’s where I’m gliding to.”

Fluttershy giggled.

Derpy lit up, “want to fly with me? I wanna glide through the hoops, but those are far out.”

Rainbow Dash eyed her best friend. “I’ll join in if Fluttershy does too.”

The smiling yellow filly froze. “Oh... I... okay.”

“Yes! Just follow me!” Filed with confidence, Rainbow Dash crouched down and prepared for a spectacular take off.

Derpy was quick to join the confident filly, “I’m ready.”


As Rainbow Dash and Derpy took off, the timid filly watched with wide eyes. “Come on wings...don’t fail me this time! Make me fly! Make Rainbow proud of me!”

With one final breath Fluttershy forced herself into the sky, undersized wings buzzing frantically. Green eyes remained fixated on the wiggling blue rear and sparkling rainbow tail ahead. She was going to do it.
This was it.

Suddenly Fluttershy realised the two ponies in front of her had stopped. With a surprised eep! the gangly filly slammed into the cheering Rainbow Dash the pair tumbled into the soft cloud.

“You did it!” Rainbow Dash grinned up at the dazed pegasus on top.

“I- I did?” Fluttershy shook her head and slowly sat up.

Derpy grinned like a crazy pony at the pair, “we all did. See!” A grey hoof pointed to the safety cloud below.

As Fluttershy neared the edge green eyes flared wide and she stopped, transfixed. 

Right there below, the soft safety cloud lay untouched.

Filled with glee, Rainbow Dash hugged her best friend. “Told you!”

Realizing the sappy contact for what it was, the speedster was quick to separate. She settled instead for a delighted grin. They made it.

“Hey, I bet you two can glide through that hoop.” Rainbow Dash smirked as she directed her two companion’s gazes to a floating hoop that hovered a little further away.

“Let’s go!” Derpy was the first to launch herself off their small cloud. 

With a sideways glance, Rainbow Dash was pleased to see Fluttershy beside her, ready for action. With few brisk paces, Rainbow Dash threw herself into the skies, Fluttershy right at her side.

Two fillies walked into classroom 2 and spotted the pegasus they had hoped to find.

Rainbow Dash glanced at her best friend for support before returning her gaze to the grown up. “Hey, Mrs, breeze?”

The teacher quickly turned at the sound of her student’s voice. She smiled and quickly rearranged her sky-blue mane. “Yes, dear?”

“I- I’m uh...” Dash glanced outside, the playground was out there. Lunch was not over. Why did she, of all fillies, have to do this?

The cloud-white mare sighed, “you’re not having more problems with the other foals are you?” 

“No. Not that!” Rainbow Dash retorted, quick to settle down again. With a deep breath, she quietly continued, “I’m having trouble writing…”

“What was that?” Mrs. Breeze leaned across her desk, attentively.

“I said... I’m having trouble writing.” The normally supremely confident filly fidgeted.

A rather proud smile lit the face of the friendly teacher and she settled back in her seat. “Thank you for telling me. I’m proud of you.” 

“What?” The nervous cyan filly gazed up at her teacher, shocked to hear words of praise where she expected ridicule.

“Rather than letting yourself continue to slip behind, pretending that everything is okay, you have chosen to tell me. Now I can help you. Thank you, Rainbow Dash.”

The surprised filly glanced at her shy friend for support only to find Fluttershy looked delighted. “Err- thanks?”

“Would you prefer to spend a few minutes after school or during lunch to improve your writing?”

“Um...” Dash again referred to her best friend.

Fluttershy shared the look. “How about lunch? We can always play some more after school when our moms pick us up.”

“Yea, lunchtime! I mean, if that’s okay with you Mrs?”

Mrs breeze nodded. “I am more than happy to help you.”

“Um… is it okay if Fluttershy comes too?” Rainbow Dash gazed hopefully back at the pony who had promised to help her.

“Does she need help too?”

The shy filly shook her head. “I’m okay, I think Dash just wants me there for support.” 

“Yea, that’s right! You don’t mind, do you Fluttershy?” Dash gazed at her friend hopefully.

Fluttershy gave her best friend a light winged hug, Dash’s blue muzzle flushed at the contact. “I would love to help you.”

“Alright then,” the teacher clapped her hooves together. “Shall we start tomorrow then? The first ten minutes of lunch.”

“Okay, thanks Mrs. Breeze!” Dash replied. A happy smile lit her muzzle and she turned and cantered out.

“Thank you,” Fluttershy added with an appreciative smile before she too took her leave.

With the afternoon glow on the soft constructs of Cloudsdale, the day reached that important moment for many young ponies. The clock ticked over to read three thirty and the school bell chimed. Moments later the gates of Cloudsdale’s central school for young ponies opened its floodgates. Fillies and Colts of all colours poured out, eager to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

One less than enthusiastic young pony strode alongside her best friend near the back of the pack. Eyeing the few hundred young ponies, Rainbow Dash slowed to a stop.

Quick to notice, Fluttershy returned to her friend’s side. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. But...” Dash glanced around. Noticing a complete lack of interest from nearby ponies she took a deep breath. “I wanna keep playing with you and having fun. Even class was okay today. But dad...”

“I’m sure he will be okay.”

“Yeah. Yeah... He...” Rainbow Dash trailed off as her eyes spotted a rainbow mane in the crowd of waiting adults. “He’s here!? Dad!” 

A little rainbow blur sped through the other foals. Rainbow Dash collided into her father like a bolt of lightning. Gust chucked as her husband staggered back a step and almost hit the shop behind him.

“Woah there Dashie, you almost knocked me over girl!”

“You’re here, you’re okay, dad...” Rainbow Dash clutched on for dear life as she buried her face into her father’s chest. The excited filly began to nuzzle up to the clean purple coat of the often less than well-kept stallion. Blaze kissed his daughter back, delighted to see her too.

Gust eyed the yellow filly that wandered closer. “Hello, Fluttershy.”

The shy filly ducked her head and smiled. “Hello, Mister and Misses Dash.” The little filly gazed up at the rainbow stallion, “it’s good to see you’re feeling okay.”

The Blaze glanced at his wife and after a quick meaningful glance, he forced a smile to his lips. “Yeah, everything is fine. I feel okay now. You still want to come back to our place for a bit?”

“Yes please.”

Rainbow Dash slid down her father’s forehoof as he placed it back upon the soft cloud. The delighted filly sat, awkwardly holding her father’s hoof but unwilling to let go. Her wings quivered with excitement. The stallion slowly lifted his forehoof only to find his daughter still clinging on. 

With a chuckle, Blaze swept her into a tender hug.

“Please don’t do that again dad. You scared me.” Rainbow Dash whimpered softly.

Blaze sighed. “I know, daddy’s sorry.” A purple nose lightly caressed the bright blue coat of his little girl. “I promise I won’t do that again.”

“What was that?” 

All eyes shifted to the teenaged colt with a dark blue mane who strode closer. Soarin paused several paces away and stared up at his father, looking almost as though he was ready to fight the larger pegasus. “I don’t think I heard correctly.”

“Son, I said I’m sorry.”


With a quick glance at his wife, Blaze motioned for his son to come closer. The teen tentatively strode up to his sire. As soon as Soarin came within hooves reach, the purple stallion snaffled his son up in a tight hug. With a powerful wing, he drew his mare in close too.

After kissing each of his precious family on the snout he became serious. “I mean it. No more alcohol for me. No hard ciders... nothing. I want to be there... and not the bar... or drunk on the couch.”

“You mean, no more bad stinky?” Rainbow Dash piped up.

Blaze nodded, entirely serious. “That’s right my girl.”

The first fruits of a smile broke out on Rainbow Dash’s muzzle.

Soarin relaxed as he withdrew slowly. “Alright Dad, but if I see any more of your bottles I’m throwing them out.”

Blaze snorted a laugh. “I’m sure Gust has gotten rid of my powerful drinks already, but I’ll keep that in mind for the future.”

Soarin nodded. “Lemme tell Spitfire that you’re okay, then I’ll catch up.”

“You can bring her round if you like.” Blaze offered with a grin.

Soarin shook his head then took off.

Gust wriggled out of her husband’s winged hold. “Would you like me to carry you, Fluttershy?”

“Oh, sure that would be nice, thank you.” Fluttershy meandered over to the greyish-blue mare.

With a meaningful glance at her husband, Gust carefully wrapped Fluttershy in her forehooves and took flight for home.

Rainbow Dash glanced at the few ponies still nearby and was relieved to see that none appeared to have paid the family moment any attention. She gave a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, I’m glad to see you too.” Blaze gave his daughter a quick nuzzle. “But how about we catch up.”

“Race mom home?” Rainbow Dash asked hopefully.

Blaze shook his head. “Na. Maybe some other time Sweetie. Besides, she’s carrying Fluttershy.”

At the mention of her best friend, the small filly lit up. “Fluttershy glided really well today Dad. She and me and Derpy were all super cool. We almost finished the whole lower course at lunch!”

“Well, that sounds quite exciting.” Blaze smiled as he carefully lifted off. “Was it all gliding, or a little flying too?”

“I did some.”

Blaze eyed his indignant filly. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I was super cool too.”

The father chuckled softly, “I’m sure you were.”

Night had fallen and in the residence of Rainbow Dash, said filly was preparing for bed. Soarin collected both siblings’ toothbrushes and placed them in their holder beside the sink. They wandered out of the bathroom together and started off down the small hallway to their rooms.

Gust wandered out of the kitchen and watched with tired eyes as Soarin whispered something to his sister and they both giggled. The greyish-blue mare smiled, delighted to see her children happy.

As the siblings made it to Rainbow Dash’s room they realised their mother was watching and paused.

“Just putting Dash to bed,” Soarin explained.

“Good. If either of you has trouble sleeping, I’m only a few rooms away.”

Rainbow Dash nodded, “yep. Thanks Mom.”

Soarin “I should be okay. I can keep a watch on Dash, you look like you need some sleep.”

“Heh, yeah. Goodnight sweeties.” With a quick glance back toward the lounge, the mother mare wandered up to her children and kissed them both on the foreheads. After a quick nuzzle and a winged hug, she resumed her wander till she disappeared three rooms down.

“Alright you. Raaaagh!” Soarin picked his sister up and with a quick flap of his wings for balance, he raced into wonderbolt decorated room and dunked Dash into her bed.

The blue filly giggled loudly, “You made me crash land.”

“Exactly. Now sleep.”

“What if I don’t wanna..?”

Soarin shot the smaller pegasus a sage-like look. “I know somepony is tired. I can sense it.”

“But I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“Am not.” A small yawn escaped the five year old filly.

Soarin giggled then lightly booped his sister’s tummy. “I’ll stay here and make sure you get to sleep.”

As she wiggled around in bed to get more comfortable, Rainbow Dash gazed up at her guardian. “You don’t have to do that.”

Soarin straightened up. “But here I can protect you from all the bad dreams.”

“What happens if it’s Nightmare moon?”

“Then I’ll fight her too. And win. Because you’re my little sister.”

With her eyes closed, Rainbow Dash smiled. “Sounds like me and Fluttershy... I’m her protector.”

“I can tell. You’re a great friend to her.”

“Yeah. The best...”

Author's Note:

Short chapter.

But I wanted to share something as it's been so long and I really want to continue the tale of two cute fillies and their families.
This year has been mad.

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Character growth moments in here. Definitely loved to see that Fluttershy is starting to learn a bit on how flying works in her own way with all the cute moments that involves. And dash’s family life seems to vaguely be better than the last few drama filled chapters have been filled with. At least I can start seeing how blaze gets from a complete train wreck to somewhat of a decent pony. Still making me care about backstory that the show barely touched on is impressive lol.

Hopefully, my smaller hints at things like Blaze not quite being fully recovered and being confined to the couch for the night was successful too then.
The little fillies moments were a joy to write.


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